Can One Pass HPV And Or HSV To Baby Via Breastmilk

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Lulu - January 17

I contracted genital herpes virus and HPV (virus for genital warts) nine years ago. I am 32 weeks into my first pregnancy. I really want to br___t feed but I'm worried about passing on these "uncurable" viruses. Has anyone ever heard of babies getting these thru br___tmilk???? Also, my nipples have gotten bigger (not the areola, but the actual nipple). Inspecting very closely, I see what appears to possibly be tiny warts. Nine years ago, I had warts only below the waist that doctors succesfully "froze" off completely. Has anyone ever heard of HPV warts occuring on nipples???? Would a suckling then get the virus from that mouth to nipple contact? Please advise.


moe - January 21

I got the same thing on my b___sts around the areola area and it did kind of look like warts and I don't have herpes but I think it is natural and as far as you b___st feeding I really don't know ask you Dr. Good luck and I hope you are able to b___st feed cause it is a beautiful thing..


Goldenscroll - January 23

I have hpv, and I bfed just fine. I only had the cancer causing type, nto the warts. Anyhow, it hsa no effect on b___stfeeding. Dont know about herpes.


sara - January 23

i am not sure on the pa__sing viruses thru b___stmilk, however contacty the hospital in which you plan to deliver your baby, call the main number and ask for the lactation specialist or the nursery, someone there will have info on that. As for the teeny tiny warts, I had a few on my nips and they seemed to go away either b4 or after I delivered and b___stfed my one and only, who is 8months old. Hope this helps.


Nikki - January 28

I, too have HPV and successfully b___stfed. I also do not have the wart-causing form, but the cancer cell type. I'm not sure about Herpes. Ask your doctor to be sure, but I think it's okay.


Dlo - March 10

It is fine to b___stfeed with herpes as long as you contracted the virus b4 you got prego. I don't know about during or after.


michelle - March 10

The bumps around your nipples are Montgomery's tubercles; they're glands a__sociated with b___stfeeding. Try googling HPV and Genital herpes. That should give you more information. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and other .gov sites are reliable.


H - March 10

I just got a letter from my doc saying I tested positive for high risk HPV!!! I called her and she said that it probably wasn't the genital warts type as the high risk test is usually the cancer type. She said they're going to look at my cervix at my next appt and not to worry about it and said this is actually pretty common. Well I was totally shocked as I didn't know I even had this as I didn't break out in warts and she said I probably never will as that's a low strain of HPV. I'm still in shock! She said usually they don't do anything until after the baby is born but now I'm freaking out with this abnormal pap test! She said a lot of times it returns to normal after your pregnancy and it's been around a long time but just recently they've been able to test for it better. I'm freaking out!


anyone - March 17

can you pa__s hpv (the non wart type) to your baby when you give birth, do you have to have a c-section?


Samsarah - April 15

I recently got a call from my gyn that said i had an abnormal pap, we did a colposcopy and he said he didnt see anything like dysplahisa or warts but i was positive for HPV. naturally my main concern was when we have another child,the risks of pa__sing this on and causeing harm to the baby. I keep wondering if its right for me to have another baby when there is a chance they could contact this. :O(


April - April 18

H... don't freak out... it really is pretty common... I have it too (not the warts kind.. but the cancer cells in the cervix).. my sister had it, my cousin has it, a few of my friends have had it.. and everyone's been fine. If you still have it after the pregnancy you'll just have to have a minor surgery (that i heard doesn't hurt that bad.. you're just sore afterwards and i'm sure it's nothing compared to labor).. they couldn't do anything about mine until after the pregnancy as well (i found out i had it the day i found out i was pregnant) my doctor just told me to come back after i had the baby and he'd look again... so don't worry... you will be alright.. and so will i :)


mother of 1 - May 7

Try not to stress ! Some times in some cases the HPV virus can go away on its own, I have read that if you are living with it a few years later the body can rid its self. Hope that helps at all. also when u go in for your yrly paps they should let you know if the cells kep ocuring chances are they wont. Some times they can mistake the cells for somthing else that is not harmgul that happened to someone i know.


canadagal - May 22

I am weeks pregnant now, and 2 weeks ago found out i have HPV. I also have herpes. As long as you don't have any symptoms of warts or a herpes break out at delivery time, they wont deliver v____ally, i have hpv, the cancer cell type, and they wont do treatment until your not pregnant. you cannot pa__s herpes through b___stmilk, but when you do have herpes break outs, make sure to wash your hands alot.


Katt - May 22

I have HPV too. They found it while I was prego with my son, your hormones can cause false positves. When paps still came back abnormal after his birth they did surgery(LEAP procedure) with a laser and removed the cells which were almost to the cancer stage. I had a cervixal lesion but it hadn't broken through all the layers of skin and gotten into the blood stream yet. I am thank-ful that they found this while I was prego otherwise it could have went un-noticed until it was actually cancer. I plan on b___st-feeding too.


Ashley - August 15

Im 16 Wks And Have The Bumps On My Nipples But Its Normal


paula - December 20



Jenn... - December 20

I think if you have this virus you are supposed to have a c-section, your doctor will know more.



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