Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding

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Moe - November 1

well I didn't know whether you could get pregnant while br___tfeeding I haven't had my period. And I have been reading websites and some say you have only a 2% chance of getting pregnant and others state that maybe you can get pregnant... Does anyone know or has expeirenced getting pregnant while br___tfeeding???? Because I am also of course am on no birth control...


KM - November 5

It is normal not to have a period while b___stfeeding. And although, it will decrease your chance of getting pregnant, you still can. so if you dont want another baby right away I suggest a condom.


sherry leitner - November 17

YES, you can i was b/f my little girl and did not know i was pregnant. I was 5 mnths. when i b/f my 2 older children i didn't get a period for about a year so i thought nothing of it. But went for a check up and i was quit the surprise he is 5 mnths now.


tiffany - November 19

You know... they say that you have good protection from getting pregnant for 6 months if you b___st feed exclusively during that time, however I have an almost 4 month old and I am suspecting that maybe i am pregnant again?? I have been suspecting for 6 weeks now.... So I am wondering as well if it is possible????


jennifer - December 3

yes, you can. when I had my son I b___stfed and I didnt think I would get pregnant and I started excercizing alot after about 8weeks(I had a c-section) I had my son august 13th and in febuary I had found out I was about 5months pregnant but the baby had died inside of me. So that means I got pregnant right away.


christina - January 14

yes, i am b/f my 5 month old son and found out today that i am pregnant again. so, it is possible!


dawn - February 14

my son is 8months old. b___stfeeeding. had period last month, nothing this month. pregnant? is that possible


Maleficent - February 14

you absolutly can get pregnant while b___stfeeding. b___stfeeding does stop ovulation in alot of women, the problem is, you never know when ovulation is comming back. you can get pregnant on your very first cycle after giving birth.


TO MOE - February 19



Moe - February 21

ok I am still b___stfeeding and I haven't had my period since I had him back in sept and I know most women do not get their period while b___stfeeding but how will I know if I am pregnant if I dont get my period cause that is a red or green light to tell if your prego or not??? I guess look for symptoms? Cause I am not on BC and we use the pull out method and he thinks he pulled out before ya know and we are happily married and I guess if it happens then it was meant to happen..what is ya'lls opinion in the pull out method?? Thanks for your replies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maleficent - February 22 doesn't work. :o) i know alot of women who have gotten pregnant while b___stfeeding and they agree that b___st soreness is the best way to tell.


moe - February 22

Thanks Maleficent I appreciate your advise and u don't think the pull out method works? I hope your wrong or I might be prego!


eb - February 23

I had a baby 7 weeks ago and i am b/f we had s_x right after my six week appt. and now i am cramping. he used the pull out method but i am so worried that i am pregnant again what do you all think


carol - February 24

interesting that you asked this...just heard from a relative who became pregnant and she is b___stfeeding. the infant is three months old. so, apparently, it is possible


alma - March 9

your body is just adjusting to its normal ways


mo - March 9

your body takes time to get back to your menstrole cycle and i read that you could be ovulating while b___stfeeding


kelly - March 26

2 months after i had my first child i got pregnant. I was told my a nurse that i should i period before i could get pregnant. Not true. Maybe i'm just fertile



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