Fenugreek Not Working Anything Else

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Angie - January 19

I tried fenugreek to get my milk supply up, but it didn't work for me. Has anyone used any other herb that worked for them when fenugreek did not? Or if that didn't work is it likely that no herb will work for me?


AutumnsMommy - January 19

Angie, Blessed thistle is supposed to work as well...also there's a tea called Mothers Milk that I really like. Try taking fenugreek along with the Blessed Thistle....good luck!


Sarahsmommy - January 19

I don't know anything about herbs but are you letting your baby fed as much as he wants too? I know the more they suck the more milk you are supposed to produce. I might even be worth trying to pump inbetween nursing. Hope this helps.


Angie - January 19

I have tried everything as far as nursing more often, pumping etc. I have worked with a lactation consultant as well. My baby will feed for an hour and get as much as possible. I would pump 10-15 min after each feeing. I have used a supplimental nursing system. Sorry if I sound short, but every one keeps telling me to pump or feed more I get a little upset. Let me tell you what I did for 2 weeks straight. I nursed my baby for aprox. 45 min. Then, I pumped for 10 minutes. Then I would wait for a half hour and do it all over again from 6 am to 6pm. Then I would do it at 9, at 12 and at 3, and then start the cycle all over again at 6 am. I got as much sleep as I could in that time and it did not increase my milk supply. I just got a perscription for domperidone, but I have to wait for it to come from Canada. Believe me, my baby is feeding as much as she wants, but isn't getting enough. The lactation consultant basically said there is nothing left to do, but I am still trying to find a way.


Jenn... - January 19

How much fenugreek are you taking? When I was having supply problems in the beginning I took 2 caps 4 x per day for a total of 8 per day. I also started to nap and night nurse. I would take Blake to bed with me and take naps with him with him latched on. He didn't even need to actually be nursing, just as long as his mouth was at my nipple. After about 3 days I had plenty of milk. There is also Mother's Milk tea. You can drink that 4 x per day. www.traditionalmedicinals.com


Angie - January 20

I was taking 4 capsules 4x per day (per the lactation consultant). I used it for 3 weeks. I also tried more milk plus which is a combination of fenugreek, blessed thistle, nettle leaf, fennel seed. I took that for 2 weeks and the lactaion consultant told me if I did not see results in 2 weeks, there wouldn't be any. Unfortunately since I am back at work now, I can not just take naps all day with my baby latched on. When I get home from work, my baby latches on and we cuddle for a few hours before bedtime and I also nurse at night, but have to suppliment because I do not have enough milk. When the lac. cons. was over, we would weight baby before feedings and then after to see how much he got and it was always very very close to what I would pump- hardly anything.


tera123 - February 14

I have tried a bunch of remedies to increase my breast milk supply including fenugreek, lactation cookies and plenty of water, but the real difference made by Healthy nursing tea.?


qiaraau - June 5

You can try probiotics. They can also aid in lactation. 


JeanJd - April 22

I’ve been on Domperidone (Motilium) 3 pills, 3 times a day. So I’ve noticed a massive increase in the amount I’ve produced. And it shows when I pump. I get Domperidone (Motilium) from * GETDOM2BF * . I also drink roughly 100oz of water a day. I take my pills before each meal. I think they work better if taken that way. Good luck and keep trying.



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