Having A Hard Time With Pain And Breastfeeding

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gaer - January 3

Hi, my baby is almost 1 month old, I am having a pretty rough go with nursing but would like to keep going. Here is my situation: I b'fed her first week, became cracked and sore, then p___y and it was so painful I was bawling the entire time. It was so bad I didnt want her anywhere near me. SO I gave her a bottle and went off to the DR. I had mast_tis. After 4 days of going to emerg 3x a day for IV antibiotics I started to pump, and needed another week on oral antibiotics. I was told to bottle feed her and pump and dump the milk. I have had her back on the br___t for 8-9 days now, and was having pain between feedings, so went back to the DR, to be told I have thrush. She has no symtoms, but we are both being treated. (3days now) Baby latches well, but its still very painful....both on the nipple (the end is raw) and I get shooting pains after she finishes, and between feeding. I feed her during the day, not at night, to give them a break. She still gets formula too during the day. I do this because she is still hungry and I get too sore, I figure some is better than none. for example: B--t (both) 6 am, bottle (2-3oz) at 8:30 am, both br___ts at 11am, 3oz bottle at 12:30... and so goes the day. Id like to keep b'feeding, but get very frustrated with the pain. The Dr told me I do have alot of milk so she should be getting enough from me during the day. She nurses about 15min each side, sometimes less. I do have a high pain tolerance... I air dry, have tried lanolin, br___t sheilds, expressing to help them heal etc. I also had the same pain with pumping, and the nipples would also crack from the pump. Thanks in advance. Gaer Anyone have suggestions?


daisy2010 - January 5

I am so impressed that you are still b___stfeeding! My suggestion would be to contact a lactation consultant in your area. They might be able to meet with you and watch you nurse to see if there is anything else you could be doing to help with the pain.


Pearl - January 5

I am wondering if the nipple is not far enough into the baby's mouth? I had that problem with my first child that caused me to bleed and lose chunks of skin. On Christmas eve in 2000 (she was a week old) I rushed her to the ER because she threw up blood. The nurse took her vitals then examined my b___sts and told me that it was my blood. Because my nipple wasn't fully in her mouth (I thought I might choke her) she was tearing off skin and getting blood with the milk. Everything turned out fine and I continued b___stfeeding once i learned the proper technique. Good luck!


gaer - January 15

Thank you both. I just went to the dr on weds... I have another round of mast_tis. I started having a pus like discharge again and more hard lumps in the b___sts. My nipples were nearly healed. My Dr said I likely have a recurring infec. that will keep reccuring.Also said I will likely end up with an abcess if I keep going. He asked me where the pain was and when I explained he said he believes it hurt because of the infection, not from her latch. I have decided to stop nursing, though I am devastated. I was unable to nurse without crying and starting to feel like pulling her off the nipple about half way through the feeding... Im on antibiotics, toradol and B6 to help lessen the milk production. I do feel very guilty giving her her bottle, esp because she really wants to nurse. I have so much respect for nursing mothers.


Kristin72 - January 17

I have a great deal of respect for you. You have really had a hard time with nursing. No one ever tells you how hard nursing truly is. Don't feel bad as you have given a great effort. I also had a hard go at nursing..but I never had mast_tis or thrush with my first child. I did have retained placenta for 9 weeks and this screwed up my supply. I also had bleeding, cracking and scabs. It hurt so much..but I sucked up the pain...but wanted to quit so many times. I was fortunate enough to be able to b___stfeed until my lo was 2ish at which point I fell pregnant with my second. While pregnant nursing was almost unbearable again. I am now nursing my second child who turned 4 months today..and it is so much easier this time. Again do not knock yourself as you are a great mother who did her best..that is all anyone could ask. Best of luck to you.


alison1278 - March 14

sorry if this reply is very, very late but I just read somewhere that you can use gentian violet to ease up the pain



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