Inability To Breastfeed

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britt_m - January 21

mjvdec01 - Hey My dd was 6lb 10oz and I've never had much luck with those darn pumps, any kind. I had very sensitive nipples for almost three months. I never bleed, but it hurt very bad quite a few times. As like you she was small. My nipples changed more than my b___sts during and after pregnancy. My areola and nipple is a lot bigger. So I think that was my problem, she could really only get the nipple in the beginning. I think as you've probably done your research now, but you'll be able to do it for longer this time. Mine is almost 8 months and we're still going. Good luck!


mjvdec01 - January 21

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the replys. I have been all over the internet reading everything I can. Sometime this week I am going to the book store to fine another book on the subject, any recommendations?


llamamama - January 27

There really is a medical term for the inability to produce milk called Agalactia. I experienced it with my 1st and 2nd pregnancies. My first was complicated by pre-eclampsia, and I thought that may have affected it. My b___sts did not enlarge at all through either pregnancy. I tried again after my 2nd, non-complicated delivery, and again my milk never came in. The first time, even though my b___sts had never filled or felt anything at all, I tried to pump for 2 weeks, and also nursed constantly. I saw a lactation consultant and went to the lac. clinic. I was never able to produce even a half ounce. What was expressed was more like just coating the bottom of the bottle. I beat myself up over this, and broke my own heart. On my daughter's 2nd day home from the hospital we had to bring her to the ER- she had stopped nursing the night before, the Dr. had told us to try formula but then she refused that too. Her temp had dropped very low. She was admitted to the NICU. The nurses there got her to eat formula. I was still pumping and nursing, still nothing. I was sure the 2nd time would be different, that it was a medical problem due to the eclampsia (but still wondering why my b___sts had never changed during pregnancy- wore the same bra all the way through!) My 2nd was born, I started nursing, the milk had still not come in after a week. It never came. The lactation consultant saw how hard I was working, keeping logs, etc, and we both agreed it would be futile to try and pump this time (with a 3 yr old at home, the triple feeding is impossible). I gave her a bottle the morning after she was born, continuing to nurse as well. There was no way I was going through the horror of what happened with my 1st, who in essence had no food but colostrum for the 1st 4-5 days of her life. This is real- it is not a lack of trying- you know that feeling your b___sts get when your milk comes in? Well, I don't! ;)I know the original post is old but I wanted to purt this out there for future Moms. Sometimes it really cannot happen. Cannot. It is heart-breaking, yes, but true. It is also rare, and that is why you will be told that everyone can nurse- cuz 99% (have no idea what the real figure is) can. But NOT ALL. Good luck, and know that your baby will be fine either way. Trust me on that. xoxo



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