Marijuana And Breastfeeding Please Help

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jglover - February 12

well too have smoked like i said before, that was two weeks ago and i've finally gotten my supply up but by any smoking standards it stays injyour system for a while even longer depending on your weight, my advice is just to drink plenty of water flushes it out faster pump and dump for like a day if you want than just go back to feeding him.(*subst_tute with formula ) he'll be fine but i myself want to smoke again but i just feel so guilty and i've just decidedto wait till i'm not b___stfeeding anymore(5 more months to go) but hopefully by then the urges will just go away. good luck.


Bella - February 13

I love smoking pot!


wicko85 - April 21

My cousin's girlfriend smokes pot, and I have recently noticed that after she has a joint, she will go in and b___stfeed her 4 week old baby. She has an older son (2.5 years) who has darkish rings under his eyes. Is this behaviour doing harm to her children or not? My cousin also smokes pot, he has rings under his eyes too and it looks as though he has two black eyes. Give me some advice, should I do something about it or do I just let it go and hope that some one else dobs them in for what I call Child Abuse?


mjvdec01 - April 21

It is definitely not alright to be smoking pot and then b___stfeeding, illegal drugs have no place in a home with children at all. I would also consider it a form of child abuse and I would definitely report it to child services. A parent who would willfully and knowingly expose their child to that kind of environment needs a huge wake-up call. I would make some anonomous calls and see that someone visits the home. I wouldn't feel any guilt for doing so whatsoever.


wicko85 - April 21

Thank you for your advice. I will get onto that soon. I don't have a very good idea of where they live at the moment, but I will see what I can do.


Schmookie - April 24

It really saddens me that you would rather tear apart your cousin's girlfriend's family rather than talk to your cousin. You get child services involved and the kids are sent to foster care - where they will most likely be abused. Going behind someone back and calling the authorities is spineless and weak- especially done anonymously. Children have many reasons for having dark circles NONE of which would be caused by marijuana. Marijuana is less potent than wine. That being said, it's important to not take any judgment impairing substances while watching children. Not only are they really fast, they need guidance and support. It's best to have a clear head. Even coffee should be kept at a minimum as it can make you very irritated. Anything to excess isn't a good idea. To everyone else, the urges do go away. Life is really nice not being stoned. It sometimes takes 3 months, though. Sorry. Yoga helps. Also, try breathing in and out through your nose. Make your exhale be twice as long as your inhale. Try doing it 3 times. This simple breathing excercise can help you chill quite quickly. Good luck!


wicko85 - April 27

Well, I see that some people think that I shouldn't notify the authorities about this, but I actually saw my cousin's girlfriend smoking pot before she went in to feed her son a few weeks ago, after my Uncle's funeral, and my cousin was in the process of plastering himself with my grandfather's good scotch. Now, can you tell me with all consiousness that this is the behaviour of responsible parents? I know that I shouldn't pa__s judgement on them, but my only concern is for the children, and besides if anything happened to the parents, I'm sure one of the grandparents of the little ones would step in and look after them while they get themselves sorted out. I've never smoked pot myself, so I don't know what it's like, but I do know that it can make you paranoid amongst other things. I will let you guys think on this new info and await your reply.


Schmookie - May 2

I still think you should talk to them before going to the authorities. If you feel that they have a problem, maybe you can help them. On the other hand, since you don't even know where they live, you obviously don't know what happens in their daily lives. You're talking about tearing up a family. Having the children watch their parents get in trouble and being questioned and detained by the authorizes is traumatic. If you cared so much about the children as you said, you'd talk to the parents and their families first. Yes, pot can make some people paranoid, some people eat a lot, some get quiet, others talk for hours. Everyone is different. Yes, pot is illegal is some countries, but not all. In the USA, some states have legalized it. In California, a doctor can prescribe it for their patients. It has many medicinal benefits. My doctor prescribed it for my ADHD. I was finally able to concentrate fully and I graduated at the top of my cla__s. As I said before, it's as mild as wine. BUT, like wine, it can be abused. If you suspect abuse, you should talk to them. For the rest of you ladies: While I was pregnant I didn't do any pot. The thought of possibly hurting my baby haunted me. I didn't even die my hair though I knew the side effects were negligible if not existent. I used yoga and a lot of deep breathing to help me concentrate (it almost worked as well for me). I don't condone using any substance while pregnant or b___stfeeding, not even coffee. THC stores itself in your fat cells and is released over 2 weeks to 3 months (depending on how much fat you have and your metabolism). You can't flush out your system with water nor will pumping and dumping help. But, if something should happen and you slip, it's not the end of the world. Very little pa__ses through. So, if you have a hit or 2, that tiny bit of THC is spread out over your fat cells and probably can't even be measured. If you are a heavy smoker, your baby will be consuming enough to make a negative impact.


AmberNoel - May 23

i smoked cannabis with both my pregnancies, and the whole time i nursed, both my kids weighed over 9 lbs at birth, walked by 10 months, and my now 19 month old can count to 5. I suggest anyone with concerns watch the YOU TUBE "Cannabis Marijuana use and Pregnancy" video, it will enlighten you all for sure!!!!!!


sammy - May 26

Amber, you must be so proud.....


Schmookie - May 27

Amber, cool video. Very informative. Thank you. You've really done your research. Wiko85, sweetie, it sounds like your whole family could use some help. Here's sending you strength :-)


ninasoleil - February 21

Your b___st-milk naturally contains cannabinoids, a___logous to those found in marijuana. Cannabinoids regulate feeding, and as you might have guessed, more cannabinoids would most likely mean a baby with more 'munchies' and therefore a baby more likely to drink more and to grow faster. All of the anti-marijuana propoganda is attributable to a campaign started in the 1930s or so by Randolf Hearst, Dupont, who had economic interests in the supression of industrial Hemp. Cannabis is the greatest medicine known to mankind and it is illegal!!!! Wake up, it's 1984.


1stTime - March 2

You have a responsibility to report them! You should talk to them and if it does not work, report them. Just because health and welfare knows of this, they will not take the child away. I am an elementary teacher and am pretty knowledgeable about health and welfare. First they will try and help the family--which is what this family needs. They will only take the child out if there is a failure to thrive situation, which this one is not. Report them so they can get help.


1stTime - March 2

One more thing- it is totally confidential and nobody will know it was you who reported it.


momof2jewels - March 29

Why are you people having children!!! Seriously, you are a parent and youre doing drugs, all I have to say is grow up and be a better parent. I did the stuff when I was a teenager but then I became responsible and decided to grow up and become the best mom that I can be which isnt a drug user!!! Geesh!!! Im b___stfeeding my 5m old right now and looking down at him thinking that I am super blessed, and that he deserves to be cared for by a responsible mother! ugh, you people disgust me!


1stTime - April 2

momof2jewels- I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! It is insane that these people are smoking pot and finding a reason why it is okay to do.



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