Nice Nursing Bras For Large Busted Women

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Erynn21 - April 3

Hi there, I am current @ 19wks w/my 1st and have been seriously freaked out about br___tfeeding, not because of the baby, but my br___ts. When I got pg I was already a 36D and have grown to a DD. I'm afraid that it's going to be impossible for me to find bras that will fit, be supportive, and also somewhat attractive for my sake(I don't want some granny-ugly bra). Also am I going to have to find huge cup sizes or will I possibly maintain where I'm already at. I've even had dreams that my bust is so big that I can't even feed my baby, which I find ammusing and funny. But, seriously is there any hope and help for me?


Jamie - April 4'm currently a 36D, b___stfeeding, and would LOVE to find a nursing bra that isn't granny-ish. But, I've pretty much just learned to settle for supportive. Platex makes good nursing bras, and I've seen them in a range of sizes - you are lucky that you have a more normal-sized ribcage...can you imagine being a 32 F? That's what I was when I first had my baby! Good luck trying to find THAT! LMAO Anyway, just do an internet search for Playtex nursing bras. If you need help guesstimating size, just holler!


Erynn21 - April 4

Thanks Jamie I know my question is funny, I felt slightly ridiculous even posting it. I guess that I will just have to search high and low for something that fits and give in to the fact that it may have to look like my grannies bra. Has anyone tried any of the motherhood or jc penny nursing bras? They look pretty and supportive.


Jamie - April 5

I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing in sympathy! Sorry if I didn't make that clear...I haven't tried either, but I will say this - I have bought the cheap nursing bras, and I've bought the pricey nursing bras - they are well worth spending the extra money for a good bra!!


Erynn21 - April 5

I understand, I actually went and googled nursing bras and found some really nice ones that are more pricey, but look totally worth it. I already buy expensive bras because of needing the support. My mom was always you need to buy good bras since I was like 14, so I understand you get what you pay for. Don't worry I wasn't insulted, I am glad someone has some sympathy for me. All my friends who have kids were like oh super I've got b___bs, where I'm like oh great I'm getting even more b___bs. Not what I need. Thanks for your help and understanding.


Jamie - April 5

I'm glad you found something you like! Do you know how to guesstimate your size?


lindsay - April 5

with my 1sy, i went from a pre -pregnancy 36c to a 42dd when nursing! yikes! and even then i was bulging w/quad b___b, esp. when really full. so i'm waiting until right before i'm due to see just how big my girls plan on getting maybe, i hope) before making an investment... i didn't really care for the ones i had last time, were from motherhood,and were ugly granny's, so i think i'm going to start shopping for something more supportive this time, although maybe i just picked the wrong style for me from motherhood... i'll def go back and see what else they have. believe me jamie and erynn21, I FEEL FOR YOU!


lindsay - April 5

ps... i was back down to a 36c and am now back up to a 36dd already <<sigh>> and i'm only 31 weeks!can they really get bigger??!!LOL they're so c_mbersome...i love to breatfeed but can't wait til they shrink back down again!!!


Erynn21 - April 6

Thanks Lindsay, I am happy you responded, I am hoping that i won't get huge, but if I do I guess that's okay. I am waiting too, I just am 1/2 way thru and am concerned, my sis in law saw me the other day and was like your b___bs are huge. Not how are you feeling, but just my bust is gigantic, which it's just a little larger than normal. I'll just have to wait and see, I just may not see my feet again for a couple of years lol :)


Brenda - April 13

motherhood bras worked for me but remember to go when you have time so that you can study there little chart and see which bra is better for you, and when you decide which one is the one you like make sure you tell the lady to find it. it can be messy ther sometimes. I walked in there and asked the lady to mea__sure me and then i looked for the bra that i needed. I went from a 36C to a 42DD and im still at a 40D 7 months later. They also have those bras that you can sleep with, and i got some since you leak a lot at the start, they dont have a wire and are made of cotton, i recommend that you get the white ones so that you can soak them a little to get the b___stmilk stains that you will get on them even with the pads.Good Luck!!


Kaitlyn88 - November 30

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