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squirrely4 - October 29

I am a first time mom and i am due in June 09. My question is i have had my nipples pierced for about 1 year now and have no idea how its going to work when i go to br___t feed... just wondering if there is any one out there that has gone through this and did you keep them or did you let them heal up


tryin44 - October 29

I had my nipples pierced for two years before my first Ds was born. I took them out when I was three months pregnant. I have since Bf four babies for over a year each. I am done having kids now and may get them redone:)


squirrely4 - October 30

Yah i would love to keep them through out but i dont want to deal with the possible infection and the pain that would come from taking them out, and putting them back in after i'm done bfing... so i'm really thinking about just removing them and then getting them redone later. thanks


Bilmes123 - November 23

I had my one nipple pierced and had it done for 3 years before I took it out. I was 5 months pregnant when I took it out and now I am 3 weeks away from my due date. No infection from taking it out and you can't even tell where it was pierced. But the thing I am worried about is if it effected the way the milk comes out of my nipple.


gabby509 - December 2

Hey girls, I had both of my nipples peirced for about 5 years before I got pregnant. I took them out when I was about 6 months preggo since my b___bs got so enormous and sore. My son is 6 months now and I've b___stfed him the whole time with no problems. The only thing I notice is that sometimes the milk does squirt out the side, where it was pierced. He gets squirted in the ear sometimes, haha. But there was no infections or anything like that. In fact when my engorgement went down, when he was about 1 month, I actually tried to stick an earing back through and it went through, but was really uncomfortable. So I'm not sure if it didn't fully close because I had them pierced for so long or what.


libertyl1 - December 5

I am a Mom of 3 with #4 on the way. I have inverted nipples and was instructed by my OB to have them pierced as a way to nurse more easily. It is actually quite easy to nurse and keep the piercings. The b___st milk won't cause infection as it is very natural. Also, the piercings do not have to be removed to nurse. I was instructed to make sure they were not loose. I was nervous about choking hazards should they come out but they don't come off as easily as you would think. Best of luck!


squirrely4 - December 22

well i am sad to report i had to remove both of mine. my b___sts and nipples are just growing way to fast to keep up the the bar bells i have and cant get bigger ones very easy. also this is my first baby so my b___bs are very very sore. so one day i had enough took them out and feel 100% after only having them out for 1 min. but i think when i am done with having kids (this one and maybe one more) i will get them redone...


julepowers - December 31

I had my right nipple pierced for years and Ihad no problems brestfeeding. My right b___st is actually my best milk producer!


angelmonkey - January 4

i am 34 weeks pregnant and took my nipple peircing out at about 3 months pregnant............i leak colostrum sometimes that leaks out of the holes on either side but i actually leak more out of my right b___st ( the one i had peirced)


vickyess - December 15

I had well healed nipple piercings when my first was born and fed for a year by removing a ring on alternating sides for a day and feeding that side. It worked well and hubby used the side with the ring in. When my second was born she fed very badly, one night I accidently put her on the wrong b___st (the one with the ring) and she fed well. I tried it again in the morning with the same result so later in the day I went to my piercer and had a solid ring fitted which was inserted and closed up so it was impossible to fall out. She loved it and the next day I had the other side fitted the same. She is now 2 1/2 years and still has the oca__sional feed, I still have the fitted rings (now up sized a couple of times) and expecting my 3rd in feb 2011. I will go back to the smaller size then see what happens with the next babe. I adore my nipple rings which I've had for 15ish years (only piercings I have) and so does hubby but would gladly lose them in favour of feeding my babies.


vickyess - September 25

An update, my third babe fed well with my fitted rings but my 4th now a month old doesnt like them and I have had them removed and gone back to curved bars which I remove altrately for 24hours at a time, the 20 month old stopped feedin without them in place



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