Nursing Bra Drama

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L... - April 16

Ladies, I have a huge dilemna....My br___ts are normally a D cup. How large are they suppose to get? I heard they are suppose to go up two sizes? So if not DD cup, then what? And where would I find that size? Any good internet sites, or department stores I should look at? My mother thinks I should start wearing a nursing bra now, these melons of mine have already gone up to DD cup....Any advise would be great!


michelle - April 16

A good lingerie shop or department store lingerie section will measure you to find the right size. My friend was a 34G (yes, G) and had to special order hers. I personally like the Bravado bras. You can order them online.


Maleficent - April 17

listen to your mom. if you have to buy a bigger bra why not get nursing bras? at least you'll get alot of use out of them. i live in an itty bitty town and we order nursing bras through the lactaion consultant at the hospital. if you are lucky enough to have access to maternity shops you can get them there. go get professionally fitted! it was the best thing i ever did for my b___bs. :o) i have happy b___bs now.


Kara - April 28

I was a B now I am a D but I havent started to b___st feed yet. My baby is due in two weeks. I have already bought nursing bras that fit me now, although I heard you swell more once you start feeding. Maybe that is just at first. Not sure. Anyone?


Steph - May 10

I went up at least two cup sizes with my first baby (one before delivery, and at least one or two after my milk came in.) They eventually went down to semi-normal (normal was D to a DD/G). Try on a bunch of different ones to see what fits and feels best and buy those.


ToriJoshJakeMommy - May 11

Each mom is so different in how big they will become. I was much larger the last time since I was pumping and bottle feeding. I went from a 34D to a 38DD. This time I am only a 36D. I would recommend looking at the bravado designs maternity/nursing bra. If you are still pregnant, they have their sizing on a sliding scale. They go up to a 44H. I have been wearing my bra since I was 7 months pregnant and Jacob will be 1 next month. They hold up great! You can try


Anna - May 12

L, I understand! With my first pregnancy, I started at a D cup, went up to a EE during the pregnancy, exploded to a EEE when first b___st feeding and, one year later, was a C cup. The good news is, growth was much more manageable with my next baby. DO NOT buy bras on-line. You must be fit, or at least be able to try the bras on when you are our size. Be prepared to spend the big bucks, but it will be so much more comfortable if you do. Go to a specialty lingerie store (look for one in the yellow pages) and call before hand to find out if they have a fitter and how big their selection is. After your have been b___st-feeding for a while you can use the bras out of a big chain like Kohls or Target. Take care of your b___bs and spend the money, because you will feel miserable in a too-small or badly fitting bra.


sara - May 28

i would like to sympathise with you as im pregnant with my first child, due in july. before pregnancy i was already a healthy 32E! im now a 36F/G, depending on manufacturer of bra. i live in cyprus but am british. i visited UK when i was 5mths gone and got measured there as they have wider range.One company which i found was good was mothercare. they have nice range of maternity, nursing, vests and briefs to choose from. good luck


C - June 16

Everyone is different. I weny up one size but then another once I started nursing. I bought mine at Motherhood in the mall. I'm sure there is a maternity store in your area.


KH - June 17

I wouldn't shop for a nursing bra until your milk comes in b/c you have no idea what size they are going to be. I know motherhood maternity doesn't let you return them after you have bought them.


to Kara - June 18

Kara, that is usually the case for when you are first starting to feed. Soon after you will go back down again. I was a nice pert C cup but nw I have these ma__sive boulders on my chest. I hate them. It's not my bump thats giving me backache its these!!!


Katharine - June 22

I went from D to DD and was able to find boxed Playtex nursing bras in that size at Wal-mart. They're not beautiful, but once you find your size, it is easy to buy more. They cost $15-20. Not bad!



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