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salaburg1 - August 3

Is it possible to just pump? I want my husband and family to be able to feed the baby too. They say that due to nipple confusion you can only do bottle feeding OR br___t feeding. Is this true?


fismama - August 5

I have seen many women do both i don't see why it would be a problem if your baby is hungry they'll eat!


jeffreys mommy - August 5

I pumped and nursed with my son. The optimal way to go about this is to not offer a bottle until your baby is between 2-4 weeks old. Offering too early will cause them to not latch on to you. When that first bottle if offered (by your husband), you should probably not be in the room. baby's can smell their mom's b___st milk and may not take the bottle if they see you and are used to getting milk from you. This is what we did with my son and it worked great. After the baby is a little older, they will be fine with you being right there while some one else bottle feeds. remember though that pumping can cause your milk supply to decrease since a pump can't get all the milk out as efficiently as your baby.


csws347 - September 3

My baby wouldn't latch even after all the lactaction coaches and using shields. But I was determined not to put her on formula because I wanted to give her the healthiest option, and it's cheaper. So, I pump, exclusively. People say that pumping makes you have lower milk supply, but my little girl is five months old and 17 and strictly on b___st milk. She gets MORE than enough. You just have to make sure you pump ten to fifteen minutes at a time every two to three hours. It also depends on the pump. Try to get a double, because if you use a single pump you lose a lot of milk out of the other b___st when the let down occurs.


cdnmom35 - April 26

I did both right from the start with no problems at all. It gives the baby a chance to bond with other members of the family too.


taniaL - October 11

Hi everyone..I am a first time mom and am generally being anxious about everything possible :( I am currently 10 days PP with a little boy. I tried b___st feeding in the hospital which didn't seem to go all that great...one minute he would latch but painfully and the next he would have his mouth open but be thrashing his head side to side and screaming. Once we got home things were far worse....it was super painful of a latch because I could not get him propper....it was him screaming and thrashing and me sitting there bawling ...it was aweful....after a week I said enough is enough and started exclusively pumping. I know b___stfeeding means bonding but I was so sad and unhapppy I started to breakdown even when I knew it was almost time for feeding, at least with the bottle we were both hapyy. Thing felt better then we went for a check up and the doctor seemed dissapointed I was pumping. He has now put me on a med for increasing supply and kept urging I see a lactation specialist. I left the office almost in tears at the thought of having to go back to b___stfeeding. So long story point is I pump usually every 2 hours sometimes longert at night if he lets me sleep more than that...I get a combined at least an ounce sometimes up to one and a quarter...I am extremely worried this is not enough after the doc appointment and that all of a sudden in the last two days baby doesnt seem content after a feeding... he justs cries...I feel highly inadequate right now anf afraid he isnt getting enough....even though he has the required amount of poops and pees....unless his fussyness is due to the antibiotics doc put me on for 7 days affecting my milk...but they said it shouldn't....HELP please!!!!!!



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