C Section After 3rd Degree Tear

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mrs james - January 11

Hi, I have read this thread as I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with my second child and suffered a third degree tear following the birth of my first in 2008. I am too unsure and busily weighing up the pros and cons of Vaginal and elec C/s. I was a colorectal nurse for many years and my mother is an experienced midwife I now work in anesthetics. Many of the posts are pro c/sec and few are v____al, the problem for us all is their is no right answer on how to deliver following a tear and the best you have is your intuition. C sections are major abdominal surgery FACT! which if carried out correctly are a safe option for many women however you cannot ignore the risks of bleeding, infection, bladder and/or bowel problems etc. Vaginal births also carry risks to the mother which many on this forum are all too aware. All I can say is that all of our experiences where individual to us and it is those which are best to influence our decision making. It is important to get all the facts but we are the ones best to judge our bodies and what they are capable of . Gook luck x


gusergoo - January 11

Well it has taken me 4.5 happy years to have a desire to update my orig. post may 28, 2006. I gave birth to Lauren 4 days later by c section. I was so afraid to have a c/s but what SOLD me was my doctor telling me that even if I had a smaller baby JUST the act of pushing might cause me further issues, she was firm but not agressive. I trusted her to keep my pregnancy healthy and safe so why stop now. I knew that I had to try it. I wasn't willing to redo the first vag birth again if I had a choice. I am so glad that I did.I would give just about anything to go back and have my son (first vag) the same way. I realize that each birth is different and my first may not have gone as well as the second c/s. But...I felt good after the c/s to stop at my work to show off on the way home from the hospital! I still had constipation and bowel issues due to the 3rd degree cut that I recieved the first time, otherwise it was wonderful. I had promised to update after the second birth but I couldn't bring myself at the time to relive the horrible memories and pain. I just wanted to enjoy my my baby. I wasn't able to do that with the first. For me a c/s was an incredible thing. My first birth and the year plus of pain, depression and humiliation for over year afterwards is still heartbreaking to me. I am so thankful that I was able to enjoy my newborn the second time. Good luck to everyone and I hope whatever you choose that it is the best one for you. Think logically about your choices and really HEAR what your doctor advises.


mrs james - January 11

Hi I read your story and wanted to congratulate you on the safe delivery (for you and baby) of your second child. I, like you had bowel complications for 18mnth folowing my tear and know too well the embara__sment of being caught short and away from home. I used GTN cream as well as stool softners to heal my fissures but everytime I re tore after a period of being ok I would cry and be very depressed for weeks I think it was the toughest thing I have ever endured. I had a midwife who spent the whole delivery trying to "speed things up", (I only laboured two hours forty mins!!!) she insisted in me being on my back in stirrups. I feel these both contributed to my tear and believe that I could manage v____ally next time. I am meeting my consultant in feb and am willing to listen to his advice but being in nursing is a curse as i have nursed many women following complications from both methods of delivery so i'm still so confused. xxx


karlynn17 - January 16

gusergoo, I couldn't agree with you more...C section for me was a dream compared to my vag birth...however, I agree with you that each birth is different. No one can choose the right answer for anyone.


TrinityMachael - March 3

I had 4th degree lacerations and have had to have surgeries two years down the road to fix everything that was messed up before. I did, however, have a second child v____al and I had no problems at all. Considering all the issues that it caused, it was pretty unexpected but the second birth was just perfect. Could go either way though, I'm sure. I'm pregnant with my third and the doctor suggested a c-section but there's no way, after my last one, that I'm going to accept a c-section unless there is a dire need. I just made sure that they are going to do an episiotomy if they need to.


angeonel - March 5

I first commented on this post on April 21st 2009 I was pregnant with my second child. I was still deciding between v____al vs C-sec, consultant told me that the chances of having a second 3rd degree was slim to non, a c-sec was a serious op etc.... well I went with the consultant and had a v____al. My 10lb 14oz son later, another 3rd degree tear, this time I didnt have half the discomfort and continuous pain though. If i could go back and be given the choice again I would still choose v____al. I was up and about in a few days and driving within 3 weeks, c-sec is 6 weeks I believe. I have been told when I decide to have my 3rd child it will be safer to have a elective I will again go by the advice of my consultant. Good luck to everyone I hope you are all happy with your decision. x


mrs james - March 17

HI, i have since met with a obs/gyne consultant and was given full choice on how I would like to deliver. The tear itself is well healed and the consultant felt it reasonable I could try a v____al delivery if I wanted. He did however refer me to a colo-rectal surgon for advice re: my a___l fissures which became a problem again in my 20th week in pregnancy. I thought he was going to a__sess the severity of my fissure but the conversation and advice I received became more about the long term damage I would potentially face from the simple act of pushing a baby out v____ally. He felt it likely I would face problems with a___l incontinence either following delivery or in the years following due to muscle ageing. this has put a different spin on things for me and I am now considering C-Section due to the impact potentially on my quality of life following delivery has anyone got any experiences on this or had similar advice they can share ?


2boysmama - March 17

I first posted on this site several years ago. My boys are now 10 & 8 years old (yes, this is impossible!). I wanted to share that I had a lot of problems with healing a fissure from improper healing from extensive tear during 1st (v____al) delivery until about . . . a year ago! But I seem to have finally gotten beyond it (. . . that's the sound of my fingers crossing). I had a v____al delivery the second time and it worked well for me - no episiotomy (sp?), minimal tearing, quick recovery, etc. My doctor supported my daily use of hydrocortisone suppositories during by 2nd pregnancy, which seemed to help things not get too bad during that time - plus I worked with a physical therapist to support a better 2nd delivery. I still (next decade!) take daily soluble fiber nightly to have a solid "movement" (sorry) each morning - and while I still have some hemmorhoidal bleeding, the muscle is no longer in spasm from the fissure (this is new in about the past 1.5 years, honestly). Using topical nitroglycerin helped with the fissure healing after many years. If you read my earlier post (from 2006, I think) you will see what a great experience my 2nd delivery was - and I was happy to have done it v____ally (although I was scared!) - 2nd baby was significantly larger (8 lbs. 11 oz vs. 7 lbs, 5 oz the first time) and continues to be my "gentle giant." Good luck with making a decision that works for you. This is all so personal, all I can do is share my one-data-point experience & what worked for me. I wish everyone great luck and happy, healthy babies! (and mommies!)


goldielauz - July 3

Hi, I had a 3rd degree tear in dec after mid height forceps, my womens physio has told me to as for elective c section however the same hospital are saying that we will have to discuss options at 36 weeks, depending on babys lay and head size ( I had 8lb 10oz baby who was on 75th percentile with 99.6 percentile head!!!) I would love another natural birth but I am petrified of tearing again (despite the epidural I felt the tear) and scared of the consequences later in life. I am not pregnant yet as I would like a 2 1/2 year gap but also because I want answers before I get pregnant.



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