C Section Within 12 Months Of Each Other

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BriannasMummy - April 15

I just had a little girl in December. She is now 4 months old and I just found out that I am pregnant.. also due in December of this year. Ive read a couple of threads where dr.s ask patients to wait a year before another pregnancy. Is there ANYONE that has had children this close together.. both c sections? What was the outcome? ~Kristin~


sahmof3 - April 16

I haven't had them that close, but my 2nd and 3rd c-sections were 17 months apart. The scar got sore at times during my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, but nothing too bad and my deliveries turned out fine, too. I think djh had 4 c-sections in 4 years and I think there was at least one other that I've seen on here that had 3 or 4 kids within a year apart each time. Hopefully she see this or maybe you can make a separate thread to her attention. gl


BriannasMummy - April 16

thnx sahmof3.. i will do just that!! ~Kristin~


djh - April 16

Hi Ladies, I just got home from nursing school and I saw this post. sahmof3 is correct, I did indeed have 4 sections in 4 years to the day (+4hours). First off, congrats to you Kristin! It is exciting and very frightening to think of having a new scar and an ever growing baby so soon. There are more risks to this, but none to get sick over. Your scar may be tender the whole time you are pregnant this time, the risks are increased for pre-term birth (I did), more blood loss at delivery (I did hemorrhage and required transfusions), a slight increase in risk of rupture, placenta accreta, smaller baby. Not to scare you, but there is some data out there that indicates an increased risk of stillbirth with the next baby after c-section, but so many women have done just fine that I only tell you this because you will find that info on the internet. Now for the happy news...LOL. The hardest part was having an infant and being heavily pregnant towards the end. I had a lot of issues with feeling like I was robbing my babies of their own special babyhood. I will not lie, when my second son was born my first was still 11 months old and walking very well. It was, I feel, as difficult as having twins in that neither slept at the same time, both were in diapers and needed car seats, bottles or b___st, well baby check-ups, and they both had all the infant illnesses, etc. With a young baby and a newborn there is no "reasoning factor". A 1 yr-old does not care nor can they process the newborn's needs so organization is paramount. With you having another c-section so soon you may find it more painful to recover from because you will not rest at home. I lifted my baby son into his high chair, to the crib, everything from the day I got home. With my second son I also had the added stress of going to the NICU 2-3 times a day as he had a collapsed lung from the section. By the time my daughter came along I was exhausted from having a 1 year old and a 2 year old!!! With my girl I hemorrhaged severely and was weak, but okay. My last son was nearly 8 weeks early due to an irritable uterus and so again, the just turned 4 yr. old, the just turned 3, the 17 mth old and the NICU preemie. All my kids are wonderful, healthy and intelligent now. I look back on that time and I think I must have been crazy but to tell you the truth, I was so young that stuff just got done! I will write more any time you have a question, okay?~Deb


BriannasMummy - April 16

Deb.. thats amazing!! So I just have to ask.. the irritable uterus was because you had one pregnancy right on top of the other? Or was there another reason for that? and why did the 3rd c section result in a collapsed lung for your baby? This was NOT planned at all.. and i feel horrible putting an unborn baby at risk. I think i might have to seek out help for when the infant is born.. sleep will be needed to function for both of the lo's. Thank you for being so honest with me!! ~Kristin~


Jmom - April 16

I will have my kids 14.5 months apart both by C-section...


BriannasMummy - April 16

Jmom.. u and I are almost in the same boat.. i hope things work out well for you! ~Kristin~


djh - April 17

Kristin, the baby with the collapsed lung was my 2nd baby, and due to his position in the womb during delivery. I went into labor with him (and all my babies!) and since my labors start at 100 mph and go nowhere, his shoulder presented and he went the only way my pelvis would let him, transverse. During the attempts to pull him out he took a breath in utero and it caused a pneumothorax. He is fine now though! Yes, the irritable uterus was due to such closely spaced sections/pregnancies. I know what you mean, I didn't want my babies so close either, but birth control just didn't work for me no matter how careful I was...*sheepishly grinning right now*. You are going to be fine, really. I want you to just relax, enjoy your babes and grow a wonderful, healthy baby ok? We have such wondeful monitoring available to us and there is very little reason to worry. My main concern for you is that you get adequate rest during your pregnancy and after the next section. I highly suggest some form of help after the next baby. As much as we like to be superwomen, surgery takes a lot out of us, not to mention the 9 mths prior. When asked what I needed for the new babies (#'s 3 and 4) I said emphatically that I would love a housekeeper! For less than the cost of a new stroller (which I didn't need) I got 4 housecleaning visits (1 a week x 4) by a wonderful agency. What a Godsend that was! I think your main issues will really be: recovery, sleep deprivation, pushing too hard and feeling sore, and the most anguishing of all, guilt for your older baby. I have read your posts and I feel very confident you will adapt beautifully. I hope you can embrace this happy news and your worries abate soon. We are so incredibly fortunate to have been or be in this situation, right? Please ask me anything as it comes up. I will be doing my final nursing school rotation in Labor and delivery in 2 months so I will have access to the latest info around. One last thought for this post, I ask my kids all the time if they wished I had more time for them and they all say the same thing, "Mom, we were never only children, we can't even imagine life without our brothers or our sister". Talk to you soon. *hugs*~Deb


djh - April 17

Jmom, I didn't mean to exclude you, congrats to you on your pregnancy as well! All the info applies to you too. I hope you have a healthy, happy pregnancy and a safe c-section.


clairem - April 18

hi, i had csection on 19th nov 2001 and then my 2nd on 22nd nov 2002 so was only 1 yr and 2 days! i managed ok i even had a 3 yr old to look after too..


princessxali - May 2

ive not had them that close but theres 22 months between my first 2 kids and 19 months between the last 2 so ive had 3 c-sections and ive been ok


Mumof3BBG - May 27

Hi there. 

I just had my 3rd baby in January. She is 18 weeks and i am 7 weeks pregnant. Due date 1 week before her first bday. She was my 3rd caesarean however my other 2 were 14yrs and 9.5yrs ago. Im freaking out about it. She ended up emergency section at 36 weeks ahead of elective unbooked at that stage. Recovery was the best ive had body back to normal in a week a little too good to be true and bam pregnant again. I was told i couldnt get pregnant again 9yrs ago after my last due to cancer treatment how wrong they were!! So much for being less fertile as years go by too. Ive just turned 33 last week. 



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