Complications After C Section 2

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Cheptoo - August 7

I underwent ceasarian delivery on 7th July 2012 in Mombasa . A month later part of my st_tches opened up (i think due to straining and moving up stairs since we lived in a apartment 3rd floor) and i went to clinic where i was given some cream to apply which worked perfectly after two weeks . After 3 months , i went back to work where i worked for long hours - sitting in the office from 8a.m till 5p.m then proceed to the fuel pump to fuel trucks while standing till 8p.m . There and then is when my problem started . I started having severe back pains , then followed by pain on my RHS & LHS ribs through waist to the hip bone .I do not feel much pain during the day but it gets worse at night when i retire to bed. I sleep on my right side after two hours , the pain strikes the ribs through waist and to the hip bone . I then change to my left and the same happens after two hours or so . I sleep on my back but is painful too - i even have breathing difficulties , and its h__l sleeping on my stomach because of the backpain . I end up sitting down the rest of the night because the pain isn't bearable . I also have frequent headaches , others are normally severe . It was noted i had sinuses 1 and half years ago . I now use olbas oil and muscle relaxant paracetamols when headache strucks which is almost on a daily basis. Am now used to these paracetamols and av started using a different one BETAPYN. I went to see a doctor who told me that since i was operated under strong AC , there were very high chances of me having pneumonia . He then prescribed medicines for pneumonia and ointment for my back which did not change the situation even after completing the whole dose . I even shifted from sleeping on bed - we laid the mattress directly on the floor to check whether the mattress is the cause but nope , no difference , then bought a new mattress "High Density one" but no difference at all. I havent had a rest ever since i gave birth . Whenever i lift my baby , i end up having severe backache but what to do , i even have to do household chores when from work . So the only time i sit is 10p.m and i wake up at 5a.m . I am still br___tfeeding my 1 year old baby boy the whole night . I saw an article on Daily Nation a month ago regarding CHRONIC PELVIC PAIN . I read through this and saw it was almost close to my case . I then contacted the doctor via email , who referred me to a well known gynecologist , who examined me and concluded that i did not have any problem on my stomach and that there was a problem with my muscles co-ordination . He prescribed some expensive drugs and reqular exercise which i have followed . The medication reduced the pain i use to feel for the period of 10 days i was taking , but immediately i finished the last dose , the pain started again like it used to be before. Anyone please kindly advice me what my problem could be because i have tried many doctors but i haven't got one to solve my problem . Also advice me on what to specifically do because i won't hesitate to do so considering the kind of pain and discomfort i have been experiencing for over 9 months now. Thank you. Cheptoo



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