Elective C Section Toronto

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Sori - January 26

Hello ladies, Can anyone recommend an open-minded OB/GYN in Toronto, who would agree to an elective C-section? Since I was 18 (I am now 25), I have been getting retinal migraines (temporary blindness episodes ranging from 10 to 30 minutes due to exertion; they are like mini-strokes inside the eye). I have seen many specialists throughout the years and I am otherwise healthy. My condition is very rare, poorly researched and my last neurologist told me I knew more about the topic than he did; on the other hand, another doctor agreed that I should always make only moderate effort. Anyway, do you think I have enough grounds to request a cesarean, and could you recommend an obstetrician in TOronto, who would agree to perform an elective C-section? I strongly believe I should make this decision because I really do not wish to know how my eye would react to all the pushing during labour... I get a great deal of pressure in the eye during these semi-monthly episodes, followed by complete visual loss. My husband and I are not pregnant yet, but we're trying... Feel free to e-mail me at sorina_b@yahoo.com, if you want to keep the doctor's name private. Thanks, Sori


Kira_lynn - January 26

Hi Sori, Im from hamilton and im seeing my obgyn tomorrow again. Shes really good and is open to csection but researches like mad and refers to many docs. If you think its in your best interest many doctors that i've heard of in my area are open to discussion. Hope all goes well.


djh - January 26

I think you have medical grounds for a c-section. Vaginal birth is a healthy method for most women, but pushing could affect your eyesight and that is a very good reason to avoid it. Best wishes.


Sori - February 9

Ladies, thank you for your encouraging answers. I hope I can find nice OB/GYN in Toronto. I have access to Sunnybrook, Mount Sinai, North York hospitals.


Isla182 - October 25

Hi Kira Lynn

Would you kindly email the obgyn's names from the Hamilton area that are open to maternal request cesarean? That would be wonderful. My email is islasteele182@gmail


Isla182 - October 25

 * gmail. com


Erica2014 - April 28

Were you able to find an OB to perform elective section? I am looking as well


Erica2014 - April 28

Could you provide me details on your OB from Hamilton? I am hoping for elective section


Dizzylizzy2018 - April 19

Hello. I too am looking for an OB sympathitic to my request for a cesarean.  DId you have any luck finding doctors in the Toronto area?



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