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Mandy1984 - August 17

hey, I am 25 and will be having my 5th section in early December, This is by far the worst pregnancy yet!!! I have 3 daughters 8, 5 and almost 3 and my son died 27thMay08 when he was 7.5 months old. He was born with loads of problems, he had heart problems, poor muscle tone so he couldn't cough very well and clear his chest, he had surgery day 5 to repair duodenal atresia. It is still not clear why he had all them problems my partner and i have had appointments with the genetics team and they couldn't tell us for sure if it was just a problem that occured at conception or if it could happen again. I was to have amniocentsis test in July but on the day of the appointment the doctor said that the condition my son had wouldn't show up anything on the test cos his chromosones where all normal so i decided not to have the test. But I did find out I'm having a boy so now I'm am worried sick. I haven't started buying things for this baby cos i believe deep down that i will lose him too. I am scared to death that wil happen again. Anyone else in similar position?


DelroyandDevita - September 10

I have not had to endure any of this hunny, but I just wanted to extend my condolences, and also to give you words of encouragement. I know you are scared, and to loose a child.. I shudder to think how I would even begin to deal with such a profound loss. However, I will say this. God is totally in control. He said in his words he will never leave nor forsake us. Relax, and think POSITIVE. Your worrying and stressing is not healthy. Speak candidly with your doctor and ask specific questions. If you want to beleive something.. Believe that God is with you, and your baby will be ALRIGHT..In Jesus Name!


NavyMom - October 11

Hi Mandy:)I know you're worried, but hope for the best. I have 4 babies, and am pregnant with twins at the moment, and this too will be my fifth c section in April. I, too, worry sometimes. I worry for other things like, the twins will come too early for them to be able to nurse, that they wont weigh enough when they are born, that I should get them anything not even their car seats until I know for sure that I will take them home... I get by sometimes by just thinking positive and doing the same things I did with my other pregnancies. I know sometimes things happen, but the chances of them happening to two babies in a row are low. You have 3 healthy kids, and I am very confident that your baby due in December will be a healthy baby. Keep your sweet head up, and please don't lose faith. Good luck with your fifth c section and keep posting on here so we know how you're doing:) -Anna


Mandy1984 - October 17

Thanks for your kind words, I do try not to worry but its seems to be all I can think about, If anything goes wrong what will I say to my girls. My 5yr old says she doesn't want a brother se wants a sister so it will grow up. It would have been my sons 2nd birthday today so today not such a good day. I'm 31wk 6days and just wish it was over and done with and a doctor would say 'your baby is totally healthy' :(


Bostongirl617 - February 2

Hello how was your section with the twins ? I’m pregnant with twins and this is my 5th section I’m scared to death 



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