How Did You Deliver After Your Incisional Hernia Repair

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3rd time Mommy - August 12

My second child was born via emergency c-sec for a breech position. An incisional hernia appeared four months later and then I had it repaired with mesh. I am pregnant again, three months after the hernia repair. I have found no one who has experienced this scenario and the doctor who repaired my hernia had not done the surgery on someone wanting more kids so he has no advice. My current OB cannot do VBAC's according to hospital policy so I am going to meet with another doctor. I don't even know if I can have a VBAC because of the mesh being there, but the doctor who repaired the hernia says if I have a c-sec, they have to cut through the mesh and that may be a problem. Has anyone else gone on to have another baby after having an incisional hernia repaired and if so, did you have a c-sec or a va___al delivery and what was it and your recovery like, etc.?


a - August 20

Just bumping... ANYONE have a baby after incisional hernia repair?????


Brachah - August 20

Dear a: Don't know if I can be of much help as i am currently 27 weeks into pregnancy. I am currently experiencing many problems with my incisional hernia repair (with mesh) from last August. The mesh has somehow slipped and my incisional hernia is reopening from the inside with the growing uterus ... it is very painful and scary ... so far my abdominal wall has ripped six inches ... there is nothing they can do, but I do know without a doubt that the baby will be taken via c-section, and then the mesh will be cut out and they will sew me back up ... then supposedly I'll have to wait a couple of months, go back in and have yet another major abdominal surgery to repair the weak incisional site ... I am angry and scared, and worried about having a b___stfeeding infant by that time ... but they say they cannot fix the damage immediately after c-section because of high-risks of infection and bleeding out ... i just wish the mesh repair had done what it was supposed to do ... but in my case it didn't ... this is also my third child ... i am 35 ... and this will be my seventh surgery (reopening/reclsoing of the same incision) ... i feel like i've rambled, and I'm sorry, but this is the situation i'm in. To answer your question though ... i am willing to bet it'll be a c-section for you. keep me posted.


Brachah - August 20

Are you finding that the area where your mesh is pulls and tears? Like can you feel the scar tissue around the mesh screen on your tummy pull with your growing belly? Mine hurts like fire, and it's not even in the right place! Since it has "slipped" it's in there for absolutely no reason at all but to torment me. Anyway, can you feel yours?


Brachah - August 20

Oh, one more thing ... sorry ... my incision is straight up and down ... from two inches above my naval (then it curves around the naval) and then it goes all the way down to my pubic hair. It is a very long/vertical incision (and has been reopened many times) ... anyway, it is ripping back open from the inside ... where is yours located, and how far along are you?


Brachah - August 22

dear a: Just trying to retrieve your attention ... you went so long without a reply that you've probably given up checking to see if anyone had replied. Look forward to hearing from you.


3rd time Mommy - August 25

(Sorry... we went out of town this week.) My goodness! You don't know how much I appreciate your response, though it does sound like you're in a lot of pain. I have met NO ONE else in this circ_mstance, in person nor on the internet nor have I even heard of anyone's case til yours. And I was quite surprised since incisional hernias, I've come to find out, aren't really rare complications of c-secs or abdominal surgeries in general. I am 26 weeks along and haven't felt any pain from the mesh so far. I've had no trouble with it. My husband, he is a pharmaceutical rep, that he was in a pediatrician's office today. She is real nice and has four kids of her own, but she said that if he was to poll all the male OB's in town, she would guarantee that they would all prefer their wives to have another c-sec than risking a VBAC, especially if their wives had incisional issues to begin with, like us, because our fascia is weak; our original uterine incisions didn't heal properly and that's why we had hernias due to them, so our incisions are more likely to rupture as opposed to a typical woman's. And uterine rupture is basically instant death. So, I'm cancelling my appt with the VBAC doctor and am happy to continue on with another c-sec, though I'm not happy that like you, this pediatrician said they'll more than likely cut the mesh out and I'll have to have it repaired AGAIN a few months later. And I will be b___stfeeding, like you as well. I know this isn't the best situation in which to make friends, but I am so happy you wrote in and are about the same length along!


3rd Time Mommy - to Brachach - August 25

Girl, it is so weird that just today I wrote and said I haven't felt anything from my repair... well, I've had a cold for three days and sneezed a lot this evening and guess what? I'm feeling some pulling / burning at the site now! I try to make the sneezes be calmer ones!


3rd Time Mommy - August 26

Brachach... another question... have you been or will you be put on bedrest?


Brachah - August 26

So you've been told the same thing ,,, going back in after the baby is born for the "repair" ... I really don't like that plan, and seriously wonder why they can't do it when we are already laying there wide open. I mean, think about it, it IS an incisional hernia right? And the incision itself has to be cut open, right? Well if the incision is already open ... then why not go ahead and trim away the frayed edges of tissue that is weak and sew us back up nice and tight? It doesn't make sense to me ... if we're open then fix it. Why do we REALLY have to go back in just after we've began the healing process from the c-section? And what about our families and infants at home? That's another four to five days in the hospital again for us.


Brachah - August 26

It hurts doesn't it? Just wait until we get even bigger ... it pulls and burns like fire ... you can almost imagine the mesh being ripped away ... saw the high-risk specialist yesterday (I see three doctors regularly: the ob, the high-risk dr, and the surgeon) and he is concerned about the increase in pain and the fact that the hernia bulges out so far already..


Brachah - August 26

I see the OB doctor Tuesday, and we will be discussing the bedrest issue AND going on a liquid diet nutritious enough to take care of mine and the baby's needs ... digesting foods has become an excruciating nightmare ,,, the digestion contractions were so strong and painful that I was sent to Labor & Delivery because they thought it was pre-term labor ... yes, it hurt that bad ... we have alot of issues to discuss this coming tuesday, and I will also ask AGAIN about the delivery and repair ... also at WHAT week will they take the baby ... last time they told me 39 weeks ... I don't think we can wait that long with all this pain ... I am going to pray for no later than 37 weeks.


Brachah - August 26

Where are you located?


3rd Time Mommy - August 26

I'm in Georgia. Please keep updating especially in regard to your Tues appt. Wow! I didn't realize you were having to see three docs! Mine wants to take the baby at either 39 or 40 weeks, but my first baby was 5 days early and my second - the c-sec - was 14 days early. It looks like they would take the babies around 38 if they're looking healthy. I think it would be dangerous for you having already ripped to go into labor and undergo those tremendous contractions.


3rd Time Mommy - August 26

Another question... at what point in your pregnancy did the high risk dr and the surgeon become involved. I'm calling my OB today to see if I can see him along with my DH at my next appt instead of the midwife so he and the surgeon can go ahead and talk. The surgeon hasn't put a patch on anyone who wanted more kids; mostly older women.


Brachah - August 27

I began hurting/pulling at 8/9 weeks ... knew something was not quite right ... told the OB at my next visit and it was shrugged off as round ligament pain ... the pain increased and by my 12 week appt I told the OB again ... this time he saw the "bulge" and said *@#!^ ... sent me immediately back to the surgeon and to the high-risk doctor ... so for the last 15 weeks I've been seen literally everyother week by doctors ... the ONE good thing about all this attention is that every week or so I get to see my growing baby through ultrasound!!!!!!!!! Not every mom-to-be gets this bonus ... many only get one US throughout their whole pregnancies.


Leslie - August 28

I have an incisional hearna repair, mesh also, I have been getting checked every 2-3 months by my surgoen who reports no slipage or tearing but it can happen. My belly always hurts, mine was done around the navel about 5 cent dia. Im 22 weeks now but gained a ton of weight my first 3 months because of Pergesterone, the rapid weight gain can cause the pain from the quick growth of the stomach. My doc says I could go either way, come though without a problem or need it repaired again after I deliver. The pain is bad, sometimes it eases up, but the more you do the more it hurts and burns. Remember it is tacked in, so those tacks are pulling and causing a lot of soreness. I knew about the risks before getting pregnant. We waited 2 years after the surgey to be sure it was fully healed. It sucks but the little buggers are worth it! I am glad to say I had a good surgeon who talked to me and was honest about what to expect and checks on me to see how Im doing, so Im not angry or feel like the mesh didnt do its job, but it is still little consolation for the pain and lack of mobility. I use a belly bra I got from the JC Penny Catalog, it gives some good support nad helps with some of the pain. Good luck ladies!!!



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