How Did You Deliver After Your Incisional Hernia Repair

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miranda - November 18

hi 3rd time mommy! so glad to hear from you! congrats on the homestretch! so glad to hear the pain has gotten better as you progressed. my doctor said that has happened with her other patients. haven't heard from Brachah in a long time? worried about her. let us know how the c section goes! will they repair the hernia again during the c? did your repair hold up, or do you think it needs repair again? let us know!


3rd Time Mommy - November 18

Midwife said I'll more than likely have to have it repaired at a later date, but it's been holding up well so they just want to keep watch on it. She said it is preferable to not repair it at the time of delivery anyway because there is already so much going on as far as cutting through the layers, etc to get the baby out. Brachah, are you out there? You've probably had your baby by now and that's probably why you haven't been on here in awhile; how are you? Let us know, girl!


Linzy - November 28

I had a vag birth, but large baby 5 yrs ago. After I got large femoral(groin) hernia. It was repaired w/ mesh almost 2 yrs ago, and am now 36 weeks pg. I have physical job, and do tend to lift alot. A few weeks ago, on OTHER side..I began to feel that same hernia discomfort as b/f..but no bulge I can see. I am using belly belt now for support and it helps, but am concerned about labor and delivery...esp as I am going to midwives and will deliver in Birthing Center not hospital.


Jennifer - December 2

Hi There! I've been reading the email string... I just found out today that I too have a hernia. We have a 7 month old and we just started trying to get pregnant again... when the Dr said I need to get this taken care of first... any idea what the recovery time is before I can try to get pregnant again?? Sounds like though it's going to be painful when I do get pregnant???


Brachah - December 3

Hi everybody!!!! My baby girl was born via c-section on November 4th ... 3 1/2 weeks early ... she weighed six pounds even and was 18 3/4 inches long ... now she is 8 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long ... recovery is going well, and my incisional hernia repair occurred immediately after delivery as planned ... it ended up being a four hour surgery ... and my intestines were fused to my uterus so they had to carefully cut it away without nicking (which would have been yucky dangerous) but all is well, and I am so happy and blessed and thinking of all of ya'll going through (or fixing to go thru) the same thing.


To Brachah - December 3

Why was your baby delivered so early? I am a nurse and we see breathing and temperature probs in babies born that early. Did you have some early labor? I am glad your baby is fine, but to the other posters I wouldn't recommend taking a baby 31/2 weeks early unless necessary. No offense, but some babies are not ready at that time. This is my experience in labor/delivery for the last 14 years. Congrats to you, Brachah.


Brachah - December 3

In addition to all the complications with my abdominal wall ripping open with the growing uterus (as discussed above) I also developed high blood pressure and was preeclamptic and was in the hospital the majority of October ... we were happy to make it to 32 weeks ... and then thrilled to make it to 35 weeks ... so, delivering at 36 1/2 weeks was an added blessing. I was monitored by four doctors (including a high-risk specialist) and was getting BPP's every two days for three weeks so I am confident they knew exactly what they were doing and why they were doing it.


Brachah - December 3

Forgot to mention that the reason i had all the complications was because I was in a car wreck in which I was thrown from the vehicle and the car landed on top of me crushing my pelvic region ... as a result, I have had six major abdominal surgeries and suffered many miscarriages (including a tubal pregnancy) and scar tissue is so rampant through that region that three years ago my uterus was smothering and folding in half ... my left fallopian tube and ovary was removed and they did reconstuctive surgery on my uterus ... anyway, the baby was/is healthy and had no problems, and was actually discharged from the hospital before I was ... I don't think we have to worry about our fellow posters pushing for early c-section deliveries - and OB/GYNs obliging - without adequate medical circ_mstances necessitating the early procedure.


To Brachah - December 3

Makes total sense...Glad you and baby had good medical intervention at your disposal then. I am especially glad that you and baby are healthy! Enjoy your wonderful gift. :>)


Brachah - December 4

Thank You!


3rd Time Mommy - December 5

Praise the Lord, Brachah! Sounds like you had a rough time, but you and baby came through very well - congratulations! Our son was due Dec 9th and scheduled for a c-sec on Nov 28th. However, he decided he wanted to come in time for Thanksgiving and I had him via c-sec on Nov 22nd. He was 7 lbs, 2 oz and is the biggest of our three children! I asked while in the OR about the hernia and they said it was far enough above their incision that they didn't have to mess with it and that it remained strong and intact. I was in the hospital just two days and have been feeling WONDERFUL! This recovery has gone SO MUCH better than the first c-sec I had. It has been totally different even with an incisional hernia.


3rd Time Mommy - December 5

Oops... I mean, with an incisional hernia REPAIR. I did watch something interesting - y'all check out I found a live c-section procedure on there and it shows way more than you'll see on TLC or Discovery Health. There is a layer called the fascia that the doctor will have to cut through to get to the uterus. The doctor doing the c-sec says that he has to make sure he doesn't sew/st_tch too tightly when he is closing the fascia or else the woman may end up with an incisional hernia. It made so much sense when I heard him say that b/c after my first c-sec, I kept telling my doctor I felt like there was a really tight band or something that was keeping me from leaning all the way over. He and the midwife said they had no idea what that could be. Well, four months post partum when I felt the "POP" that formed a hernia, I certainly had no more problem trying to lean over and touch my toes! I think that is what happened, that my doctor must have st_tched my fascia too tightly. Anyway, there are other surgeries on that site and the doctors explain everything the whole way through them. It's really interesting!


alee - March 10

I am a 32 year old mother of 4 and had a hernia repair done with mesh in mid 2004. My husband and I now are thinking of having another baby and I hoped someone out there could tell me if it's a good idea or bad. I am concerned due to the mesh!!


dani - March 10

3rd time Mommy, I don't have an answer to your question (sorry) but I was wondering how long you were in the hospital for recovery time with your hernia surgery? I'm going in for hernia surgery next week, and I'm scared. Also, what was the down time for you? And was it painful? Sorry, to ask these questions but I haven't found anyone to talk to about this.....thanks!


3rd Time Mommy - March 13

Dani - My husband dropped me off at the hospital around 9 a.m. and then picked me up at 1 p.m. It was outpatient surgery and I was able to walk out myself. I wasn't allowed to pick up anything over a couple of pounds for a week. My mother-in-law came and helped out. But I was able to walk and everything; I was just told not to "do" much for the first week and then light work for brief periods a few weeks after that. I was really surprised out how quickly you can bounce back from surgery as back in the day you were in the hospital for a week!


alee - March 14

Dani-Sorry I'm so slow to reply. My hernia repair took a little longer than most, said the Dr. I had a lot of scar tissue from 4 prior c-sections so it was a little complicated. I stayed overnight in the hospital. For about 2 weeks after I had a lot of draining from the area. I had to go into the office 3 x and the er once.



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