How Did You Deliver After Your Incisional Hernia Repair

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alee - March 14

Dani-Sorry I'm so slow to reply. My hernia repair took a little longer than most, said the Dr. I had a lot of scar tissue from 4 prior c-sections so it was a little complicated. I stayed overnight in the hospital. For about 2 weeks after I had a lot of draining from the area. I had to go into the office 3 x and the er once.


alee - March 14

Not all hernia repairs turn out like mine. I felt fine about 2 -3 weeks after. Good luck to you and don't worry.


MamaBearW2cubs - August 27

I HAVE!! I only came on to see if others had any issues with birthing after their repair. But, my back story is that my health has never been good and was only told I couldn't get pregnant, much less have us both survive. Part of the issue was"keeping the baby in" bc three years before my first, I had a doctor perforate my uterus. Went in for normal laparoscopy and she hit the uterine wall and I basically just ripped open. So that left me with the C-section scar bc she had to open me up to repair and save me bc I was bleeding out. So, that said, my first went by ok, was closely monitored and had a "routine" cesarean delivery. BUT, a few years after that I had a blood clot in my intestines and lost all but around 3 ft of small intestine.... That means they took over 23ft. (I told you my health wasn't really the best..... So I may not be the best to base this on---i just wanted to tell you since I hadn't seen anyone else that went thru it). Anyway, I had a wide open laparotomy, sternum to pubis, had a skin graph for two years to let things heal inside. So, if you saw my bare body, you would've been horrified. You could see the two sides of my stomach where they should be connected, but instead you saw that wide open with nothing but that grafted skin covering what was left of my intestines. Nasty, I know. But had they went before things were entirely healed and they knew they wouldn't have to take more bowel, they wouldn't touch me. So after the two years, we went for it. Closed up nicely, had them gen surgeon and plastic surgeon together, still huge scar but it goes up and down, not open at all. But then they more years and I get pregnant again. TALK. ABOUT. SCARED.---OH. MY. GOD!! So I went to the surgeon and he reassured me nothing was going anywhere and I would be ok. I still had to see the specialist, but my original ob was having none of it; said my first was risky enough. Flash forward 37 weeks, they had to take her as soon as it was safe bc it was so dangerous to keep her in any longer. So my bf (father of the seven and a half year old and this one), was watching the surgery and listening to doctor. She's saying, "this isn't good, it shouldn't be like this", he saw her pulling what he called "black strings" out of me and cutting a hard looking gauze pad. Well, we obviously know what the gauze thing he was talking about, but found out the "black strings" were permanent sutures. Ever since, I have yet to fully heal... She'll be three in December. So my advice, to ANYONE in this situation, MAKE SURE WHOEVER PUT THE DANG THING IN, IS THERE AT THE C-SECTION AND PROTECT "HIS WORK"... Which just happens to be You!!! I've been in and out of hospital as of late and literally getting MRI tomorrow to see if they can locate the mesh that way. There is NO undo surgery done on me anymore, everything could kill me... They even took my appendix out when they closed my stomach so they would have no reason to go back in. Of course my girls are both miracles, which is the reason I knew when I got pregnant with second, I was having a second; there were no other options. She tied my times that day though, so we know we're good now. Said she would have even if I didn't schedule it bc she didn't know how I lasted as long, baby was almost thru uterus before she even touched it with knife, could see her right away, which is a big no-no. So I just implore ANYONE reading this bc the had the repair and then got pregnant, just do WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO, to have that original surgeon in the room so they don't touch, cut, or move anything that can't be fixed. Good luck to you all and may He keep you all safe!!!


cul - January 10

I have an upper abdominal wound hernia that is about 25 cm long horizonitally - this came from colon surgery last year. My hernia sac is fully out  and filled with my intestines and only sightly goes in when lying down - belts only hold it down for a while and i have to put them on that tight its uncomfy. I was given a 6 mth period to get pregnant has it needs to be mended asap and after mending they said pregnancy would be problematic - as so big, mesh, etc.. So after IVF I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and now the dr's are saying that they dont really know what is going to happen. Speaking to a hernia specialist in London he thinks that as the pregnancy progresses other organs (ie - my stomach) will join my intestines in my sac - which is something I cant even imagine. My hernia doesnt hurt but gets uncomfortable with digestive issues and is getting bigger by the day. I get mixed advice has noone really knows. I am told by my colon team that caesarian will be the option, but my gyno said yesterday that this will be more problematic as my colon surgery and infection will have caused too many adhesions and scar tissue. has anyone had any similar problems. Im going thru this alone and the whole things really scares me and I feel that I am going to end up looking like the elephant man during my pregnancy with a big hernia sac ontop of my pregnant stomach and possible adhesion problems


Mumof3_78 - February 5

I’m glad I found this post; I’m 39 and the Mom of three (18,17,9) my husband and I want to have at least one more but we’re prepared for twins if necessary. I had a ventral hernia repair surgery last year and want to know is there a special diet I would need to eat to keep my weight under control because of the mesh I have? 



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