Incision Not Healed Folded Over On Itself

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JL - November 30

I read the whole "incision opening. .. . fluid and blood pouring out?" thread, and decided to post a new topic since my problem is slightly different. I had a c-section 8 days ago, and it was obvious from the first day that there was a section of the incision that did not line up properly. The nurses called it "not approximated well." My staples came out when I was discharged from the hospital on day 4, and steri-strips were applied. Since then I have had minor seepage coming from the part of the incision that did not approximate well. Today I saw my doc for a follow up regarding the incision, and she removed the steri-strips. The incision is closed along both edges, but the center bulges out, almost looks like someone's lower lip. It's as if the bottom portion of the incision did not join with the top, and the skin flipped over on itself. It is totally horrifying to look at. My doc checked it today and told me that although it looks pretty gross, it is actually closed and only the very top layer is what is exposed. She told me to clean it 3x per day with hydrogen peroxide and that it would heal on its own. I am wondering if anyone else has had this same problem. In the other post I mentioned, it sounded like people had very deep openings and serious amounts of blood and fluids coming out. I do not have those issues, but I do have a section of my incision that looks raw and open because the skin flopped over on itself. My doctor was sympathetic to me, but did not seem overly concerned that there would be any serious issues. She just thought it would take longer to heal than a normal incision. If anyone else has experienced this, how long will it take?


Fatima - December 10

In my case, it was not a c-section. It was when i was smaller, i cut my foot open with a gla__s and it was sewed up wrong. The sides were sewn one on top of the other, kinda like how you said. But it never closed, they had to sew me up again because when they took the stiches out it opened up again. I wonder how your c section managed to close


JL - December 11

Well, it has been 19 days since I had my c-section, and the wound is slowly closing. I have been using a special wound dressing called Allevyn, which seems to be helping quite a bit. I still don't know how this happened, but at least it seems like it is on its way to recovery.


Ilovekellennebelski - October 27

How does the incision look now that you are healed? I have the same problem right now (11 days post-op) and I have a hard time believing the "lip" will ever smooth out and be nice and flat. This is my third c-sec and I did not experience this with my first two. I' worried I'll always have an ugly scar flap. Lol!



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