Left Sided Abdominal Swelling And Pain After C Section

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chrissy - September 6

Hi everyone I happened upon this page and couldn't help but notice you all having alot of the smae problem and at one point I had it to. I have 2 children both by c-section and with my first I kept having alot of the smae pains you all are explaining on my right side by the incision . I had a home care nurse visit and she said everything looked fine but I countinued to have the pains but because the nurse said everything was fine I a__sumed it was just a natural pain from the c-section but it was not!! I continued to have the pain and it got worse to the point where it hurt to do anything including walk then I started running a high fever that would not break when I went to the emergency they did blood and urine test they told me my white blood cell count was very low and I had a urinary trat infection and kept me to give meds. but it did no good so the did more testing and found that I had inflamation in my uterus and an apses outside of my uterus on the right side where the pain was. Everyone you should really have them do these test including CT scans and ultrasounds this is nothing to play around with mine was so bad I was away from my baby for about 2 weeks and had to had blood transfusion and lots of meds. I surely though that something bad was going to happen to me and then where would that leave my beautiful little baby. Find out as soon as you can !!!!


cjwb05 - October 22

i am haveing abdomin pain it has been 2 years. I told my obgyn dr. when i went to him on the 10-13 told him that i have been having pain where i had my c-section that it might be scar tissue he told me their was nothing he could do about it. So i had an appointment with my old obgyn to see if i have scar tissue nothing showed up on the ultrasound that they did. So they are schelduling me for a ct scan to see if i have scar hernia if the scar henira shows up on the ct they will be doing surgery and if they do not see a scar hernia they will be going in laporscopic to lossing up the scar tissue. If anyone can tell me how long is the recovery for scar hernia removal and for laposcopic scar tissue lossing.


iyanna - November 30

i had an c-section in 2004 an i have the same pain i go to different doctors but none of them knows whats wrong wit me.. i hurt everday none stop an when my periods come on it gets worst.. can somebody plase tell me wht it is or give me an idea im soo tired of this pain thanks


amberrose - December 19

I cannot tell you how relieved (yet saddened) that I found this page. I thought I was the only person in the world with these problems. I sat here for hours and read all of your stories...it was nice to know that I wasn't crazy but it was very sad to know that so many of us are dealing with this never ending pain. I had a c section on 4/25/07...my second child, but first c section. I have never fully recovered. I too have a swollen left abdomen about 2 inches above the incision. I have pain in that area that gets worse with a lot of exercise, lifting or if someone bumps me there. It hurts to the touch and it tends to get worse right before my period. Because of this pain I have back problems from always favoring my stomach. I find myself depressed and not as outgoing as I used to be. I have had 2 CT scans which showed nothing, I've have 2 nerve block injections which did not help. Now today I will be starting an anti seizure medication to try to make the nerve stop firing off...if it's even a nerve. I am so sorry to hear that all of you are going through what I am going through. I will keep you posted as to how the medication works...hopefully it does and hopefully by me sharing my story I can help someone get help too. Thank you to all of you for writing about your situation. It really helped me to get through this.


hh - December 19

I am 4 1/2 years down the track and have both hernia and adhesion surgery. Both brought some relief but even now I still suffer some daily pain and swelling. Mine is on my right side and centre from the hernia. I have found a good pysio who is helping me with strenthening the under lying muscles and i also have weekly dose of ultrasound for the pain. I have also just started on a low dose antidepressent which is supposed to combat nerve pain which is something the doctor thinks may be involved here. Even after numerous ultrsounds and surgery I still don't really know what is wrong just that it hurts whenever I do anything strenuous (this can be just getting into the car some days). My advice is try everything and don't give up. My pysio has been great and now when I get bad pain it doesn't last as long because I am much stronger. If you are not happy with the answers you are getting ask someone else and my good luck to you.


slukic1972 - January 3

I am wondering how LIZA (posted last in April 2005) is doing. Can you let us know? I have the som symthoms as you. Surface sensitivity to touch which makes light clothes very uncomfortable to wear. By story is the following: After pretty easy delivery I was able to walk in the mall after 4 days. I had some sorness under the belly b___ton (down the brown line) and above insicion but eventually it went away after 8 weeks. I start working out after 4 months but with trainer and nothing crazy. 2 weeks after the pain was back and is much more unconfortable then original. I first though I overdid it although could not see why but know we are aware that the operation did not go as perfect as though. Of course, my insicion looks perfect - in couple of months you would think I did not have opration. UNfortunately I do not feel like that above the insicion. Finally we get to the point that the doc hit the nerver (thus external senstivity to touch) ) and I will b going to pain clinic next week. LIza and all with nerve damage - how are you doing now?


mom22miracles - January 5

I had a c-section 8 months ago. It got infected I had to have surgery two weeks later Mother's Day weekend. I had home health coming in twice a week because I had a wound vac(heals the wound faster). I was on the vac for three weeks. It seemed to heal up ok, but since then the pain, swelling, smell, and soreness come and go, however, this time it is back with a vengeance. I have seen my doc again several times. He has given me bactrim, cipro, diflucan, doxycycline, and I celebrex, none of which have seemed to work. Now 8 months and two weeks later, the incision is worse than it has been since i got off the wound vac. Someone mentioned to me about going to see a wound care specialist and my doc said I needed to have an abdominoplasty(tummy tuck) to take care of the apron(fold of skin on top of the incision). So I went to a plastic surgeon and have been waiting to hear from them for about 2 months. My doc also said that if all else fails(which so far it has), he was have to go back in and just redo the whole thing without having to sew the uterus back up just the superficial scar. Anyway, I was going to go the ER last night but we all know how that can be, and since I work at the women's unit at my hospital and my doc is on call today until 730 I am going to catch him before he leaves and insist that he do something. At this point I don't care if he does have to go back in and redo it, I just want the pain and swelling to go away. I hate that we all have this problem and no one seems to know how to fix it. How do they fix a scar anywhere else that won't heal???


exhausted from pain - January 31

It is sort of comforting to know it isn't just myself dealing with this pain, and doctors ignorance about it. I had an emergency c-section in 2002. I have been dealing with this ever since. The 1st few years it was there, but not too horrible. Over the last 2 years or so, the pain seems to exponentially worsen every month. Now it is more constant and severe. I get cold chills with horrible sweating, nausea, and feel as though I might pa__s out at any given moment. I am "grumpy" all the time. The more I move, the more I hurt. I have not worked in over a year. It takes everything I have to just fulfill my daily duties, like getting the kids ready for school, house work, etc. I was in the E.R. earlier in the week, because I just couldnt take it any more. I was curled up in a ball crying my eyes out, with those horrible gags, you know the ones where you just know you're going to puke everywhere, but nothing ever comes out. Not like dry heaving, more like pain heaving. They did a pelvic exam, and culture. And a CAT scan to check for kidney stones.The doctor said as soon as she touched my cervics with the swab, I started bleeding. So then she starts talking about gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syph. Gives me 5 huge antibiotic pills(2 different kinds) on an empty stomach, which made me severely sick, and caused my pain to get about 50 times worse. They sent me home and put me in touch with Lifestages( I have no insurance ). This doc says the culture from the ER came back negative for all infections, STD's included. They want me to come back in two weeks for a pelvic ultrasound, and a colposcopy,( the colpo, because of an abnormal pap, following a cone LEEP procedure I had undergone in 07.) The ultrasound is for the pain on my left side, which just happens to be right under my c-section scar and in the area of my ovary. I hope this comes to an end soon!


tummy tamer - February 3

I am so sorry that this is happening to you. You probably did not have a binder post surgery, things tore inside, and adhesions formed. Adhesions are really just scar tissue, and while surgery will remove some it also creates more. Please get a binder. Csectionrecoverykit.com, tries to answer these kind of questions, with binders and ma__sage. Also ask the original Doctor if he sewed up your peritoneal sac, and try to get your records. The sac separates the internal organs from the muscle layer, and 50% of Dr's don't sew it up. Ma__sage is very important now and later after surgery. Daily touch, general and specific is important to organize the tissue fibers. Its never too late to start, but its better to do right from the beginning. Adhesions can be reduced, over time. Adhesions cause a lot of problems, not only pain, but bladder, intestinal and reproductive issues as well as back pain. Please bind yourself after your next corrective surgery and visit the csectionrecoverykit.com site for more ma__sage information. Wishing it were standard medical care, to avoid these unnecessary issues and pain! You rolled onto your right side to get out of bed, right? Hence the left side pain, and early trauma post surgery. Get better.


Danielsmommy2008 - February 17

I had a c-section Oct 31, 2008. It started about a week after my surgery..i had left sided groin pain...really bad pain too. It kept me up at night, but it only seemed to do it when I was laying down. Now it's 4 months later and it still does it from time to time, but now it includes my left pelvis area and im having some incision scar pain and itching. It's all healed up and they are treating me for a bacterial vaginosis. They think that's causing the pain. Ive been on antibiotics for over a week now and the pain is only getting worse and seems to be spreading. What do you guys think? Does it sound like the same thing you have been going through? Thanks.


tonilee - May 19

Hi I have had 2 c-sections after my second I got very sore on my left side almost like a burning sensation and had a small amount of swelling I went to my doc and it turned out that I actually got blood trapped between my uterus and my mustle but my doc prescribed antibiotics and it was gone in just over a week.


myeika - June 7

My daughter is having a similar problem along with other problems to. but i dont seem to be able to find a thread to ask for help in, and i dont know how to create a thread to do this sorry. I will keep watching this one to see what is said tho thank you so much, I am so worried about my daughter


karenmarie - July 13

I had my 2nd c-section almost 7 years ago. Since that time I've had intermittent pain deep in the groin on the right side. About 4 years ago, I had stabbing pain on the right side that would come and go. One time the pain felt like a stabbing. It doubled me over and ached. As it dulled I developed a new sensation. I felt like a baseball was rolling around in my pelvis, making me feel like I had to go BM. At the ER, the ultrasound showed a lot of fluid in my pelvis. Likely a large ovarian cyst that had burst. The fluid re absorbed within about 3 days. Then about 8 months ago I developed a new problem -- weird bowel movements -- pencil-thin, very hard to pa__s, the texture of peanut b___ter. I cannot completely empty my bowel and feel like I need to go all day. More bloating, cramping that comes and goes. Lately I feel like I'm in my 3rd trimester, holding my belly and trying to keep the baby from falling out onto the floor. This sensation is worst right before my period. Right after my period, the sharp cramping in the lower right is more the problem. Colon cancer was my first concern. I was suffering from anemia too. However, a preliminary blood test has all but ruled that out. GI consult next week. I had 2 ultrasounds today, an abdominal and a pelvic. I'll post the results later. My guess is I have another cyst and adhesions that are causing a partial bowel obstruction and tugging on that ovarian ligament.


Floricica - August 20

Did they check for urinary tract infection?


jbpregnancypain - August 29

I had a C-section 3 yrs ago without complications. 18 months ago had a vbac delivery without problems. About a year ago I developed constant intense pain in my lower abdomen mostly on left side. I had ruptured cysts show up on ct scans. But the pain persisted. I had laprascopy, ct scans, ultra sounds, a colonoscopy. Everything came back normal. Then I started reading about abdominal wall pain as a source of unexplained pain in women. I located a lump on the outer internal edge of my Csection scar on the left side and my doctor injected it with steroid and anesthetic. She said I'll probably need more injections to fully take care of it, but for the most part, I feel much much better. You need to rule out everything else first- adhesions, endometriosis, cysts... but if everything comes back normal like in my case, this info might be helpful. Thanks.


heatherbaxter - September 15

It seems that we all have the same problem. I have had 3 c-section. I can't figure out what is going on in my abdominal either. I completely relate to the pain, swelling, feeling like there is a lump in my abdominal. I have had several ultrasounds and by several different doctors and they have found zero. The one doctor I had thought it might be endometriosis. It makes it difficult to work my abs at the gym. I can't work out my lower abdominal muscles at all. It does get worse when my period is coming and that is why my doctor thought of Endo but I shouldn't have pain right now if that was the case? I am confused and just venting. Thanks for listening.



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