Long Term Problems Due To C Sections

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Caroline - December 9

Has any one else had long term problems that started after they had a cesarean? I am talking about very heavy periods, pinching, pulling, bladder problems, and such. I ended up suffering for years from scar tissue and adenomyosis which was directly attributed to c-sections. I just had a hysterectomy because of those problems and I am only 32!


amy p - December 9

yeah i am pretty sure i will have to have a hysterectomy in the next 5 yrs...yeah...how many c's have you had? i have the pinching and pulling and i can not let my bladder get too full or it hurts really really bad..so i am sure that is whats next for me too...


Caroline - December 9

I had three. One in '96, one in '99 and one in 2001. After each one I had worse periods with horrible cramping which my doctor said was ME trying to dilate enough to get the (sorry!) huge clots out that you form when you are developing adenomyosis. It got so bad at times that it hurt worse then labor did. They thought it was the usual suspect, endometriosis, but it wasnt'. My problems stemmed from "uterine surgery" according to the latest research. I don't wish this on anyone, apparently problems from c-sections get blamed on other things when if fact it is the c-sections themselves that cause them. I wish I had tried VBAC, maybe this wouldn't have been necessary. How many c's for you Amy?


Jbear - December 9

I've had two c-sections. After my first, I fell while I was carrying a mattress and for a couple of years I had terrible pain on one side along the incision line. When I got pregnant the second time, the pain stopped. My doctor said it was a weakness in the connective tissue. I had my second c-section four months ago and haven't had any more pain like that. Sometimes I feel like I'm waiting for it to happen again, though. I've always had heavy periods and they haven't gotten worse since my c-sections, but I've had menstrual migraines since the birth of my first child.


Charlene - December 9

Yes, I have incisional endometriosis, scar tissue stuck to my bladder and my periods are horrendous now, I can't even go out in public on day one or two because I will literally leave what looks like slabs of liver on the floor in stores, even with a tampon in....horrible and very life disruptive.


amyp - December 10

caroline i have had 2 c sections! and i am ttc which would be my 3rd..i want to have one more, i am scared but i think it will be okay. it is amazing what c sections can do to your body


Melanie - December 11

Yes, I had terrible problems with menstruation and then adenomyosis after my c-sections. I suffered for years being told it was just unfortunate and these things happen...when I finally had my hysterectomy at a young age, they found my bladder totally stuck to my uterus, my tubes and ovaries were pulled out of position, the lower cervical area of my uterus was stuck to my bowel and the incision itself had severe adhesions to my abdominal wall. Talk about pain, I would take my long and unproductive labor ANY DAY and some wounding down below ANY DAY rather than suffer that much damage and pain for YEARS. I just don't understand why any woman who had a healthy pelvis would opt for this surgery without cause. I know women get damage down below including bladder and a___l problems, but I lost ALL my female organs and years of my life and its "pleasures" due to these births. Yes, I needed them, yes, I am grateful to be alive and have my children, but NO I am not going to say to a perfectly healthy woman "sure, go for an elective c, it will be great...." because the damage they cause is forever.


Shelly - December 11

I had lots of problems with my first scar pain redness pulling. Shooting pains through my abdominal area. I had my second csection 5 years latter. The Dr. was very unhappy with the work of the first doctor who had used staples. He said that staples wer the lazy way. He cut the whole scar out when he did my 2nd one and sewed it up properly. I haven't had any problems since. He was a very wonderful doctor. He tried to help me to have a Vbac, but it didn't work.


Caroline - December 12

Shelly, what was the difference in scar tissue between your staples and the st_tches? Do st_tches make for less adhesions in the incisional area? My outside scar looked beautiful, but inside was a mess of scarring and things stuck together. Plus, my doctor said that uterine surgery has been linked to the development of adenomyosis...it is what causes the endometrium to start growing into the muscles of the uterus and that is why I had such horrible periods with HUGE clots coming out of me. Thanks, I need to advise a pregnant relative about the pros and cons of c-sections, for she is due to deliver shortly.


babygirls1st - December 12

Shelly, what was the reason your VBAC didn't work. Were your or your baby in serious danger?I have one baby(C-sec) and want to try for a second in another yr or two...


Dani Anne - December 13

Yes, I have problems. I have bladder problems, I have a ureteostomy because my uerethers were injured during a c-section. It was very bad and I have to pee in a bag forever now. Don't get one unless someone is dying or is going to be injured BEYOND repair, not just torn or fissured. I hate this bag, I smell like urine all the time and my husband will not touch me like he used to.


Lia - January 27

Yes, after my last c-section 2 years ago I began having the worst periods of my life! Long, heavy bleeding, clots and cramping that felt like heavy duty labor pains. My doctor is thinking it is adenomyosis, a common result of c-section delivery. I am not happy about this at all!


KIM5676 - March 15

I have the same kind of problems that the other woman have talked about as well but you know what burns me up people discussing wheather they should have regular birth or c-section who would want to put their bodies through a c-section if they didnt hve too??? I have a huge scar tissue pouch that hurts it's numb it hangs you think I would have wanted to have that If I could have a natural delivery people are crazey they need to hear our horror stories than I bethcha they wouldnt discuss it like its like choosing a pair of shoes they never told any of us all the side affects of this procedure and I dont think it's fair I love my children but if I knew what I know now I would have only had two children maybe. I have an appointment next week to get them to remove this tissue its a partial tummy tuck and the insurance is paying for it. I feel so bad for you but we all are in the same boat I'm hoping this surgery prevents me from having any other problems.


lovemy3 - March 15

Hi there, I have had 3 and haven't noticed anything different at all from having them except numbness around the incision. My insides don;t hurt though. I had my last alomst 4 years ago and we are ttc for #4 now. Thats too bad, and I'm hoping and praying my 4th doesn't cause problems since I've made it this far without any.


Sepha - May 12

I've had three c-sections and had different problems with each of them. I've only started having really bad periods with my third one where I'm pa__sing huge clots and bleeding like old-faithful through the whole thing. Ugh. I tried a VBAC after my first one but after twelve hours of labor I ended up with another section...my doctor would not let me try another one so I had a third section...despite the careful work my doctor did my scar tissue is twice as thick as last time and I have no sensation around the scar on the outside anymore...plus the muscles feel like wood and are very sore a lot of the time. Anyone who is thinking about an elective C-section its absolutely not worth it..I would trade hours and hours of labor for a normal birth. There are no benefits to it unless its an emergency to save you and your baby. Which in my case it was both the first and second time.


tummy tamer - May 17

I am so sorry for your pain! please ma__sage your scar, everyday- lift the tissue away from your bladder- you can't take that out! go to a LMT- do something! I am sad that your dr. didn't offer other options....hope it goes well- recovery kits with ma__sage are important for c sections-


Twinkle14 - July 16

How can you find out in your scar tissue is attached to other body parts? I believe Im having this very problem. I had my son almost twenty-one years ago. And over the years I've been to the doctor for constipation (colonosocopy), pictures of my uterus because of pain on my right side. As well as, I had lost full range of motion in my right hip. It has caused my right leg tie become week (I have fell three times. Went to physical therapy, doctor there told me I strained my hamstring but that wasn't the case, I still couldn't put talk my weight on my right leg. My primary care doctor even had my hip x-rayed for arthritis. I had my tubes removed last year doctor said, I had a lot of scar tissue on my right side. Finally this year my ob doctor sent me to a pelvic floor specialist which informed me my pelvis was pushed up and forward on the right side. I can literally feel my pelvis shifting and spreading. But I can tell something is attached to my lower back (its hard as a brick) and around my mid section. Any feedback will be appreciated. 



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