Long Term Problems Due To C Sections

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Twinkle14 - July 16

How can you find out in your scar tissue is attached to other body parts? I believe Im having this very problem. I had my son almost twenty-one years ago. And over the years I've been to the doctor for constipation (colonosocopy), pictures of my uterus because of pain on my right side. As well as, I had lost full range of motion in my right hip. It has caused my right leg tie become week (I have fell three times. Went to physical therapy, doctor there told me I strained my hamstring but that wasn't the case, I still couldn't put talk my weight on my right leg. My primary care doctor even had my hip x-rayed for arthritis. I had my tubes removed last year doctor said, I had a lot of scar tissue on my right side. Finally this year my ob doctor sent me to a pelvic floor specialist which informed me my pelvis was pushed up and forward on the right side. I can literally feel my pelvis shifting and spreading. But I can tell something is attached to my lower back (its hard as a brick) and around my mid section. Any feedback will be appreciated. 


Lparr00 - July 31

I had an internal ultrasound which showed , in my case, my uterine muscle attached to my abdominal wall. They told me this is common,and now that I'm going through the lovely 'change' of life, my three csections are catching up,with me. My last one was exactly 10 yrs ago and just recently, uterine/abdominal cramping is becoming very painful. I see my gynocologist later this month to discuss my options but a partial hysterectomy is looking like the only way out. The pain is getting worse with each period and in between. My flow is getting heavier but I don't think I want to go through most of menopause in pain!! Trust me the hot flashes are enough!!!


AmandaJo84 - April 7

I have had 3 c-sections . You have to be very carefull making judgement calls on why another women electives to have a c-section! Sometimes family history could urge her to steer in that direction because of complications that COULD arise. My first CS was an emergency. Like I only had a local and he was asking me if I could "feel that" as he was cutting me open! So on my second I was given the option to do a Vback and I took it because Duhhh my recovery was long and hard ! However at 40 weeks pregnant I had not dialated and my cervix was not thinning . Which is exactly how my first pregnancy went. Only they induced me the first time and thinned my cervix. They won't with a VBack. So over 40 weeks pregnant I " elected" for a c-section and trust me I was scared to death! However after opening me up my Dr. told me he was not sure why I chose a C-section but it was a good thing I did, becuase if I had pushed one time I would have lost my Uterus! Which then I would have never gotten my baby girl (finally baby #3). He said my Uterus was so thin he could see through it. He said he basically sewed a retaining wall in my Uterus. I have no idea what that actually means. However I do have pain in my scar area on the inside mainly my left It tends to be more durring time spent on working my lower abs or after heavy lifting . I work out 5days a week and am very active I know it had hurt after baby #1 over 13 years ago and then again off and on after baby #2 over 10 years ago! I do not deal with any of the bleeding or cramping becuase I do not have periods with my IUD. I know people whom have experienced bad infections due to natural labor or lost babies because trying to have a natural labor! And obvisiously there are many complications that can arise from a C-section. However we all have or own story and the reason for why we do things they way we did/do. So please be mindfull of that as you share your experience and offer help to one another! Anyone that has had a C-section knows it is not the softer way out of it!! Listen to your Dr. and more importantly listen to your body and trust your gut!!!



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