Overweight Before And After Recovery Harder

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Nicole - May 9

Hi there - really embarrassed.. but I wonder if anyone out there is experiencing the same problem. I am overweight, significantly, and have a...lets say ample overhang on my belly. This second c section seems to take longer to recover than the last. It is 12 weeks post and it still hurts when I try to sleep on my left or right side...plus part of my incision won't close completely..no infection...it just won't seal. Any suggestions on how to help the healing process along when you are overweight ? Thank you Nicole


Jbear - May 10

I've only had one c-section, and I was really overweight when I had it (302 lbs and 5'3"). I didn't have trouble with the incision closing, but once the staples were out and they had put those little masking-tape-like strips over the incision, I got a raised red rash over the entire area that produced smelly yellow goo (sorry, I know I'm grossing you out here). The skin was really red and raw. The only thing that seemed to help the area heal was to lie on my back and hold my belly up so that air would reach the area with the rash. Hope you feel better, and if it doesn't improve soon, check with your doctor.


Jeanie - May 10

You can ask that question and find some good advice by joining the appropriate list on this site http://www.pinelandpress.com/bbw/ - I was in OPSS while pregnant and am in OMOM now... :) I wear light control top panties almost 24/7 (6 weeks post-birth) and heavier control top panties when I have discomfort. My discomfort usually follows a day of heavier activity - I still often sleep with a pillow between my knees and pressing against my lower belly for support.


Happy Mommy - May 10

Hi Nicole, You will recover. It takes time. I have had 5 c/s now. My last one took a little longer to heal, but eventually sealed up the way it was supposed to. I was sure I would have a little 'flap' thing on my incision site for the rest of my life, but it is gone. Just try to keep the area clean and dry. I am about 250 lbs and pregnant for the 6th time. I am 6 weeks pregnant!


Katie - May 18

I went through the same thing with my first child I wasnt overweight that bad only by 10 pounds before pregnancy but gained 70 lbs during It took 3 months for my incision to heal do to the obesity, I had a home health nurse come in every day to see me which I was lucky so about your incision I suggest lots and lots of Orange juice for Calcium does the trick and do some cardio to get the blood flow going which will help that also to heal more you may bleed some if it is still bad like that but that is actually good... So some cardio exercising is also good for that overhang that is all Ic an give you!


KEEKEE - May 20

Hi, I have had 2 c-sections. They were 9 years apart. With each one, The fist couple days was hard. I felt like I was hit by a bus. I b___stfed with my last. I recovered very quickly. I think it was just a couple days later. My stables was removed and not much pain. I felt good....I forgot to mention. I put on a 110 pounds with this and my last pregnancy. A 100 pounds water and 10 pounds baby weight. Try not to lay around. Slowly walk away with someone's help. Relax!!! You will heal. It takes time. You had major surgery. Don't forget that. Congrats everyone!!!!


Michelle - June 22

I am overweight and was overweight when I had my daughter. I only put on 27 pounds with my daughter and I did not have any problems. I am pregnant with my second one now and still overweight. Will this one be harder to heal up?


Jbear - June 23

Michelle, I'm in the same situation, I'll be having my second c-section somewhere near the end of August. If you're at least 50 lbs overweight, you should join OPSS. There's a link for it above in Jeanie's post. It's an email group for pregnant women who are at least 50 lbs overweight, and I've found it really useful. I don't know the answer to the question about recovering from the 2nd c-section (if you're still wanting to know in September I'll tell you) but I bet someone in OPSS would know.


nicole - June 23

Just an update, my son is now 4 months old! My incision still will not seal. Just one little spot. The doctor burned it closed, so the inside is healed, I sill have and external area about an 1/2 inch open. I just wipe it with a 50% H20 and 50% perxoide, dry with hair dryer 4 times a day. It seems to be helping, it is just a slow process for the second time around. Thank you for the site information..and responses. It helps.


Michelle - June 23

JBear.....can you tell me where to find that link and what it stands for?


Jbear - June 24

Michelle, this is the easiest link to the group: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/OPSS-L I think it stands for overweight and pregnant seeking support (I think). It's an email group. It's pretty active, so pick the "daily digest" option or you'll get swamped with emails.


jossie - July 6

Hi nicole, after my first section it took 6 months for my scar to heal i wasn't overweight but it just kept opening and i was told by the midwife to press a sanitary pad against the scar to keep it dry and it really worked.when i had my second section in 2004 i was 4 stone over weight and because of my belly hanging down over my scar it stayed moist and wasn't getting a chance to heal so again i used the saitary pads and within 2 weeks it was healed again.


nicole - July 6

Hi Jossie - I have tried that. Using the everyday sanitary pads. May I ask, were you using the thicker pads for actual periods? I saw my OBGYN yesterday, because it is now 20 weeks post delivery. She said the internal scar has healed, it is just a surface area that is still open and to try to keep it as dry a possible. Knowing what type of napkins you used might be helpfull. I thank you for your input.


blue - July 10

Hello, Wondering which kind of pads you buy to cover incision as well. The ones they sell now (mainstream brands) have that rubbery film on top, I prefer the OB pads from the hospital (old fashioned big ones) they feel like all cotton and absorb so wonderful. Thanks.


blue - July 10

Anyone here have red bubble type blister on outside scar? I am hoping this isn't permanent, had my section one month ago. Thanks.


Amy - July 11

Nicole i to i'm over weight and i had a very bad infection with my 1 but for my 2 and 3 it was tons better i just knew how to take care of it lots better and they really did not hurt as bad as my first


Annasmommy18 - July 11

I am now pregnant with my second kid. I had a c section for my little girl and got a really bad infection in it I'm just scared that it will happen again bc I'm still overweight plz helpĀ 



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