Painful Sex After C Section

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Hana - December 13

eeerrghhh still hurts after 12 weeks of my cs. I couldn't even get a mini tampon in the other day from the pain and dont even get me started on when i had a pap smear last week...ahhh I went to hell and back and im too afraid to try s_x again..we've only had it 2-3 times and its just to painful that i wouldn't mind living a s_xless life until i die LOL


Kara H. - December 21

Give it time. Your uterus is in a higher position after a c/s and your ligiments are still trying to go back to their old positions after supporting the uterus. You will still have the same problems with v____al dryness as those who had a v____al birth so use a good quality lubricant like Astroglide. I think s_x is way better now. I'm just as tight as before, but since my uterus is higher, I can now comfortably do "Cowgirl" and EVEN "reverse cowgirl"! It has been so fun for hubby since he was really worried about what s_x would be like pp.


SuzieQ - December 24

It took till 11wks pp for me to enjoy s_x again after my csection. We tried at 8 wks and it hurt so much I made him totally stop! lol - poor dh! It will get better - and I swear s_x is actually better now than prepregnancy?!! Maybe it's all the hormones making it better???


suze42 - January 24

just wanted to say that I didnt experience any of the pain you all are talking about. we resumed s_x after 5 or 6wks...I was tight b/c it had been awhile...but no pain like described above. Just to give another point of view. :)


monicathoma - February 8

Ok, so I've read all of the responses and no one has said they have gone as long as 9 months with pain after s_x. If anyone has let me know. Maybe its because we don't try very often because of the pain. But aparently it is very common to have pain with s_x after a c-section. Good to know you're not alone.


Nerdy Girl - February 8

Are you still b___stfeeding? I remember s_x being painful FOREVER with my first baby, and I b___stfed her for a year. My 2nd baby was a c___ppy b___stfeeder, so that effort only lasted 12 weeks. I also went back on the pill when I stopped b___stfeeding too, and then s_x wasn't painful anymore.


nande - February 18

I can't tell you how relieved I am to read all these responses, I'm just coming up to six weeks post section and couldn't figure why trying to have s_x was so painful - exactly like being a virgin again! IWe've stopped each time because it was so painful. I don't really have anything new to add, just wanted to say how relieved I am that I'm not alone, and that there isn't anything major wrong with me! still, I'm going to ask my midwife about it at my six week checkup and if she has any pearls of wisdom on the subject I'll post them!


poppet - February 22

I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this...hubby has become a red-hot poker, literally (I'm sure he'd be quite chuffed by the description!). Dry, burning sensation and I do feel like a virgin again. Sad, as I had grade 2 placenta previa and no s_x for months and months....had been looking forward to resuming our intimate life...hope it doesn't last for long.


Gretta - May 23

This is so me too! I even went back to the doctor after my 6 week check up and told her that I was having pain so she did another exam and said that she was able to crank open the speculum pretty wide so she had no idea why I was having pain. So that made me feel like it was my fault like it was psychological but I know it isn't! She was my GP though not my OB doc. I never had a problem with my husband before and now it hurts - no thank you! Its been almost 3 months. It feels so tight in there now - its not the incision.


SusanJ - May 23

I had painful s_x after my c-section. It felt like it ached really bad deep inside of me. I used lubricant and so it didn't hurt at the opening, but somewhere inside of me was pretty painful for several months. Doctor said it might be scar tissue. I still have pain with deeper penetration.


Gretta - May 23

Susan - how long has it been since your surgery?


SusanJ - May 23

4 years Gretta. I am going to get a thorough check-up if this doesnt' stop, but I hear it happens to women who have had either type of birth in some cases, like someone said on here, a change in the way things sit, either to scar tissue or shifting of how the muscles sit.


Gretta - May 24

Oh Susan - I am so sorry but its really sad because none of the books tell you this. Like I said I went to the doctor and she said everything looked fine! And it still hurts. I hope it gets better.


ummmuddaththir - May 31

I know after my c-section the best way for me was "doggiestyle". because of the less chance that my dh would like be on top or even holding my leg up all fours worked for me...


nande - May 31

hi, I just wanted to say that I posted a reply on a few months ago when s_x was still too painful to have. I asked my midwife about it, and she said she didn't know why it would be painful as nothing in that area should have been disturbed - so it seems that this is something most health professionals don't know about! anyway, she recommended doing pelvic floor exercises (pulling up the muscles of the pelvic floor, as if you're stopping yourself going to the toilet), and I did loads of them, around 100 a day. by 10 or 11 weeks we could have very careful s_x, and now, five months post section, we have a normal s_x life again, though still a bit careful! anyway, pelvic floor exercises probably won't help everyone, as I suspect there are loads of different reasons for the pain, but it's so worth giving it a try...


Gretta - July 8

Hi - I just wanted to post again for you future ladies to follow up - I basically stopped having s_x after we tried again at 3 months and it still hurt. So now at 4 months we tried again and it was fine! No pain at all this time around. So my suggestion is to give it a lot of time after the surgery to heal 4 months +. I told my dh that next time we are waiting a full 4 months afterwards but I feel relieved now.



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