Pregnancy After C Section 2

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degohi - January 3

Hi Ladies. I recently gave birth via C Section in Costa Rica. My surgery went without a hitch. My incision is barely noticeable and healed so super flat and thin. Two years previously I gave birth here in the USA via C Section and my incision healed into raised scar. The doctor did a wonderful job with placement and my experience was great. Minimum pain and just a little discomfort. He and his team pushed me to get on my feet ASAP and I did so within a matter of hours after having the procedure. This prepared me for Costa Rica because you birth today and leave tomorrow morning. You're also responsible for caring for your baby and nurses are available to help you if you have an emergency. I had a great experience in CR as well, even better! My question is Am I Pregnant now? On a recent visit to the ER for both myself and my LO the triage nurse insisted on pregnancy test despite me telling her I was breastfeeding. Both she and the doctor proceeded to tell me the risks of pregnancy during breastfeeding. I was shocked and somewhat doubtful of their stance on sex during breastfeeding. After all I used this as a means of not getting pregnant for close to a year, just to find out I was just lucky? I left the ER thankful for the saline and antibiotics but still thinking my on demand breastfeeding would keep me safe. My husband and I enjoyed each other numerous times after the birth and up until a little more than ten days ago, almost two weeks... A few days ago I had some mild cramps which I never get, I thought maybe the holiday food was bad and I was getting diarrhea or great my first period after the C Section was giving me cramps! I wipe and saw a faint pink barely on tissue but awoke to a large dark brown spot the size of a half dollar but wiping produced nothing else. That was it. No flow. Nothing. Now I am concerned. It could be my imagination but I thought I could feel pulsation on my left side in abdomen. Overall I feel great, even light. Has anyone had experience with getting pregnant before getting your period after a C Section? How would I know when I ovulated? I gave birth on November 5th. When should I take a pregnancy test? I took one a few days ago and it was negative and that's why I was so sure I was getting my period. Any insight or advice is appreciated. Its such a chore to go to the doctor. I will schedule an appointment but want to speak to my sisters in the meanwhile. Thanks!



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