Removal Of Old Scar Tissue From Previous C Sections

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Roni - July 12

I am having my 3rd and last c-section this coming September. I am kind of nervous because my last one was not a good experience at all. The dr was the worst you could probably imagine. First off for some strange reason he used staples instead of dissolving stiches like my first. I hated this because they pulled so much more and then my insicion opened two days before I left. I knew there was something not right, because it hurt SO bad. Only one nurse really cared to check closely when I talked to her about it and she said it was open, but because it was in the middle of the night no one could do anything. THe next day no one belived me or bothered to look close enough. The last day I was there the dr finally came to check on me and I told him what was going on and he said the nurse and I had been right. So he said before I left he would have to sew it up. I was told by the nursing staff I would be going into the operation room again...basically to have another c-section, just with no baby coming out. They were SO wrong...the crazy dr actually came into my room two hours later with two nurses and planned on doing everything in my room right there on my bed. I was SO freaked out because I was in SO much pain as it was and he had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to be numbed. Who in their right mind wouldn't?!?! Needless to say it was SO much worse than the actual c-section...the numbing stuff didn't work....they poored this saline stuff straight into my insicion, pulled and proded all over. I could actually feel the needle working in and out of my flesh. I felt like I wanted to die! My sister happened to be there holding my new son, watching all this....I was crying and trying not to scream with one nurse holding my hand and trying to keep me down on the bed. It was absolutely terrifying. The dr was horrible...he was so bad that he was actually watching law and order that was on my he was working on me!!! Then in the middle of this he proceeded to tell me "Well you are going to have to have another c-section in the future, because I diddn't notice how much scar tissue you have from your first c-section, and it really needs to be removed"....he actually admitted to screwing up right there to me, my sister and the nurses! there is so many knots and so much tenderness around my insicion, due to both my previous c-sections that I am scared about the third. I am obviously going to a new dr and I have to make sure he knows about this situatuion. Now to the point of my question.....does removing old build up scar tissue from the last 4 years make the insicion any more painful..or larger or anything close to it? I have been tender and numb for over 4 years in that area and just curious if anyone else can relate or give my any insite on this topic. I'd appreciate it very much.


sahmof3 - July 12

GEEZ... How incompetent can a doctor get?? I've had three c-sections- thankfully they all went well! After my second, I had a lot of scar tissue under the skin right above the incision. It felt like a thick hose running under the surface of the skin. When I had # 3 they removed it and the recovery went just fine. The scar tissue didn't come back, so now it feels normal again. I hope your new doctor can help you with your scar tissue! Best of luck!


Nerdy Girl - July 12

Roni, after my 2nd c-section, my incision also opened. However they did not try to sew it like they did for you. I had to let it heal from the inside out and it took SEVEN WEEKS! It was misery. As I am sure you can imagine, letting a surgical would heal from the inside out does not leave a nice little thin line. (See my post on this forum t_tles "Scar Revision") After I consulted with a plastic surgeon, I was told that part of the reason my incision opened was that the OB tried to cut along the original scar but missed in some places. It's not possible for old scar tissue to fuse to freshly cut unscarred skin, so that was the problem. Apparently they are supposed to cut the scar off from the first c-section so that they are sewing fresh skin to fresh skin. Thanks a lot, doc! Ugh.


MilkaNencheva - December 25

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