Should I Feel Like This 2 Yrs Post C Section

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amanda - July 22

i have a question for the woman who have the pain were you sitched back up or did the dr use stables? i also heard today from a friend that if they use stables then youll have more problems plus if you have a lot of weight on you then you will have problems then too.


Sabrina - July 26

Oddly I dont experience any pain at my incisional site (almost one yr post op), but i have been having weird tearing like sensations in my mid to upper abdomen, like right in the centre for months now. I am overweight which i am sure is not helping, and am afraid it could be a hiatal hernia or who knows what. I know i should see a Dr about it....


Darlene - August 6

TAMMY I sit with pain 1 year later. I am so sorry for you Jill. To Tammy, I had my incision open and after it healed I had a hernia in the same area as the opening about 7 months later. I have had this same pain during all of it. You describe it just like mine. The Doctors do not seem to know why. Scar tissue is all I can get along with meds...yuck.Please contact me


Celeste - August 7

Oh my gosh. I was just looking up answers about this question. I had a C-Section on August 28th 03 after 20 hours of labor.Very painful labor. I was in the hospital for 7 days and just didnt want to be there anymore, even tho I still hurt so bad. About a week or so afterward, I got a horrible infection and went to my doctor. He said it was from me being overweight. (I had gained over 100 lbs being pregnant, I would go into labor if I walked more than 15 mins at a time, and the only thing that didnt make me throw up or sick was bread =/). After he popped my st_tches to drain the infection, it got a littl ebetter. Then less than a month later, I got another horrible infection. Again, the doc said it was because of my weight and I had to have my st_tches "packed" twice a day by my husband for a 2 weeks. After that was over with, my doc said that the best way to heal was for me to sit for 30 minutes every day with my stomach "up" to allow my incision to "air" out. I dont know about you, but I just cant sit there naked on a bed when I had so much stuff I had to do. It didnt get another infection, but it still hurt. Its been 2 years now just about and Im still in constant pain. Every once in a while it seems like my scar "comes open" and bleeds a little, then heals back up for a couple months. Its very sore to the touch and every time my son Aiden accidentally kicks me there or jumps on me, I double over in pain. I also have a very wierd knob of skin right above the scar. I'm very confused about this and just keep thinking its because Im overweight, even tho I've lost almost 100 lbs since my surgery, Im still pretty big..and think its normal, but I know its NOT normal. I never had insurance, and medicare paid for the first two infections because I just happened to have covered for an extra month after my son was born. I feel much better knowing more women are in the same possition as I am, and Im not just crazy or the odd one out.


ChrissyR - August 10

I was still feeling pain, well more discomfort than actual pain, in my incision area 2 years after a c-section.. if my daughter climed up on me just so or accidentally kicked me there. I am now 31 weeks pregnant... and with everything all stretched out believe it or not... it is not as sensitive there as it was previously.. go figure! :)


jules - August 10

I had a c just 10 months ago. i still have a bit of numbing, thingling and a little pain in my lower right. the nurse at the hospital theorized that when the pull your uterus out, the spot that is still connected is stretched and pulled and that's what causes so much pain. i still can't wear underware as low as i used to because it is unbearably uncomfortable. one thing i read that seemed to help me some is to get your ab muscles back in order. a lot of times, especially with c's your abs are pulled apart. by exercising them they heal back together.imagine pulling your abs in thru your belly b___ton- standing, sitting, laying or however. draw your abs in and up. i also found this helps that 'mommy pouch' which is so much worse w/ c's. i've only been doing it for a couple weeks and it's made a BIG difference! i've even had a few people tell me i look like i'm losing weight!! good luck to all you ladies. and let's not forget- the pain stick, but the prize is sooo worthwhile!! enjoy your blessings ;-)


Mady - August 17

Jill, 6 mos post c-section, I still feel pain. Jamie, I also had 4th degree tears first time, my dr. said I was imagining things about the loose bowels? I knew it, I have never heard anyone talk about it, no place to look for this kind of information either.


Claire - September 7

I wish I had an answer also. Ihave been told in the past I may have a trapped nerve by my OB/GYN. I have had pain on the left side of my abdomen with no sure answers. I have had ovarian cancer and I now have 1 son, but this all led to 5 abdominal surgeries. I recently have been going to an orthopaedic for left hip pain and after all the tests found nothing. He now has mentioned a trapped nerve also. I would have never put the abdominal pain and hip pain togethor as the same problem. All I know is that I live in pain and would love to know my options.


Mandi_G - March 2

Hi everyone, I'm glad that i'm not the only 1, I have been concerned about the numbness I have 15 mths after having my son by C-Section. I also have pains constantly on my left sideand am more numb on left side also. Is there any treatment? I find it hard to exercise because of this and even though I eat healthily I just can't seem to get rid of my pregnancy weight.. Anyone have any ideas? How long is the numbness meant to last?... is it supposed to happen? My confidence has plummeted because of this.. WIll there be any improvement?


KIM5676 - March 14

I had five c-sections and my youngest child is 2 1/2 I have a horrible scar tissue poch and I'm looking into getting a tummy tuck they said since we had c-sections that removing the scar tissue which I believe is causing me pain numbness and alot of discomfort.that the insurance would pay for it so I'm going to go for it. I really wish I would have just had v____al deliveries to all of you if can deliver v____ally do it save yourself a lot of pain and a flabby scar tissue pouch.


dmysinger - October 27

I had a c-section 17 months ago, I still get pain in that area. It's sensitive to touch and tight clothing. Also I can not lay on my stomach any more. I had both internal stiches and external staples. I don't know what to do about it. 49 hrs of labor and an ovarian cyst removal too, I would really like to get back to normal.


PenB - March 10

I am desperate to get to the bottom of this! I had an emergency c section may 2014. My son was overdue by 10 days and my placenta had stopped working they say at least two days before. Also i had very little amniotic fluid. I went for a third sweep and passed two large blood clotts. His heart rate was dropping. I was rushed in. Once my son was out he was taken away with his daddy. Then they proceeded to poke about. I started to struggle to breath and felt very uncomfortable. I paniced and they stopped. They said they were trying to find out what could of caused the blood clotts. I was stitched up (i was big over a size 23) its now 2016 and since my c section I have had sickness and the runs on and off. One time it lasted four weeks solid and I collapsed with cramps when my doctor tried to take my blood pressure. I was in hospital for a week on a drip. This was june 24th 2015. Now its 2016 i have had so many tests done and cameras down my throat twice and up my bum twice. The last time he scraped all my tummy for biopsies and left me inflamed i could not eat a thing for days. Now I am waiting for results and I am worse than ever! The pain in my abdominal and lower back is so bad that twice when out shopping for nappies etc i almost collapsed and broke down in tears because i just cant hold myself up my tummy hurts so much. I am ringing my gp again tomorrow. But I feel like something inside me is wrong. I am so tired of pain and illness! I was widowed shortly aftwr my son was born so I am struggling now as its hard to lift my son up when I am hurting so much. Needless to say I am no longer a size 23+ But I am a size 8 



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