Should I Try A VABC Dont Know What To Do

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joesmom - June 25

I had a C- section in 1997. I went through 18 hours of horrific labour only to end up having an emerg section. I was very out of it from all the Demerol injections and wasnt really scared about it. Now I am 3 mos preg with my second child and my doc thinks I should have another one. I cant decide because the thought of going through all that labour again for nothing is scary, but c- sections are very scary too! The reason I had to have one the first time was failure to progress,I wasnt dialating fully. If anyone can share their similar experience with me Id be greatful.


Shelly - May 31

I had exactly the same thing happen to me. I went for the VBAC. I did a lot of research, and chose a doctor that was a specialist in VBAC. I would definately do it again. A really helpful book is "Silent Knife". It's worth it to go through the pain again. I'm glad I did. You have nothing to loose. The worst thing that'll happen is another c-section. Why just plan one first. This way your baby chooses the birthday, and you are sure it's time.


dkjsuai - June 25

what in feeelo that u should notgive up ur hope and pray togod to help u and u'll find thta he is helping u . i am sure thta he will definetly take u out of ur problem one or the another day,gud luck to u.


stacyann36 - June 25

I think thats a question you, your husband and doc will have to look in to. I was like you with my first, and my c-section was a piece of cake...I had been induced, had bad labor, then HAD to end up with a c-section...I wish they would of just given me the section much earlier than me suffering through all those hours. I was not progressing and something about my hips, that they finally did the section. I am now just 6 weeks pregnant and do not see my doc until next month. This is a different doc than we had before, as we have moved. I hope I get a choice and I will 1000% pick a c-section again. It went perfectly for me, and me and my son were already out and about 2 days after I got home from the hospital. For me personally, thats the way to go, but not for everyone. Good luck in whatever happens.



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