Thin Uterus

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Kathy - April 6

I have had 5 c-sections. After my last my O.B.told me my Uterus was thin. Has anyone been told this?


Debbie - April 13

Yes & I have only had 2 C-sections. When my daughter was born the Dr. told me that she could tell the baby was a girl before they even cut into my uterus. Does this resolve itself because I was considering having another baby?


Kaye - April 19

My doc told me after 3 csection that my uterus was thin.


Kathy - April 19

I'm not sure. I spoke to a friend who is a nurse and she said that after 1 year it should be safe. I've been trying to get some more info but haven't found any.


Ellen - April 23

I have had 3 c-sections and was told that my uterus was thin with the last one. I'm looking for more info becaus eI'd love to try for #4.


Heather - April 30

Yes, I had a VBAC and was told I had a thin uterus. I would like to know more, as we would like to have another child.


nb - May 7

I just had c section #2 and at my 6 week check up, I asked my doctor if I had a lot of scar tissue...could I try for baby #3. She said that I had very little scar tissue and that my uterus was not thin. She said she will always tell the mother and father during the delivery if the uterus is thin, so that they are aware and start considering the possibility of this one being the last. It was the first I have ever heard of that.


gretchen - May 7

I just had my third c section and after the delivery my doctor told me she could see through my uterus "window". I haave three girls who are about 16-17 months apart. Mly second daughter was pushing on my old incision/scar when she was born. The doctor told me that my uterus could of ruptured if she pushed hard enough. After my third the doctor told me that if I have another one they would have to do some tests, see when the lungs are fully develped and take my baby early to decrease chances of my uterus rupturing. I am going to speak to my doctor more at my 6 week check up.


Happy Mommy - May 10

Just for everyone's information, the uterus naturally thins during labor, so if a dr says "Boy, your uterus was so thin we could see right through it!." Don't let that alarm you at all. It is normal and our uteruses are VERY strong and stretch to the limit. Remember that twins are even grown in one uterus. Don;t be afraid of uterine rupture. Uterine rupture normally only happens during labor (with or without previous c/s) if labor is drug induced. AND, this happens in women who have never had a c/s.


Lena - May 17

During my 3rd c-section my Drs were quite concerned over my thin to non-existent uterus. They had a very difficult time finding any part of my uterus to sew back together. Actually the a__st dr was hoping I had planned to have my tubes tied ( I wasn't)so he wouldn't have to break the bad news to me. If the baby had in fact kicked or pushed too hard I would most likely have had a uterine rupture and bled out before I and the baby could have sought medical attenetion. If I wanted another child against dr's advice they would have to test for lung development and section the baby early. That's a__suming my uterus lasted that long. Yes, the uterus does thin during normal preg, but there is a difference and a trustworthy skilled dr can tell you what that is. Good luck.


Alison - June 2

I have only had 1 c-section and at that time the doctor told me my uterus was so thin and he could have put his hand right through it. Turns out I have adenomyosis, but dr. said that would be okay for another child but to wait 1 year and also I could never go into labour.


Linda - June 28

I have had 2 c-sections due to pre-eclampsia. When I had my 2nd daughter nearly 2 years ago, the Dr told me that if i decide to have another baby, I am unable to go into labour as my uterus could rupture. I would really like to know more about this as I would eventually like to try for baby # 3.


Jackie - October 17

I just had my 2nd c-section and was told the same thing. My dr. said it could be dangerous to get pregnant again.


djh - October 17

Yes, they could see my daughter through my c/s scar at #3 c-section. While uteri do get thin it is just the muscle fibers that have elongated, what the doctors mean when they say that is both the muscles are thin AND most importantly the previous SCAR has stretched to nearly capacity. Scar tissue is not designed by nature to stretch that is why burn victims and the elderly have "contractures" and can break if the injured joints or tissues are moved beyond their limit. A thin uterine scar IS cause for concern. My 4th c/s baby (in spite of the warning I was surprised by one more) was pre-term labor 3 months early (maybe my uterus was telling me something) and even with meds ended up being 7.5 weeks early. They feel it was due to the fact that he was 6 lbs and had outgrown my current uterine capacity. If I had not gone into premature labor that they couldn't stop I would have ruptured almost a__suredly. Please take care, sometimes doctors do know what they are talking about and if you are fortunate to have the children you have, maybe that is the safest number to stay at. Good luck. I know I certainly would think twice about 6 cesarean sections, that would leave 5 children without you if there was a catastrophic rupture. I am not trying to frighten you, but you are truly blessed and your uterus is trying to tell you something.


Emily - October 20

Hi, I am searching for answers to this same question. I have had 3 c-sections, and after my 3d my OB told me that my uterus was very thin. She said I had a 40% chance of spontaneous rupture if I got pregnant again. That was 4 1/2 years ago. I would LOVE the chance to have another baby, but I would love to know more about spontaneous rupture and thin uteri due to previous c-sections.


amy p - October 24

emily to my knowledge spontaneous rupture is rare. i think as long as the doctor watched the weight of your baby and you did not go into labor you should be fine. to be totally honest with you it takes alot for a uterus to rupture. i am in my ob clinicals right now and a doctor i spoke to told me it is rare for it to just happen on its own. do you know how your uterus was cut?


Emily - October 25

Amy, thanks for answering my question. The cuts in my uterus were low and horizontal.



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