Thin Uterus

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Emily - October 25

Amy, thanks for answering my question. The cuts in my uterus were low and horizontal.


amy p - October 25

well that even makes the risk a little less...i would maybe talk to your doc or seek out another opinion


sembra - November 17

Yes, I have had 3 c-sections and my doctor said he seen a window in my uterus and I shouldnt have any more kids.


Apryl - November 28

I had a similar situation except that it was my first child and I had to have an emergency c-section. my water broke at midnite and I had a slow leak so I didn't go to the hospital until 6 am the next day. I wouldn't dilate past 5 cm and my water had been broken for 24 hrs by that time so the doctor ordered an emergency c-section and when he was finished he told me that I had a thin uterus... What happened???


RMF - January 18

Hi, I have had 2 c-sections. During my last c-section, the doctor told me that the incision from the first c-sec was completely open and she could see the sac. She also said my uterus was thin. I just found out that I am pregnant again. I am terrified of a uterine rupture that could cause me my life. As I have 2 small children currently, I am questioning whether to continue on with this pregnancy. It was unplanned, however, I would love to have one more. Does anyone have any suggestions or info that could help?


Annie - March 5

I'm on my sixth c-section and recently have been informed that a thinned uterus is actually a perforated uterus (or an incomplete rupture). Go see a specailist. Our specialists found at 20 weeks a 1cm hole at the sight of the scar. My bladder is acting as the uterine wall but once the hole becomes bigger, which it will, it will be above the bladder putting me at very high risk to have a complete rupture. My Doctors advise to be admitted to the hospital on or about 30 weeks, with an early delivery of 4 weeks.


To Annie - March 5

My God, I hope this is your last baby! I understand why women have a couple of c's, but 6 is really rolling the dice. I quit after 3 due to thin scar. Funny thing, is evertime i hear a women seeking a doctor who will perform a C for no reason I just remember what is really going on. But they don't listen. Good luck to you, I hope you and baby have a good outcome.


HeatherO - March 12

I have had 2 c-sections & at the 2nd was told I have a thin uterus. 2 Drs. at the practice I go to said it is only dangerous if you go into labor. Am now pregnant with #3 & will have another c-section, but am scared of rupture despite what they say. I had a lot of contractions with #2 from 32 weeks on (no pain really but was on Turbuteline) and it could have been due to having too much amnio fluid & not because of a thin uterus. Am at risk for that again this time, also both my kids are under age 3 right now so I don't have a lot of time to rest. I haven't found a lot of info on "thin uterus" on the net, but found a lot on "uterine rupture". Good luck to everybody.


Zorylaine - June 14

Hy my name is Zorylaine and I have had 4 sections. Last one was on May 15, 08. I want to get pregnant in the future but I am looking for information because I heard that your uterus can be fixed by cleaning up the scar tissue, but I am not sure if anyone has herd of this! If anyone knows please let me know.


mrs.holland - March 4

i was told with my second c-section that i had a window in my uterus and the only thing holding my daughter in was the membranes , i don't know exactly what that means, but he told me that i can't get pregnant again and if a i do i will die and so will the baby but when i went in a few days later for my check up his partner the other doctor looked over his notes and said i could have a baby in 10 years or so that i should have enough scar tissue that i should be i don't know who to believe...the doctor who did my c-section and saw the window , it's been 2yrs and 2months since that happened and my husband and i really want to have another baby and i don't know if i need to talk to a specialist or what?


DownbutnotOUT - March 13

I would talk to a specialist as my uterus never healed itself properly and it showed with my last 2 c-sections that it worsened. I would speak to a high risk OBGYN and weigh my options. Good luck


SweetnSa__syMomma - May 19

I am glad Kathy brought up this question I have been trying to find out.My last section was on 12-22-2009 to a beautiful sacred baby boy..whom we lost due to SIDS on 01-25-2009...We are in mourning right now and want to wait the minimum of 4 yrs until we try again is it possible or will SIDS creep up on us again? I know we couldn't surrive the loss of another right now we're barely surviving,well my husband is doing way better than I...I will follow along with this forum.. I am happy that you have read my thoughts and reply to it


SweetnSa__syMomma - May 19

Oops I don't know how to edit my last post.. But my "Handsome Lil Man"son was our 5th c-section..and I am wondering as Kathy is about the miracle of a 6th c-section in the far future?


Amay - August 3

I was told that I have thin uterus after my 3-C section on Jan. 2008. My doctor said that it would be dangerous to be pregnant again. Recently, I found out that I'm pregnant even though with proper birth control management. The doctor advice me to made a decision either to continue or terminate the pregnancy. If I chose to continue the pregnancy, I have to prepare for the worse. I'm already 41 years old. I have three beautiful kids. I want to give this baby a chance to live but I'm to scare something bad may happen to me. My three kids need me. I don't know what to do. I'm lost. I can't decide. I'm so confuse. Anyone have such experience? Please advice.


mrsveezy - May 7

i notice this thread has had random posts over 5 years - if anyone would like to talk please email jessie.vernon (at) yahoo. (com) ******** So - 7 weeks ago I had my 3rd child (in 2 1/2 years), this being my second c-section. I was rushed into the OR at 36 weeks because they didnt want me to go into labor because I have a low transverse as well as a cla__sical (inverted T) because the previous OB couldnt get my 32 weeker son out before. When they opened me up my uterus had already ruptured, the baby had fallen out onto my bladder, and the cord was around her neck twice. I was also hemmoraging. My BP kept dropping and i kept blacking out and hyperventilating. The dr told me my whole front of my uterus was a uterine window and I can't have anymore kids cause we will die. So I scheduled a tubal. After several back and forths with insurance (one day it's a yes, the next they say no - for different readons) i decided that it was a sign not to get it done. So I looked it up to see what can REALLY happen. A study in the Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine called "Uterine rupture and subsequent pregnancy outcome – how safe is it? A 25-year study " was published this month and it tells what does happen, 46 ruptures, 24 of them did not have a hystorectomy or tubal, 22 of THOSE got pregnant! 20 of those delevered by planned c-section (we NOT allowed to labor) and had NO maternal or fetal complications! The other 2 (and their babies) - died after their uteri ruptured at 32 and 35 weeks at home - THEY DID NOT RECIEVE ROUTINE PRENATAL CARE!! Child birth after uterine rupture is not to be recommended routinely. Most women with a previous uterine rupture with meticulous tertiary level antenatal care had a favorable outcome in subsequent pregnancies.


moomary - October 30

I understand what you are saying, however, some women do have a medical condition that their uterus is thin all of the time and having another baby with this condition can make your uterus rupture and from my understanding happens more often then you would think.



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