Weight Loss After A C Section

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Jeni - February 22

Is it harder to lose weight after a c-section? I had mine almost 3 months ago and my stomach still looks like I am about 4 1/2 months pregnant! I feel like I am stuck at my current weight which I hate! I have been watching what I eat and walking on the treadmill but nothing seems to change! Does anyone have any advice on how to lose the weight?


Celestia - March 10

I had twin boys just over a month ago by a C section. I have lost about 20 pounds since delivery but still have about 25 pounds to go. If you look at me, I don't seem that big, but nothing worse then having someone ask me when my baby is due. I have been hearing that it is hard because they cut threw your muscle and you will always have that buldge. There has to be something that can be done. 25% of women deliver using a C Section, there must be a way to lose the stomech area and feel good again. Please share


P - March 10

I heard wearing control top underwear helps with the pain and also with the stomach returning to a semi pre-pregnancy shape. It will take time though. My friend had twins via c-section January 2004 and she's looking just about back to normal. She is pretty small to begin with and her babies were both over 6 lbs. I'm having my c-section this Friday Mar. 11th. I hope I don't look too doughy after.


Hilary - March 10

I have been stuck at the same weight for 6 wks now. I lost 20 up front and still have 20 to go. This was my first c-section and I wish I didn't have one. My other two births I recovered weight wise by this time. AGHHHH! What to do?


Tina - March 12

I gained 65+ pounds and I was not that big when I got pregnant with twins. I have lost 45 so far and i have 20 to go. I delivered in Jan. I think it is hard to loose weight, period. But contrary to what another person wrote. Your abdominal muscles run vertical and you do not have them cut during a c-section. They are just moved over not cut through. You will loose the weight! Give yourself at least 9 months. Thats how long it took to put on the weight give yourself at least that long to loose it. Oh and pilates are great for toning the stomach muscles along with the treadmill you will be looking hot by summer:)


C - March 23

My baby is 9 months an dI had a C section with both my girls 23 months apart! I had not lost the weight from the first baby. My doctors and midwife told me it takes 9 months to put the weight on but it takes twice as long for it to come off! The flabby belly is really doing my head in. I exercise and eat healthy too.


Anna - March 24

My baby is 4 months old and I still have that flabby overhang belly. I only have 4 lbs left to lose but that belly still isn't gone, I'm not sure how to make that go away.


Clara - March 26

Count your carbs. Don't eat or drink more than 35 carbs per day. You'll lose 3-7 lbs. per week. It REALLY works!


kimberly - April 11

I just had twins in Feb and I gained 80 pounds and still have 30 left to loose. I haven't lost any weight since I stopped b___st feeding!! I am really hoping to loose more weight by summer time, since my clothes don't fit. I will take any suggestions too about the weight loss.


liz - April 12

I had my baby in december by a c-section, I gained 20 pounds when I was pregnant and I have lost 40 pounds and its now april. I also have been b___stfeeding.


sarita - April 15

i had one 6 yrs ago and i refused to wear the restrictive "support" girdle thingie they gave me. Now my flabby sack of a tummy and "apron of fat" remind me why support after a c-section is necessary. I am not THAT overweight..its just all kinda like extra skin there:D


C - April 20

I just had a C Section just two weeks ago and my stomach is turning back to normal already I gained a few stretch marks afterwards but some maderma with a nice belly rub does some help. Not to mention I have not done anything but slept and lie in the bed... also the stomach support gurddle thing does help, wear it drink plenty of ice cold water and exercise if you please...and i believe the pounds will melt away surely... but remember don't stress yourself because stress helps with weight GAIN. HOPE THIS HELPS... GOOD LUCK!


D - April 25

I too am in the same situation. I need to know how to loose this extra weight. After my c-section I lost almost all the weight untill I got on the pill then it seem to all come back..SCARY!! how do I stop it...and what is this about girdle...I had no idea ..no one ever mentioned that to me..where, what kind do I buy


Shalyn - April 26

I had a c-section in November 2003. I only gained 10 lbs the whole pregnancy (I am bigger to begin with). By my 6 week appointment I had lost about 30 lbs........so I was 20 lbs lighter than I was before I even got pregnant. I don't know how normal that is, but I also b___st fed the first 6 weeks so that helps also. I still do have the bulge from being pregnant though. It is just a bunch of loose skin. Don't know how to get rid of it! It is depressing!


Kiya - April 26

hey jeni, I just had a c-section 2 1/2 mts ago and I know what you are going through. You have to remember to be patient also. It did not take you 3 mts to gain the weight and it will take more than that before you are back the way you want to be. I know people always say let the weight be a reminder of the beautiful baby you had etc... but you are thinking the hell with that, if Heidi Klume did it than I want to look like that too. I have doing a ma__sive amount of crunches (about 60 a day) and an activity I learned when I was in the army we called "flutter kicks" where you lay flat on your back with your arms under you and your hands under your but and you swing your legs up and down 2 inches off the ground. You can really feel your abs working on that one. I have noticed my stomach going down and my husband has also; and I have only been able get back to working out for 3 wks. So keep doing what you are doing but also do excersizes that focus on your stomach.


Julie - May 4

My first born was v____al, then with my second I had a c-section. It doesn't really take longer to lose the weight, but it does take longer for the skin and muscles to get back in place. My daughter is two now and things are pretty much back together.


Maya - May 4

You could start by sit-ups. I remember after my first c-section I did sit-ups (only 18 months after, I started late) and got a somewhat flat stomach within 3 months!



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