Weight Loss After A C Section

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Hi - December 10

There's a book called "Mummy Tummy" or something like that. It talks about the muscle separation during pregnancy. See if your library has it. Also, you might want to see if your thyroid is out of wack because that could also be the problem. It's a simple blood test. Sometimes it happens during pregnancy.


Sue from Florida - February 8

I have had two c-sections. My baby is only 10 months and the weight is starting to melt away..My trick was to just relax, not stress it so much. Be comfortable how you are and when you're body is ready you will start to see the pounds fly off. Stay on the treadmill and continue to watch what you eat. It will happen trust me. After my first c-section I trimmed down to a size 6 my stomach was awesome and I will do the same thing again. Hang in there and be patient , you just had a baby and trust me you are still beautiful and s_xy to your spouse. Take care..Sue


mas06 - February 16

Well, I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy and it took about 14 months to loose it all. The first 30 came off within two months but the last 20 took a long time! I had a c-section and found it really hard to get up and moving once I was given the ok to exercise. My doctor told me that the belly bulge has nothing to do with having a c-section and everything to do with fat. Some women store fat around the middle and she suggested that I do cardio to burn fat. My doctor told me that I could do all of the crunches in the world and it wouldn't matter because cardio is the only thing that will help----crunches do help to tone but only after the fat is burned. I also wore a girdle right away and with all of the cardio I have done, I still have a slight bulge. I bought the firm workout at Target and once I started doing that about four times a week, the last twenty began to fall off!! Good luck to you!


trena - March 6

if this is your first child you have a least one year to get your self back in tack so continue to walk and watch what you eat,as far as the buldge i had my son almost six years ago and my stomach isn't bad but it could be better i guess i need to work out more


michelle - March 20

i had my 2nd c-section about four months ago. i gained only 13 pounds and lost it very quickly. however, my belly is still protruding, and it makes me very depressed. i'm in very good shape and work out almost all the time. but this belly (fully of saggy skin) just won't go away no mater what i do! i know it's just skin and not fat, but i really do feel fat!! i guess i'll just keep working out and look forward to the day that my pot belly disappears! i enjoyed reading all the posts...thanks, ladies, for all your tips! :)


DRT - March 26

I had a c-section back in August (7 months ago) and gained 40 pounds. Since the doctor cleared me for exercise, I have been working out non-stop. When my son goes down for his 2 hour morning nap, I run on the treadmill for 20 minutes and alternate between an hour-long pilates video and tae-bo video. I excercise 6 times a week, religiously. I also eat half-portions of all of my meals. I have lost a ton of weight in my legs, arms and b___t, but still have that tummy. Nothing I do helps. I have lost all of my pregnancy weight but still have this tummy that makes me look like I am about 4 months pregnant. I look silly in my clothing because the pants hang on me because they are too big but I can't get a smaller size over my large abdomen. I know that there are muscles under there, I can feel them. What can I do now?? HELP!


vbykin - April 4

is it too late to start wearing this girdle thing after 8 weeks?


xaxababyboy - May 11

Hi, I just had a C-section 2 weeks ago and the weight is coming off quite well. I haven`t been wearing a girddle and nobody ahs told me what to do or not do. The pain that goes with the c-section.. what pain!! I have no pain what so ever and I haven`t been taking any medications or any other pain medecine. I agree that the cut is a little bulky but it has come down a whole lot! I had 21 staples to close the cut and they came off 4 days after the surgery. As for the muscles well i have no pain as it is for that. It is almost like as if i haden`t had anything donme to me at all. So it is not thast bad after all. Well good luck to all and remember its all worth it once yopui have that little bundle of joy in your arms!! Bye bye!!


Hannah777 - May 11

I had a csection on the 21st of april and think I lost pretty much all the weight (maybe have another five lbs. to go) I do have the buldge on the tummy but this is due to swelling I would imagine and I have no doubt this part of my body will be back to normal soon. We've been through major abdonimal surgery and need time to recover.


Mongosmrs - May 26

This is to Heather: No, they do not cut through muscle with a c-section and yes, control top garments really do work in helping the skin to firm back up. It's called, "binding" and women have been doing it for centuries to help shape or reshape various parts of the body. I strongly recommend it if you're looking for results in shrinking your skin and flattening your abdominal area back to it's pre pregnancy condition. I even do it for my double chin by placing a stocking under my chin and then tying it up on top of my head at night when I sleep. Sounds kind of weird, but it works! Good luck!


twinmom - June 3

I had twin boys 15 months ago by C-Section. During my pregnancy I gained 55 lbs, about 5 months post pardum I had lost all but 5 lbs. Despite all the walking, yoga, sit-ups and pilates I do, I never stopped looking pregnant. Another problem I have is that my belly b___ton is still protruding. I recently found out I have an umbilical hernia, which is quite common with pregnancy. The hernia is preventiing my muscles from coming back together (a condition called Diastasis Recti). What upset me the most was when my doctor told me the muscles will not repair themselves. WIth much deliberation I decided to have a tummy tuck at the same time I have my hernia surgery. The decision wasn't an easy one to make, but for me it will be harder to be stuck with this belly for the rest of my life.


foxhoundsrgr8 - June 18

I had my son 10 days ago, and already I lost most of my pregnancy weight - the pounds seem to keep dropping, even though I'm eating loads of cake, chocolate, ice cream, however much I fancy..I think it's b___st feeding though, it just seems to eat up a load of calories (even though I'm not exercising at all right now).


twinmom - June 18

The issue for me wasn't the weight loss at all, the weight came off quickly. But the problem was at 5'2" weighing 125 lbs I still looked pregnant. I've studied dance most of my life so I was in top physical shape before my pregnancy. The problem was diastasis recti, the seperation of the muscles. The twin pregnancy left me with a torn "inner girdle", so no matter how much weight I lost, my belly would still protude and I would look pregnant. Unfortunately, the only thing I could do was have the muscles st_tched back together (aka....tummy tuck). I just think more people should become educated with diastasis recti. I think it's a horrible thing for women to beat themselves up if they can't lose the weight on their stomach when it may be caused by diastasis recti.


MsBabyGurl - July 21

I had a emergency c-section November 2003. I was a size 8 before pregnancy and lost 30 lbs during the first 5 months of pregnancy, I didn't start showing until I was 7 months, but as soon as I turned 9 months my stomach and weight just shot up out of nowhere. I gained 65 lbs and my daughter weighed 10lbs 12oz and was 22 1/4 inches long. (the nerve of her). I didn't know about the girdles and binding to help your stomach shrink. I had 2 abdominal surgeries due to hernias caused by the ma__sive weight gain during the pregnancy. My stomach seems to deflate and all of a sudden puff back up again. Its been a real headache trying to get the weight off, but this is the first year I havent had a surgery since having my daughter, also I was banned from the gym by my pcp and gyn until this year. I must say I don't mind the weight because of the beautiful reason it's here, but what makes it more helpful is a boyfriend who still thinks I'm s_xy. I commend every women for the power we have to go through child birth, but more for us who had c-sections, so much mental preparation and physical preparation.


brooklynnsmommy - January 24

I had a little girl via c-section and she's 6 months on the 1st, I too am in the same situation of needing to lose the weight. I was reading though other people's answers, what is this undergarment that will help?


vansko - February 10

I had a CS 9 month ago, and gained 60 lb with my pregnancy. My stomach is back to normal, although skin is still not firm enough. I still have 10 lb to loose, but fit in all of my pre pregnancy clothes ( that may be due to muscle gain) I exers. 6 times a week 1 hour of cardio and 30 minutes of weights. I dont really restrict self from any types of food. I also b___stfed for seven month.



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