What Is The Most C Sections Someone Can Have

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busymomof9 - December 16

I have had 9 children. I am 38 years old. The first 6 were induced labors with natural deliveries. The last 3 were C-sections. We were hoping to have one more baby, but number 9 was born 6 days ago, and before we left the hospital, our doctor let us know that due to an EXTREME amount of scar tissue (my bladder had completely adhered to my uterus) we cannot have another. I am very upset about this and am having a horrible time accepting it. I hope it gets easier the further along in time it goes. I do know that I am more sore and uncomfortable than I was after either of the other 2. To make things worse, we are dealing with some bilirubin issues with this new one and it has been an emotional hurricane this week.


Tim Nissen - December 31

This is to busymomof9: No doctor's decree is absolute, and if I am not mistaken you can have procedures done to help deal with scar tissue. So I would encourage you to talk to other doctors before settling in your mind that you absolutely cannot have another child. I suppose your risks will be higher, but there are always risks. Risks are not the decisive factor, but rather God's will and obedience to the laws of nature. May God direct your steps in this matter. Take care.


Mum of 3 c-sections - October 29

Hi there! Can someone please help me!!! I have had 3 C-sections, and my last one was elective. My youngest one is now 2 and half years old. I want to have another baby(hoping to be a girl!) Can anyone please explain to me how their 4th c-section was? Thank you Please hel!p!


luvanurse123 - June 14

i know its been 3 yrs but did u ever have another c- section? I have had 4 and was thinking of having another baby?


luvanurse123 - June 14

I was reading your post how did everything go with your 5th c-section? I know it was like 3 yrs ago. I have had 4 sections and was considering having another child wich would mean 5 for me


luvanurse123 - June 14

I know this is a little late but my 4th c-section went great and Im trying to find someone who has had 5 c- sections tell me how theres went? lol


luvanurse123 - June 14

anyone out there who has had 5 c-sections and everything went ok?


Catriona - June 29

Hi everyone just thought I might tell you my story.I had my 4th c section 2 and a half years ago,my pregnancy with my fourth, my daughter Hope,was not an easy one to say the least as my pregnancy progressed my pain increased,it was due to all my scar tissue and also my placenta had sighted over my scarring which I was told wasn't good. I carried on as normal looking after my 3 boys who were 1,3 and 4 at the time,my doctor did warn me to slow down but how can you with 3 wee boys. When I was 28 weeks pregnant I was dropping my 3 year old at kindy I had my 1 year old in my arms and I felt this weird feeling and extreme pain I stupidly drove myself(nearly Pa__sing out) to playgroup where I new my friend would be she drove me to hospital. I was put on a pethadine drip and something to stop the contractions I didn't realise I was having then I had an internal scan which told them that I was nearly rupturing.I was put on bed rest in hospital but only made it till the morning I was 30 weeks had an emergency c section. My beautiful daughter who weighed 3lbs was a fighter her lung collapsed and she had to be intubated it was the scariest time in our lives my husband had to look after the boys while I recovered(I was sterilised during my c section) I stayed in with my daughter until she was strong enough to come home after the longest 7 weeks of our lives. sorry to bore you all but I just wanted to show what does happen so you can decide for yourselves if its worth worth it myself and my daughter nearly died!!!


sonalishinde - September 14

i had my 3rd c-section in june 09. I'd like to go for my 4th c-section ASAP. when is the good time for that?


NavyMom - September 23

:) Hello every one. I am 26, with 4 kids. All c-sec babies. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with twins. I was very scared to have my fourth baby, and was determined to have my five babies before I turned 30. I will be having my fifth and last c-sec in APR2011. I read on here something about a tubal, and a suggestion to not have it done because of weight gain. I am definitely not planing on having any more babies. What would be my best option for birth control, if I do not want to take the pill, and I do not want the Depo shot? Is the tubal the same as "getting your tubes tied"?


NavyMom - September 23

My first c-sec was the worst. Maybe it was a horrible experience for me because I was young (19) and scared. Being scared makes the experience a lot more painful because you are not mentally prepared, I think. The second third and fourth c-sec were so much better. The last one was easiest for me. I gained 25 with each pregnancy, and my babies ranged from 7.14 to 8.4 pounds. I b___st fed my kids until age one, and tried to have my babies sooner rather than later with my own theory that if I wait over a year, there will be greater scarring damage of the tissue, and there for making it likely for it to make the next pregnancy more complicated. This is just my little idea and just makes sense to me. My doctor told me that he cuts away the old scar tissue to help me with my next pregnancies. I have had the same doctor for the past three years, and has done a great job with my last 2 c-sections. I am not concerned with the fifth c-sec only because I trust my doctor, and I would rather not worry about what could go wrong. my one concern would be that I am having twins, and my placenta/uterus will not be able to handle it due to my last 4 c-sections. Just a little worry. I am trying to not think about it too much. The worst c-section for me was the first one. After that one, the rest were cake. :)


crissymm5 - October 19

I had six witout any complications, within 8 years. I am plus sized and happy.


Malista - December 16

I am getting ready to have my 8th c-section. I have had no problems with healing. Actually during my last one, my doctor told me I have a beautiful uterus (yes, her actual words) and very little scar tissue. 



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