When Did They Take Our Your Staples

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JL - October 31

I am scheduled to have a planned c-section in about a month. My first c-section was not planned, and a total shocker. I did not have any complications from the first one, but I am scared to read of all of these people whose incisions opened back up. I was surprised with my first c-section that my staples were removed when I was discharged from the hospital. I did not have any complications, but was I just merely lucky? I am curious how long the rest of you ladies had your staples in.


-m - October 31

I had a c-section about 3 months ago but I didn't have staples. But I had a friend that also had a c-section and she had staples and they took them out right before they discharged her. Her recovery was fine, no infection.


Jbear - October 31

I had my staples out before I was discharged from the hospital with both of my c-sections. I didn't have any complications. With my second, they used much smaller staples, which was a lot more comfortable.


Jamie - November 1

I had a c-section in August; I stayed in the hospital for 5 days after, because of hypertension and pre-ecclampsia; they took out the staples on the 3rd day, and put on surgical tape, that they removed at my baby's 2 day weight check (7 days after c-section)


Kim - November 8

I had an emergency c-section on October 28th, after 30 hours of labor that would not progress. My doctor did not want to do a c-section but did so as a last resort as my fever shot to 102 in less than an hour. My staples were taken out when I was discharged and they put on steri-strips for one week. I have been reading these posts as well and was surprised to see all of the complications people have had. I used an amazing group of high risk Doctors at a hospital that only does deliveries. I am fully confident in their abilities and know many, many women who have had c's their with no problems at all. I hope that my experience will be the same.


TC - November 8

I had a c-section 10wks ago and my staples were taken out a wk after.


Lacie - November 9

I had a c-section with my son and the staples didn't come out until a week after at my Dr's office.. My skin was pulled because it had started to grow over them.. pain


Lynne - November 9

My staples were removed a week after I was discharged. I didn't have any problems at all. It did not hurt when they were removed.


Angelique - November 17

They also took my staples out right before they discharged me. My baby is wks old and I have had no problems. That was my 3rd section and they did the same with all three. I would a__sume you will be fine.


Nancyjham1984 - December 9

My doctor took mine out 19 hours after my c-section and put take strips saying I healed good just three days later got a bad infection 



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