Why Am I Gaining Weight AFTER My C Section

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reachbree - November 22

I dont understand this for the life of me. My baby boy was born on September 5 2006 by c-section. During the pregnancy I developed Gestation Diabetes around the 6th month, Diet controlled. I had a wonderful pregnancy, no complications at all. Throughout my whole pregnancy I LOST 30 pounds. Didnt gain anything. Dr was happy, i was happy. After the c-section and baby was out i lost about another 10 lbs. When i got home from the hospital i couldnt believe how small I was. Now its 2 1/2 months later and I have put on more weight than ive ever weighed in my life. Doesnt that sounds backwards to you? shouldnt i be loosing weight??. Its seems like my weight is doing the total opposite of what most womens weight does during and after pregnancy. The weight was coming so fast I would wake up one morning, look in the mirror and could tell that i was heavier than i was the day before. Anyone ever go through this or have any idea of whats going on. Clothes that were too big for me DURING my pregnancy or now too small. eeeekkkk!!


sahmof3 - November 22

I have exactly the same problem. Lost 40 lbs. after wach of my 3 c-sectino deliveries and gained like crazy after they were born. Eventually my weight came back down with the first two... like something had stabilized in my metabolism... but not after my last one and he's now 16 months old! GGRRR! I b___stfed and everyone says how it makes you lose weight, but not for me. I feel your pain!!!


kendall - November 22

I think that I gained some weight too after I delivered but I did eventually lose my weight I did weigh less after my daughter was 6 mos old than I did before I got pregnant. By chance are you nursing? that is what helped me to lose the weight. if not I would ask your doctor and even make sure that you watch what you eat, after I had my daughter my b/f kept telling me "you're not pregnant anymore you can't keep eating like that", I don't know if you are like me but it may just me your hormones trying to get back to normal. I hope it gets better for you.


reachbree - November 22

Thanks ladies- Iam Breastfeeding part time..in the evenings after work, dont have enough milk to pump but baby is always satisfied.....Its just so depressing because Iam overwweight to began with and with all the weight that i lost during the pregnancy I had confidence and was finally happy with myself and my body. I told a friend that I would have worn a swimsuit during my pregnancy but i wouldnt dare wear one now. Now im feeling worse than ever.


lovemy3 - November 24

I di that with all 3 of mine. I am/was overweight to begin with and with the strict rules for gest. diabetes, I came out lighter tha going in. BUT then after delivery and resolved gest diabetes, I unfortunately wouldn't be as strict with walking etc and eventually it all came back. Good luck.


Keli - November 25

are you still on the strict diet? if not, try going back to it, since it worked.


dr.fairouz - November 26

after labour the level of prolactin hormone inc v much in our body which lead to inc our desire for eating naturly to inc milk .....and this also inc our weight and make losing weight is v deficult


lissaana - January 7

I would have your doc check your thyroid (TSH, T3 and T4) levels, and cortisol levels. Also, ask your doc to do a CM-complete metabolic panel. You should actually diurese (lose water) witin 12 hours after giving birth, and should not be gaining like this. Gaining 5-10 lbsin a week is scary to me as a nurse because I would worry about congestive heart failure due to fluid overload. I would see a doctor immediately and keep a diary of my weight gain and food intake for at least the next months.


MuzikGurl - January 18

this is funny to me...cause I lost 9-12 lbs during the first half of my pregnancy and the second half i slowly gained it back and then some....i gained at total of 32 lbs. during pregnancy but the day i came home from the hospital (i had a c-section so three days later i came home) I weight myself and found out i lost all the weight i gaine dduring pregnancy, i had no extra baby weight to lose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight ( lucky me i know) but, now i am going on 6 weeks check up i have noticed i am still at that same weight i have yet to lose a pound nor have a i gained a pound...it's fustrating cause i am by all means not thin, in fact i am considered obese so, i need to lose the weight although i didn't have any complications with my pregnancy, no diabetes or anything ( except for the last month i got high blood pressure but that was it) and i still don't have any health problems except for my weight, i want to lose it but it's not coming off...it's very hard to except....but i understand about the weight thing and i hope it changes soon. i know i can't afford to gain anymore weight....now that i have a child to take care of and who is depending on me to play with her and be with her all the time.


susan77 - November 24

Drink water before nursing and after to decrease your appetite, eat fruits, veggies, fiber and so on. cut out all processed food, sugar, sweets, even butter, eat bran. Keep walking…… it will shed off.

Mummy magic weight loss tea is an excellent way for breastfeeding moms. That is how I finally lost the weight after I had my daughter.


qiaraau - April 24

Immediate weight gain after caesarian section is, in fact, more common than any other complication that might arise post-surgery. Drinking plenty of water is a must. Simply because having an ample supply of fluid in your body sends the signal to the kidney to stop conserving it. 



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