Banking Or Donating

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Claudia - June 29

Are you banking or donating? What are benefits/drawbacks of each? Any info would be helpful!


Carrie - June 30

1.) Banking 2.) Benefits of banking: If your baby or a family memeber has certain diseases or disorders, they can use the banked cord blood. Drawbacks of banking: There are costs, but payment plans are available, as well as several discounts Benefits of donating: Goes into a public bank so that it is available if someone needs it Drawbacks of donating: There is no guarantee that your own stem cells will be available; it costs $20,000 to retrieve it; harder to find matches if you are a minority or a bi-racial couple; some places charge even to donate 3.) For more info check out Good luck!


Kelly - July 17

I am donating. Since we are caucasion, I have done enough research to have learned that the chances of my needing this blood are 1 in 100,000. This number is a lot lower for minorities and certain ethnicities. I have read that since 1990, only 37 withdrawals have been made from banks which leads me to believe that there is a lot of advertising pressure here. I think it's great to do either but our decision is to donate based on these reasons.


Katharine - July 27

We are donating. I have seen similar statistics as what Kelly mentioned. We have no risk factors, but I want to make the option available for someone else, if htey were to need it.


CLM - August 1

My sonographer and ob/gyn have both warned me donation could cost *me*....or whoever donates. If that's the way you want to go, be sure you won't be charged.


Roberta - August 1

I am pregnant with my second child, and I am donating. We dontated with our first child too. There is a long list of disorders/diseases that, if in your family, you should consider banking. The list came up clean for us, so we wanted to donate. The place I used can be found at Good luck!


Roberta - August 1

Sorry...I should have mentioned that as long as your doctor is willing, donating through is FREE and it will probably save someones life. There is a ton of information on the web site. They send all the necessary "equipment" and your doctor just has to drain the umbilical cord (after it is cut off your baby). This company also sends a little gift...a bib that says "worlds cutest cord blood donor"!



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