Donation Of Cord Blood

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Katharine - February 19

This seems like a no brainer, but I wonder if there are any reasons not to donate cord blood? It seems like an easy way to help others and/or science.


jessie - February 23

i agree! i am definitely going to do it! i hope a lot of women do as well. donating to scientific research can only help our world & understanding of diseases & cancers.


Jenn... - March 19

I watched a special on the Discovery Health Channel about cord blood. There are many public banks that you can donate your babies cord blood to. Unlike bone marrow cord blood does not have to be a perfect match to help cure some diseases such as lukemia. I plan to donate my babies cord blood.


lilmum - April 16

the only reason i can think of to NOT donate is c-sec. You can't donate if you have a c-sec because of high-risk of contamination. It is very sad because i am 8 weeks pregnant and would LOVE to donate, but will be having a c-sec due to complications during labour with my first child. I wish all those with healthy babies will give this amazing gift. If we all donate, no one needs to bank it, and so many can be saved.


Beth - April 18

Our OB told us that reasons not to donate would depend on if we would need it or if our family would need it. So family history...and if our baby was biracial. According to our OB, it is hard to find a match in a public bank for a baby that is biracial or has a family that has mixed ethnicities. She also mentioned that the rate of survival goes down when using a donated cord blood then your own cord blood.


jules - April 20

you guys will probably think i am stupid but what is a "cord blood"


To jules - April 22

Cord blood is the blood from the umbilical cord


JL - October 25

I am surprised to hear that someone had issues donating because of c-section. My friend just donated her cord blood and she had a c-section. I plan to donate my cord blood, and I am scheduled for a c-section in 4 weeks.


JL - January 12

I should have posted this sooner, but I had a c section back in November (7 weeks ago) and was able to donate my cord blood. No big deal.


Felisha - December 8

i believe in helping sick people and this may seem a bit selfish but read the posting that tells you about cord blood clamping. apprently when the cord is clamped too soon which is done when you donate and even when you dont your baby isnt getting all of his/or her blood and oxygen and can be potentially harmful. i would read up on all the risks before making the decision to donate. also if you are going to donate make sure it is actally donated and the hospital is not selling it. if they are going to make money off your babies blood there is no reason you shouldnt



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