How Much Does Banking Cost Who Do I Contact To Donate

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lacy - September 2

I'm not sure I could afford to bank cord blood, but it seems like a wonderful idea. Also, who do I contact to donate the cord blood?


Claire - September 7

You can bank the blood through payment plans paying as litle as $40 a month.


Katharine - September 8

Check with your doctor or hospital about cord blood donation in your area. The hospital has to be willing to do it and they can give you the info of the inst_tution that collects it in your region, if they collect it.


to lacy - September 24

definately talk to your ob about this... your hospital of choice may or may not be willing to do this. You need to decide well in advance if you want to do this. You have to give a down payment, and give the bank of your choice a chance to send the kit to your doctor/hospital before your delivery. This website offers a link to cord blood banking, but go to google and do a search, if talking to your doctor doesn't really give you anything.


Jbear - October 14

When I went in for my c-section, they asked if I wanted to donate the cord blood. I signed some forms, and that was all there was to it.


JL - October 25

I called Life Source, the big blood bank in the midwest. There was even an option in the automated phone system about donating your cord blood. They are sending me a kit to take to the hospital with me so that my cord blood can be donated.


TC - November 26

$40 dollars a month for how long?


andrea - November 30

I went through ViaCord. I just signed up at 8 months pregnant. THey just sent me the kit in the mail to take to the hospital with me. I havent found any places to offer it as cheap at 40.00 a month but I dont know in your area maybe. They wanted 125.00 a year and the initial set up is like 1500.00 which they let you pay over 12 months.


Because of Cost - December 12

I guess that idea went out the window for us


Chrissythefairy - April 3

im with you! $1500 a year thats ridiculous!


mary - April 4

It's not $1500 a year. It's around that to enroll and prcoess but otherwise the yearly storage fee is around $125 a year. Check to see their pricing and payment plans.


JH - April 7

We just did it last week. We went through and were given a local rep. over the phone. They take down your ob and hospital info. They can send you a kit or your ob can give you one. We had to fax 2 pieces of paperwork and give them a credit card #. Payment plans are available though. We are paying 1750 for the first year then there is a 125 annual storage fee. After it is collected you call a # on the kit and a courier picks it up in your hospital room. Very easy. We chose this company b/c it is in Tucson (others are in florida and california) seemed safer from disaster and terrorism. It's also the oldest company doing it. They called us a few days later to tell us how many stem cells were in our collection.



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