Not Sure If It Is A Problem Yet Fertility

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Jamie - April 12

My husband and I aren't exactly trying to get pregnant but we have been having unprotected s_x the last 3 months and haven't gotten pregnant. I know we aren't trying or anything but it's kind of scaring me that I might not be able to have children. There might be a few things making it a little more difficult, like I smoke, and drink alot of pop and he smokes weed. Now I don't want any lectures on our lifestyle, I'd just like to hear how these things are seriously affecting our bodies regarding fertility


SweetP - April 13

Okay!! No lectures, right? Well, here's a few links that will help you understand the damage of smoking, caffene and weed. Just know that the smoking part is SERIOUSLY damaging your chances. Also, just think about stopping and about whether or not you'd want your newborn baby (and even in utero) breathing in what you guys puff out. I'm not lecturing, believe me, but its a reality. Hope you get some great answers soon! Here are the links!! Remember to remove all dashes!,,180663_183674,00.html Another one is: Here's another. This one is about caffeine (in pop too): and here's another: Hope this all helps!! I also recommend doing some intensive research about fertility and what we need to do to help the chances. 3 months isn't a long time, believe me, compared to a LOT of the women here (including myself), but you may want to give your Gyn a call and get a check -up. Let him or her know that you're trying to concieve and ask them what to do. Good luck!


SweetP - April 13

I also wanted to say, this isn't the best board to post on if you really want answers. Try signs of pregnancy or Problems getting pregnant. More people frequent those!


angelmonkey - April 17

both me and my partner smoked weed for the first 3months of ttc, we then both gave up completly that was nearly 5months ago we have now been ttc for 8 my partner has 74%vitality and im fine, smoking weed reduces smerm count, i also smoke cigerates. my partners boyfriend started ttc that same time as us they both smoke weed and still do but he knocked his gf up the 1st months of ttc and he has 54% sperm vitality but unfortunatly she had an ectopic precnancy and had 2 have 1 of her tubes removed, hope this helps


angelmonkey - May 6

ok i totally didnt mean my partners boyfriend i ment his his brother lol.........


cord blood blogger - February 22

I've found sites like this very useful, but has anyone ever researched the whole cord blood thing on other blogs or websites? I've recently used, to learn about several different topics and have found it to be an excellent source. Does anyone have other suggestions?


Mandaburr - February 26

To be honest?? I was a heavy smoker and pot smoker for several months before pregnancy and I still got pregnant. And the father was also. So I dont know if you are sterile or maybe you just haven't concieved yet. There is a chance you could be sterile you might want to go to the doctor and see. But if your fertile just give it time. You will get pregnant I'm sure.


jenna32 - March 27

Well there are only a few days in the month that you can get pregnant,maybe you just hadn't hit it. i didn't time my ovulation cycle or anything, i just figured i'd wouldn't bother yet,it was hard to time it because we didn't get to see each other much at the time,he was partly living in a city a hour away because of work. Not everyone is the same but if you were to try, count 14 days from when your period started. i noticed after i had gotten pregnant it was around that day. it is strange cuz i knew before we even did it i wouldbe pregnant. i think that whenever i ovulated back then i was getting back cramps andkind of like menstrual cramps,unless of course i was pregnant then to,lol. Trust me 3 months is nothing,especially for not trying to time it.


jenna32 - March 27

It took me 8 months without trying to time perfectly.



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