Seems Worth It But So Expensive

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Karen - June 16

what do you all think?


Andrea - June 17

When we were pregnant, we didn't think we were going to be able to afford it, but we worked it out to do the $42/month payment plan and I feel it is so worth it. It gives me peace of mind...especially with all the talk in the news about stem cells.


Karen - June 17

How long do you have to pay that for? thanks


Andrea - June 17

60 months, but I just looked on their site (CBR is who we used) and found that they have a 48 month for $50, which I wish we had done. They have a few others, as well. Good luck!


Katharine - June 20

We decided to donate ours. That way if any person needs it, it is available. Our child would have access to it, if needed and it hasn't been used. With the high unlikelihood that we would need it (we don't have any risk factors), that is good enough for me!


Jillian - June 21

I think it is so worth it, Diabetes runs in my family and they have a potetial to cure that. I will definitely bank my babies cord blood so he'll have a chance to live a normal life.


E - June 28

The problem with cord blood is the short life span of the stem cells (15 yrs) that are harvested. The chance that you will need the stem cells is .04%.


s - July 3

How do you go about donating it? Do you have to register with some cord blood banking company, or do they ask you at the hospital? Becuase when I had my son 3 years ago, I was never asked about it and had actually never even heard about it. This pregnancy, I wont be able to get it because we can't afford the cost and until I just read this post, didn't know a payment plan was an option. I'm due in 2 days! Its cool though that you can donate it and use it later if it has not been used.


Katharine - July 4

With my first birth, the hospital didn't participate in a donation program. This time, the hospital does. My dr gave me a brochure at one of the first visits. In my case, it is through a St. Louis Children's Hospital, so I called them and left some basic info (address, hospital, due date, etc.). They sent me a packet of info and paperwork to fill out. I had to send that after 30 weeks, but before deilvery, They will then send the collection materials to the hospital. Of course, if there are any problems or if the collection will be any kind of interference, they won't collect it. Otherwise, they will collect it and send it up to St Louis. They will test the blood and, if it is "good" keep it in the bank, if not will use it for research. I have read recently that it is expensive to take out the cells from the bank, but I a__sume that if they were needed, insurance would cover those costs.



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