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joy28 - January 19

I've heard a lot about storing cord blood incase of illness in families.. cancer, and other diseases, but I'm wondering? If my family has no real history or cancer or other disease, would it be better to just donate? Also the cost of storage seems to be a bit high. the start up cost of $1500 is still quite a bit. I'd hate to just waste the possibilities and will definitely donate if we decide not to store. Any thoughts or comments?


leslie_xx - February 3



Momof3under3 - April 14

It's ultimately up to you. Very personal decision. You can choose to store privately or thru a free public bank if your state has a program for public storage. I personally decided to store privately for our baby #3 because I wasn't able to do so with my first 2 and saw it as type of insurance of sorts that I hoped would never have to use. After speaking with obgyn and asking his advice, I chose CBR and used a discount coupon code M1998 to get $250 OFF. Our total cost came to $1,900 which to us seemedd worth it considering the possible future applications of stem cell research. Good Luck with your decision! :)


shubh - February 9

Yes, even if you don’t have family history of life taking disease, you must go for Cord blood banking. Chord cell are being used extensively in various surgical operations as these help to heal fast. For the umbilical cord blood banking need you may trust, I have used at time of my daughter.


Hasmukh - February 18

Every parent should be encouraged to preserve their baby's cord blood. It is the best gift we can give to our children. I recently saw a news segment where a stem cell bank in India, LifeCell International banked the stem cells of a baby and using these stem cells, the baby's sister was cured of thala__semia. It felt great to see how technology can be a life saviour. Cheers. Hasmukh


deepikashah1977 - June 8

hey all. I strongly recommend banking your baby's stell cells. We banked my new born niece's cord blood with LifeCell and they were very cooperative, prompt and helpful. They explained everything about stem cells and easily guided through the procedure. Very prompt and professional in their dealings, I definitely recommend LifeCell to all. Cheers. Deepika


msmithmyer - September 8

Have you heard of PlacentaBanking being able to store 10x more stem cells than cord blood? Here is some info about Americord. Check it out. Americord Registry LLC company information: Americord Registry LLC, is the first cord blood bank to offer PlacentaBanking® or cryogenic placenta preservation. Americord focuses on the collection, processing, and storage of newborn stem cells from umbilical cord blood and the placenta for future medical or therapeutic use. Presently, cord blood is used to treat over 70 diseases, tomorrow countless more. However, since there are simply not enough stem cells in cord blood alone to treat an adult sized patient, Americord offers a proprietary process for storing the entire placenta and preserving up to 10 times more stem cells than cord blood banking alone. Pioneered by Americord, PlacentaBanking® is a safe method of collecting and preserving precious stem cells which could hold the key to your child’s and family’s health. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in New York, with laboratories in Oregon and New Jersey. Primary Office: 244 Madison Avenue Suite 2770 New York, New York, 10016 Phone: 866-503-6005 Website:


ii2ose - April 15

My husband and I paid a little more and went with Pacificord utilizing their gift registry program. Also, we received a nice military discount as well. We believed that the technology in processing and storaging was ultimately more important to us than finding the cheapest bank. Also, keep in mind that if you store with a public bank, the cells are not guaranteed to be there for you in case you do need them in the future.


cathy_08 - May 15

We should save the cord blood of our babies for further usage, prevention is btter than cure. Cord Blood NationWide has a lot of reviews which is very helpful to all parents.


sarah2607 - January 15

my opinion is store cord blood and for this process contact any cord blood bank.



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