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chocolate-e-clare - August 9

We had a wonderful birth - I arrived too late for the epidural (I didn't want pethidine, and gas/air wasn't taking much of the edge off the contractions at 8cm dilated), so the midwife suggested bathtub and gas - and that's where we laboured for another 2 hours or so and gave birth. A water birth was never in my head, but it went beautifully. Our little boy came out full of life. We waited on his 3rd day of life, all day, for the paediatrician to come and check him over before we left - the paed said they no longer do renal ultrasounds on these kids if their antenatal ultrasounds were OK. Jason is thriving and is gaining weight as we speak - and I must say, he's adorable. Thinking of all you wonderful Mum's and your babies, especially the ones yet to land! Prayers for a safe pregnancy and beyond. Clare XO.


Shayley - August 13

Hi! I am 22 weeks and have just found out that i have a two vessel cord pregnancy. Other than that the ultrasound showed no abnormalities with any of the organs or limbs. Should I be pushing for more tests? I don't have another appointment for two weeks and havent gotten the chance to get a medical opinion on this yet. I was told by the sonographer that it isn't really a big deal but now I am really worried!!! Also, my first ultrasound showed that my son was a week behind in growth, but he seems to have caught up. Is that normal??


ezwaggy - August 29

For anyone interested: I have a two-vessel umbilical cord which means instead of two arteries and a vein I have only one artery and a vein. The vein brings the blood to the baby, the artery takes it away. This occurs in about 1% of pregnant women (though the paranatalogist said it's a little higher) and usually doesn't mean anything - often they don't even know till they examine the cord after birth. The main concern of our doc was problems with kidney development, followed by heart and brain. On a more in-depth u/s with the specialist it was determined that everything is fine, normally developed, good growth. And since I'm 21 weeks, from now on the baby will just get bigger, she's not developing anything new "parts" so if something were wrong, it would already be wrong. I hope this info helps anyone in the same situation - we started reading stuff on the internet and of course found all the scary stuff that could go wrong. But the specialist had enough letters after his name that I'm going to trust he's the expert. :)



My baby had a two vessell cord and everything was totally normal. He was diagnosed with an ultrasound at 32 weeks. Had a level 2 ultra to be safe. He was born full term weighing 9.2. I read info on this site when I was worried and just wanted to tell my good story to those of you that are going through this.


lindseyy78 - January 8

I am 22 weeks pregnant and the doctors said my baby had two cords and fluid in her kidneys. Everyone says dont worry but whe she is yours its hard not to... You just have to hope for the best


joshua - January 8

we had the same situation and our son was born with only one kidney and it only functions at about 40%. we were told everything was fine at all the ultrasounds. i think we had 6 of them because of the two vessel cord.. we had no idea of a problem untill he was born. he spent 6 weeks in the nicu and the kidney isthe main issue. he is very small for a two year old, he wears 6 month clothes and barely weighs 20 pounds.we have to give him a shot everyday and he gets 3 different medications 5 times a day and he sees alot of doctors regularly.make sure you get a 3d ultrasound so they can see all the organs and make sure they are developing and make sure they check the fingers and toes to make sure they are not fused together. ask about everything and get a 3d ultrasound. good luck to you. i know most people on this sight have not had any medical problems and they are lucky just remember that there is a chance of something being wrong.


tinap0516 - January 16

I was told at 17 wks along that our baby had a 2vc and it was confirmed at 21 wks along. Throughout the remaining weeks of my pregnancy I was told at each ultrasound/biphysical that everything was great. My ob/gyn and midwives that I seen on a regular basis also told me not to worry that everything was fine and that this happens a lot. Being told this at every visit, my husband and I were expecting that this would be like our previous pregnancies. We were never told of any of the effects this could have on the baby other than later in pregnancy they would be watching his growth because babies with a 2vc tend to stop growing in utero. We were never given any information on this condition, verbally or written (brochures or other written information). At my checkup (I was 35 w 5d), I had a biophysical and then a reg. visist. My Dr decided to put me in the hospital because he felt he hadn't grown enough from the prior week. We were ok with that since he had informed us that it might happen (in utero growth). He tried to induce me, but after 2 days of trying, nothing was happening. On day 3, which I would have put me right at 36 wks, the Dr felt that a c-sec had to be done. We were ok with that since we knew nothing else was happening. We had talked about me having a tubal if I had to have a c-sec, I mean they were already there, and this was our 4th child (all planned). Keep in mind that we were never told ANYTHING regarding what may be wrong with a baby with a 2vc, other than growth. I signed the papers for a tubal, and was taken into surgery. At 10:55 I heard our baby cry, this was before the Dr even had him out, at 10:56, on 4/7/07, Wyatt Isaiah was born, screaming I might add, such a welcoming sound. He was small, weighing in at 4 lbs .6 oz. His APGAR scores were the highest they give, no apparent problems. He was taken to the nursery. I was scheduled to be released 5 days later. We were told the morning before that he would have to stay until he put on a little more weight and was eating enough. At the rate he was going, the Pedi said it would probably be around 5 more days and then we could take him home. On day 5, when I was to be released, the Pedi came in and told me he had taken a turn for the worst and that he thought he had an infection and they had given him antibiotics and were running blood tests. A half hour later, he came in and said the test came back fine, not to worry they see this a lot in premies (sp). My husband arrived to pick me up, with our other children (15, 9, 6). I had him leave them in the waiting room and told him what was going on. They now had a couple of Pedi's working on our son. They were coming in and out of our room every few minutes. They ended up calling a bigger hospital that has a better NICU and that deals with this all the time. They arrived and transported out son around 11 am. Before they left, they brought him into my room so all of us could see him. He looked so different than when I was able to hold him the night before. They took him to Albany Med and after we were able to meet someone to take our other children home (we live about 45 mins from the hospital where I had him and about 1 hr 45 min from Albany Med), we arrived around 12:30. Around 3 pm, a team of Dr's came in to a__ses him again, they had been working on him since he arrived. (We were told at the other hospital they his intestines may have twisted by the team they sent to get him.) They knew there was something wrong in that area, but couldn't determine what unless they did surgery. We agreed and went to the waiting area. About an hour later, they came in and got us and took us to a little room for consult. One nurse told us he didn't do very well during the surgery, the Dr told us the same but told us he was stable. The cause, the main artery to his intestines wasn't developed all the way, caused by a 2vc. As he was eating, some of the "food" was going to the proper place (I know I got to change him a couple of times) and some was going into his abdomine through the small holes that were forming because of his intestines were slowley dying. We were able to go in and see him again and we stayed as long as we could. He was stable and the Dr's told us they would keep us informed. We decided to go home to get some rest, we had a long drive ahead of us. As soon as we got home, we called the hospital and were told he was doing great considering. This was around 10 pm. We headed to bed to try to get some rest. At approx 10:10, the phone rang, it was a ring that I knew had bad news on the other end. It was the Dr we had just spoken to. He told us he wasn't responding to the treatment and that his heart was slowing down. We called my Aunt to come over (he just happens to shares a Birthday with her) and she came right over and we headed out for the 1 hr 45 min drive. We arrived at hospital just before 12:30 Am. We were met at the NICU door, and were brought up to date. They asked if I wanted to hold him, and there would have been nothing to stop me even if they had told me I couldn't. They brought in a rocker for me and a chair for my husband. They placed Wyatt in my arms, and we held him, and kissed him and told him that we loved him, and how blessed we were to have been given such a wonderful gift. At 1:28 am, 4/13/07, we had to say goodbye to the baby boy we thought all along was just fine. My point in writing this was to let all of you know that yes, that most of the time, things are ok. But after the fact, we found out that there is a 20% chance of loosing a child that had a 2vc within 5 days of birth along with a list of other things that might me wrong. Where was this information during my pregnancy? Please, for all the babies that are lost to this, question your Dr's, even if they tell you everything is fine. Get the nitty gritty details; good and bad. I would have much rather been informed of all the bad things that could have happened, and then everything turn out fine, than been told nothing is going to be wrong and have to bury my baby boy. Since I had a tubal, and at my checkup, my Dr told me to give it six months; to grieve, heal, etc., and I probably won't want another baby. Nice. I guess along with not informing his expectant parents, he also feels that you bury the desire to have anymore children as well. My point is, get ALL the facts regarding a 2vc, if they don't have information available at the moment, tell them to get it before your next visit. We are now seeing another Ob/Gyn that actually listens to us. We don't blame the other Dr for what happened, loosing our Son, but he is somewhat at fault for not informing us of everything. For all of you that have been told they have a 2vc, your are in my prayers. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and you can contact me if you have any questions.


violaD - February 21

Hi, i just found out today that i have a 2-vessel cord as well. Thank you for all your posts, i must say that the only reason i have not crashed down is because of these posts because everything else on the net is horrifying. My doctor advised today she will book me an u/s of the heart. After i left her office i thought of so many questions i have them all written down for my next visit in two weeks. She said that my baby's screening have been normal thus far and hopefully they will continue to be as i really want to have a normal health baby as my first one but all i can do is pray at this point. I will keep you posted of my progress so other moms that are experiencing this know what to expect.



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