Uncertain Of Pregnancy

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joe - August 8

my girlfriend and i have done it 4 times i came the 4th time but this is after her period has been missed i've heard stories of how it's natural for girls to miss there periodafter just starting to have s_x but these are all stories from girls who regularly miss there periods my girlfriend has a very set cycle at the begining of the month every month it comes, she says she don't feel nausia,she doesn't get morning sickness i don't think she feels fatigue, but she has been stressed out since her mom found out could it be possible that it is stress causing her to miss her period???


felicia - May 14

actually, thats exactly what i went through..i had to take a test to make sure. i still have an unsteady flow of period every month, but this time i was really late. so i took a test, even though iwasnt feeling any symptoms whatsoever of pregnancy. have her take a test, and make sure. cuz yes, stress or working out, or any number of things can make her miss it!


Paul - May 19

Stress can make you miss your period.


Sam - July 21

Take a test right away!


krista - August 8

yes you can miss your period from stress but if she is regular I would take a test to make sure because the absense of a prd is the most common symptom of pregnancy


Jesus Freak - September 21

How about not having s_x until you are married....?


name - October 6

thats a personal belief jesus freak. It's not WRONG to have s_x before marriage. Keep your beliefs to yourself thats not what the website is for.Also, I thought this post was for "cord blood" lol


Jessica - February 1

Joe- yes stress can cause her period to be late, but also just starting to have s_x can also mess up her period. it is very natural and happened to me when my boyfriend(now husband) started to have s_x. before then i always had my period on time, then when we had s_x i started to get my period irregularly. after awhile they went back to normal. i would just have her watch it and try not to worry. good luck.


AB - February 11

Why is this in the cord section?


jen - March 27

is it normal to fell morning sickness in the late stages 7..5 mo


Can't you people Read??? - May 7

This question should not be in the cord blood section! How about using a condom with your girlfriend or abstaining from s_x till your married!??Grow UP!!!


mmanjammx - December 2

i missed mine after i started having s_x and i was fine. a lot of girls have that happen so as long as she gets in a couple weeks or so your set.



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