Can Baby Aspirin Avoid Miscarriages Pls Answer Me

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tdr0032 - November 13

I had a m/c 2 days ago.. at 6 weeks. My Dr. told me to take one baby aspirin a day until we try again which will be in dec/jan. and she also said that i will probably have to take one a day until i am 10-12 weeks... this is my 3rd m/c at 6 weeks. she said that the aspirin would help fight off immunities. but i am just like you... looking for information.... good luck


spygirl - January 20

I'm not a usual poster to chatsites, but after finding this one, i had to reply. I'm noticing the trend here is to take baby aspirin to prevent multiple miscarriages. Since having one myself three years ago, i can completely understand how hard it is and wanting to do everything you can to prevent one. but i am really disturbed when people are diagnosing themselves with aspirin instead of getting to the root of the problem. After my first miscarriage, and after my first son was born (IUGR), a geneticist and perinatologist diagnosed me as having a blood disorder that makes me prone to clotting (which would explain both events) and put me on BABY aspirin for this pregnancy. For the sake of time, i won't go into which blood antigens are affected, platelet counts and the like. I hope everyone understands that a regular ADULT ASPIRIN in pregnancy can cause severe deformations and even baby aspirin should be used under medical supervision for medical reasons. I also know that with a little genetic testing, reasons can often be identified and corrected for repeat miscarriages other than aspirin. PLEASE - do not jeopardize the health of your baby for the sake of having one! Seek medical help!


kclabonne - September 11

I took baby aspirin for a clotting disorder and I have a handsome 3 year old son, but my clotting disorder also caused a stroke last October so I suggest you investigate just what this clotting issue is and see what can be done


alexis225 - December 12

what kind of baby aspirin should I take and how soon after a M/C .Monday I found out I was M/C and I am still bleeding. We really want to try this time.It just happen and we really found ourselves wanting the baby more then any thing.


Chasa - December 14

I heard asprin was unsafe during pregnancy


ada2210 - January 11

I have had 4 mc and was recommended that I take 75 mg of asprin from day 1. I am doing this and so far so good, but still very early, only 6 weeks gone. My sis took baby asprin after 2m/c and carried to term so hopefully will help me too. Just to let you know that I already have a 3 yr old, so not sure why had 4 m/c after having no complications with first pregnancy.


Kat_27 - March 18

HI everyone.. I lost a baby 5 months ago and was 22 weeks pregnant.. I had to go through the heartache of giving birth to my baby girl .. was very heartbreaking.. The doctors did a post mortum but they couldnt find out why it had happened.. Only that I had a few blood clots in the Placenta.. I have to healthy girls , One is almost 6yrs old and the other is 3yrs old.. So I have previously had two healthy kids before this... The doctor wrote a script out for Asprin just incase we decided to try again for another baby , she said to take it as soon as I see a heart beat and to take it throughout the whole pregnancy.. My last menstrual period was on the 22.2.2012 and I ovulated on the 5 , 6 and 7th of this month.. Im due for my period in 2 days.. the past 12 days ive had nausea on and off , feeling bloated, headaches and dull cramps.. I feel pregnant, but im not sure, i dont know if its my body tricking me into thinking i am , because i so badly want another baby :( .. For those of you that take asprin.. does it really work and help prevent m.c? im so scared it will happen again.,, i also had a m.c the year before last but i was only 4-5 weeks... i was terrified last year when i was pregnant, and after the 12 weeks mark i was so relived,, until the 22 week came and was told my baby had died...If i am Pregnant i think im going to be a wreck and so nervous, but also excited.. :)


Kel836 - April 12

......I too am trying to get pregnant and have so far had 2 m/c, one at 10 weeks and the other at 7 weeks. After my first I was tested by my doc in Sydney and was told I had negative Cardiolipin Antibodies and that I should take Aspirin as soon as I tested positive. I then moved interstate and fell pregnant so started taking it straight away. I had another m/c at 7 weeks though and the emergency doctors up here told me I should have been taking it before trying and that I also shouldn't try again until seeing a specialist....I tried to book an appointment and they wouldn't see me until June because apparently two in a row is not cla__sed as an issue but just "bad luck" SO I have just been taking the aspirin for a couple of months now and ready to start trying right now. ada2210 - how are you going with your pregnancy? Has the aspirin worked for you so far? I am just so so scared I am going to have another m/c and have to go throgh this all over again!


dekraytom - September 3

nice, thanks for u sharing it!


dekraytom - September 3

nice, thanks for u sharing it!



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