Chewable Prenatal Vitamins

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jyoti - February 22

i just a prescription for chewable prenatal vitamins too. I can't swallow pills and want to plan for a family in a few months. I have to still pick up the chewable tablets from my pharmacy!


TiffanyV - March 4

I Googled it and there are a few chewable prenatal vitamins you can buy online . I also found a prenatal vitamin and mineral breakfast/granola bar that looked interesting .


Mindi - March 10

I had terrible morning sickness in the beginning of my pregnancy, so those prescription pre-care vitamins only made it worse. I realized that my stomach would hurt non-stop, so my nurse/midwife told me that taking 2 flinstone vitamins is the same thing and I made the switch and feel great. I take the ones with iron.


Kaydi - March 13

I took cheable prenatals with my first two and they turned out perfectly.


lilmissmom - March 17

I started off taking pills but later on found myself unable to swallow them, so my doctor switched me to the chewables. My daughter is only 3 months out, but healthy as an ox...and actually after taking the chewables for a few weeks they started to make me i would take them 3 days then skip 2 on so forth...but yes, chewables are just as good as swallowing pills...they contain the same vitamins and minerals that you need during before during and after pregnancy...


msgray - March 31

as long as you eat healty you dont have to tae prenatal vitamins


Gwen B - April 7

You NEED to make sure you're getting enough Folic Acid, to prevent serious birth defects. Usually you can only get enough from vitamins. Also, I've heard too much A can also cause problems, so just taking two kids vitamins is not a good idea because then you get WAY too much A.


hopesohigh - March 1

Hi I'm a first time mother and I have never been able to swallow pills my entire life but i've had migranes my whole life so I've always crushed up my pills and eaten them in something like applesauce or yogurt but I couldn't keep the prenatals down so I'm now taking centrum chewables which have a decent orange flavor and an additional folic acid tablet which is teeny tiny and has no smell or taste and i use a pill cursher for that and I can put it on almost anything, even just b___tered toast and I can't tell it's on there. Some chewable prenatals don't have enough vitamins in them as the reg.'s do but centrum chewables are darn close, the only big difference was the folic acid so I just got a few more Mg. and my doctor OK'd it too.


jsantiagoma - August 8

They are just as good. I work at an ob/gyn office so i know a lot about prenatal vitamins and the benefits of taking them. As long as they have the same ingredients and vitamins...they work just as good


Gagirl22 - October 8

I had a tough time with prenatals in general and my doctor recommended that I take 2 Flintstone Complete Vitamins a day. It's supposed to be the same thing!


pilsy66 - July 20

I am taking Precare chewable vitamins. They have a great flavor and give you all the vitamins you need. They are also time released so all the iron wont make you sick. From all the reviews I have seen, mothers really love these and they help give you and your baby the extra boost you both need to be healthy and happy.


mltp74 - June 27

do any 1 kno da name of da prenatal vitamin. cuz im pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. and hav a hard time swallowin da prenatal tablet.


avens006 - February 22

hi everyone, here's the link 3wdot sincerely,


avens006 - February 22

search for oligofructose prenatal vitamins or search for bobbi mccaughey vitamins or vitality pack



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