CONSTANTLY Hungry And Nauseas

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Nadia - August 23

I'm about 8 weeks pregnant now, but i feel like i'm hungry all the time. I feel nauseas whenever i'm not eating. Does anyone else get the same feeling? please helppppp


Lillian - August 23

Yes, yes, yes and yes! I am hungry all the time but at the same time I feel sick. The feeling sick part does not make help my appit_te, then I get so hungry that it hurts. Next I am throwing up, I go through the cycle about 5 or 6 times a day. It's getting better though, I try to have a snack on the nightstand.


Beth - August 25

I have a similar problem too. I feel hungry all the time and if I eat too much I get sick, if I eat to fast I get sick, if I dont eat I get sick. It's a never ending cycle....I just try to eat a lot of smaller meals through out the day and have lots of snacks.


sue - August 25

Try to eat protien and food that will stay with you a while.Nothing with a lot of sugar in it


m - September 7

i have the same thing. i basically feel either hungry or sick at all times. i haven't thrown up at all, just a steady sick feeling. as soon as i eat something, i feel sick again, and then hungry again within minutes. will this ever stop? i feel like i'm gaining too much weight. not sick enough to keep me from eating...always hungry.


Erin - September 9

I'm in the same situation. It's horrible. But it means your hormones are doing their job.


gowri - September 14

yes nadia, i too have the same problem. don't worry about that. try to take small frequent feeds. include fruits in ur diet.


jen - September 18

Nadia, I totally understand! Does anyone know when that constant hunger/sickness ends? I feel hollow all the time, but I don't want to eat...even though I have to.


Nicole - September 22

You are not alone! Either I am sick or hungry. I eat and 10 minutes later I am still hungry!


Becca - September 29

Im now around 10 weeks pregnant, i feal hungry everyday an night, and i cant stop eating if i dont eat i get sick and if i eat too much i get sick, but my way of resolving it is to drink lots of water, it helps alot!!!


keron - September 30

when i do not eat i feel better but if i stay tool long to eat i feel sick like a dog man. i am always hungry 24-7


ANna - October 3

Im hungry every 3 hours. I am 4 weeks 3 days pg and I am sure I have already gained like 5 lbs.


Gina - October 4

I felt like that until about 10.5 weeks, then all of a sudden my stomach felt normal again. Only things that helped me were lots of ice water, and only eating things that didn't, when thought about first, turn my stomach over. It was like a constant hangover, though I only threw up about 4 times during the first trimester. This too shall pa__s :) Good luck all.


HELP - October 15

I am about 2 months pregnant and this is my second time around ...I have taken several medications and tried acupuncture to stop the horrible feeling of indigestion/nausea ....It's taking over my life ...I'm now taking zantac75 ...still no change. Does anyone have a remedy ...Please ...the belching alone will kill me, but I don't know if I can take much more


April mom - October 30

I get the same feeling too. I am 16 weeks pregnant. I feel so hungry that i feel nauseous. But what do you all have on hand to eat as soon as you feel hungry, when you dont have anything cooked? I dont know what to make immediately. I am allergic to milk also, so cannot even have cereal.


CRISD - November 2

yes! It's terrible! I'm having a hard time! I'm really nauseous all the time but I'm hungry also, and nothing really sounds good! I can't wait to be able to eat with no problems...


sandi - November 2

i ate tomatoes and drank tomato juice. Helped the nausea and sickness. I snacked a lot rather than eat big meals (which I threw back up). Was better to eat small meals often.



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