CONSTANTLY Hungry And Nauseas

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Mingill - May 19

I had a similar problem, I spoke with my doctor about it and she suggested I eat several small meals throughout the day and to stay away from sugars and carbohydrates. If you do eat carbs, always have them with protein.


danna - May 19

well im not 100% sure if i am pregnant or not but for the past couple weeks i have been getting hungry real quickly like ill eat and like and little while later i am completely hungry but i have several friends that have been pregnant and said the same things have happed to them.


mandee25 - May 22

I am 14w 3d pregnant now and this annoying hungry-all-the-time habit went away at around 10 weeks. I eat normally now.


byanka - May 22

I feel for you. I am 10 weeks and have been feeling hungry and nauseas since 6 weeks. I am counting down the days to 12 weeks and hope that I feel better then. I have been turned off so many foods. Because I haven't been able to eat veggies, I have been stocking up on fruit. I can eat gourmet veg pizza, but apart from that, I just eat dairy or sweet stuff. I tried grating fresh ginger into juice or cordial of a morning, but got sick of it. It may help though. And cravings.....well, you never know what you are actually craving, so whatever you eat never usually hits the spot. Hope you start to feel better soon.


jodie d - June 14

i am soooo glad i found this website!! I have never experienced hunger like this is my life!! Im 8weeks pregnant and feel like i have the worlds worst hangover daily! I do find very gentle exercise can help and home made fruit and veg juice. Nutrition without too many calories!!


tlw811 - June 16

this hunger feeling has GOT TO GO AWAY!! I i went from eating Lunch at work and maybe dinner if i felt like cooking or stopping somewhere after work. The moment i get hungry i have to eat or else my head will start hurting and the longer i wait to head the more my head hurts. i try to eat light foods but it doesn't satisfy my appet_te. i have to eat something fullfilling. I really don't want to gain alot of weight from this hunger binge but hey what can i do. I have to feed the little one right??!!!


looby - June 20

Hi all, I'm 6 weeks pregnant and suffering too. I heard that protein foods are good for nausea. So I went out and bought bags of nuts and seeds and mixed them all up. I try to reach for these in between meals and they seem to keep the nausea at bay, but unfortunately not for long enough!


abrashear77 - July 12

I'm about 6 weeks along and starving all the time. I'll take any advice on this. I"m at a great weight now but I don't want to b__w up during my pregnancy.


bj - August 10

I"m so glad to hear that I'm not the only one going through this. I was beginning to wonder if was normal. I am now at 12 weeks. The hunger and nausea are still with me, but I'm counting down the days that it goes away. Good luck to all!


onemore - August 17

I had nausea and hunger my entire pregnancy. I remember I would eat a bowl of cereal and throw it up. Then I would eat again. Sometimes all you need is to throw up!! :)


Pris27cilla - April 5

I feel the same way. I am 8 weeks pregnant and eat a well balanced diet. I have a bowl of special K in the morning, a banana at 10, a salad or sandwich or both for lunch, an apple or string cheese around 2, and come 4PM my stomach wants more. I feel like I am eating too much. The odd thing is I don't feel the need to throw up. I have yet to throw up once. I simply feel nauseous. I'm even eating late at night because my stomach won't let me rest. I know it's bad to eat late at night, and I've never done it before but I don't know how else to relieve the pressure. Worst of all, my system is holding on to everything. I feel bloated and full of gas constantly. I figure I'll ask my doctor when I see her for my initial prenatal appointment in two weeks.


angeev - May 21

YES and I was told it would be better by week 12. The neausea has seriously cut back (I am 16w now) but I am still always hungary. And snacks don't cut it, I need a MEAL every couple of hours. If you are so sick of crackers, dry Cheerios help with the neausea. Also, I found that some of the foods I was eating were making me ill, bananas were causing indigestion and too much cheese or fruit led to other uncomfortable issues. Someone on here just mentioned to me that eating carbs will keep you full longer.


Anathi - June 6

Hello ladie I'm kind of new here and thaks for the page I almost fell y/day of hunger I was already getting all so dizzy and weak until I got two bananas I'm also a big fan of bananas now and salty stuff wow I love them. I am actuall y trying my best by eating two w/bix in the morning, at 10 a banana, 1:00 a sndwich soemtimes some pasta with salads, 4pm friut and at 7 supper with lots of veggies On the weekends is my worst time eating wrong foods help people I love Fried fish


png_mk - September 5

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I feel hungry all the time too, but I feel less naseuated when I keep eating throughout the day and drinking, so avoid dehydration!


njqt07 - November 19

Omg I am going through the same exact thing. I feel like I'm reading about myself in all of your answers. I need some relief, I hate feeling like this its sooo annoying.


Maman - February 22

Oh, my gosh yes! I'm now 9 weeks pregnant and that hunger all started about 3 weeks ago. It's awful! I mean, I'm just finished eating, I'm putting my plate in the dishwasher and I'm starving all over again... It's discouraging! I've gained 8 pounds already, but I MUST eat... otherwise I feel like I'm going to faint. Hang in there! With what the other girls have to say, it should get better :)



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