CONSTANTLY Hungry And Nauseas

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Maman - February 22

Oh, my gosh yes! I'm now 9 weeks pregnant and that hunger all started about 3 weeks ago. It's awful! I mean, I'm just finished eating, I'm putting my plate in the dishwasher and I'm starving all over again... It's discouraging! I've gained 8 pounds already, but I MUST eat... otherwise I feel like I'm going to faint. Hang in there! With what the other girls have to say, it should get better :)


llukenjess - March 5

OMG me too!!! then i don't eat cuz i feel like if i do i will throw it all up, but the less i eat the more sick i feel! it's like a catch22


st_tch - June 29

I am about 6 weeks on. The OBGYN nurse told me to eat something before i even step out of bed. Eating does help my hunger feeling, and like all of you I dont want to gain too much weight due to being pregnant. So i eat low calorie foods that are good for me and baby. I eat cereal, Honey Nut Cheerios, without milk. At work I walk around with the box of cereal under my arm and snack almost constantly. It has a lot of vitamins and I doubt I'll get fat from eating it all day. Also, have any of you experienced food tasting better since you've had these symptoms? It is like my nose and taste buds are hightened and food that I crave taste better. I guess that is natures way of forcing me to eat. I cant stand white onions or any onion anymore. I loved them, but now they make me wanna throw chunks. My doctor prescribed to me nausea medication that is typically given to cancer patients before they start chemo. IT IS AMAZING!!!! I LOVE IT!!! It is a Pregnancy Cla__s B drug, which means that it can be taken while pregnant. I take it as needed. I only take it if I cant eat because I feel too nauseated. My nausea/achy feelings are debilitating and affecting my work and ability to do day to day activities. So I really needed something. Ondansetron is the name of the nausea medicine. Ask your doctors if they will prescribe it to you. It may cause headache, but you can take tylenol if it does. I havent experienced any headaches from it. Oh! and dont drink soda when you are feeling nauseous. It burns like a Mother***** when it comes back up! So, there you go. Another reason to just drink water and tea without caffeine while pregnant. Hope that helps.


fluffywelshsheep - July 20

thanks everyone AM feeling a bit better am 3-4 weeks(i think will beable to check next week) and since a couple of days ago, I have been feeling sick also most throwing up but not quite. Also not being able to sleep because the hunger pains are just so bad i didn't now what to do!!! but you guyes are making me feel a bit better Thanks all


HappyMom23 - July 23

Hey everybody. Okay so now I have a question. And I've gone to the doctor to get blood work done but of course I'm sitting in suspense in the mean time. I had a normal cycle last mth. I've been spotting for the past 2-3wks. As of the past 3 days I have been constantly hungry. And if I don't eat I get unbearable hunger pains. I'm having hotflashes like crazy as well. Sounds like pregnancy? And the thing is I've had 2 others. But I was never this hungry in the beginning. It actually took me about 5-6mths to have a real pregnancy hunger! And I didn't spot either. I just had no shows. What do you guys think?


jenniferbrook08 - September 5

Hi I am about 9 weeks pregnant at a guess as i have not seen midwife yet, but i can say that i feel awfully tired and very hungry, i do not want eat more then usual but if i dont i feel hungry and sick at the same time, as well as dizzy its not good. i havn't been sick at all but always feel sicky hungry feeling, i eat and then 15 mins later i feel i need to eat again, does anyone know if these feeling will change as i feel run down?


plucky30 - October 5

Hi there , I am new to this site and I am not sure if I am pregnant I had my last period sept 21st/08 and it was lighter than usual , I fell sick allof a sudden and hugery no matter what I does I still feel nausated and hungry and tired, constipated. I have not missed a period could I be pregnant???


mum2bme - September 24

I feel still feel hungry when im full


CCBuran9 - December 16

Tomatoes, anything tomato seems to be very satisfying! I too feel hungry all of the time and nausea all of the time. Tomato basil soup and grape tomatoes are my friends! 8 weeks and counting.


BKenna - February 3

Ugh...its awful but I have found that sipping OJ diluted out with sparkling water has really helped during the day but I get sick all night and nothing seems to help with that!!!!


Mspu - September 26

Ughhh girlsss i feel like c___p!! This is my 3rd pregnancy. The other two were peachy, recall feeling sick maybe once. But this time I can't taake it and i'm only 7 weeks!! I am always hungry and always nauseus. Even if I eat, I still feel hungry and the nausea only goes away while i'm chomping. I'm going crazy I need help!!!!! I think i'll start eating more fruits and veggies hoping it will work or something cuz I ammmmm sooooo sickkkkkk =-{



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