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louisa3 - January 12

I have tried to eat healthy in pregnancy but i just love fast food like McDonalds, KFC and Burger King. Is it ok to eat at these places in pregnancy?


jenni - January 17

I dont know but i cant stop eating them, have some pretty major cravings for quarter pounders


anita - January 17

i still eat at those places and i'm having a great pregnancy! i just take my prenantals every day.


Alexandra - January 17

It is possible to make healthy choices at fast food joints too. The problem is that there are so many competing and tempting choices on the menu that are not nearly as good for you, and will not provide you with the nutrients your body needs for a healthy pregnancy without excessive weight gain. I would try to comprimise a bit - order a quarter pounder if you really need to, but have a side salad with it instead of fries. You will feel much better about it later on.


K - January 17

I'm 33 weeks and I've gained 23 pounds which my doctor says is right on track. I was in the normal weight range before my pregnancy. My baby has had plenty of McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Pizza and an occasional Burger King breakfast along the way. I'd say I probably average about once or twice a week at some sort of fast food or pizza meal (pretty much the same as before pregnancy). Just keep taking your pre-natal vitamins and don't go too nuts. A little fast food here and there won't hurt anything.


Tess - January 19

I guess so.....but not too much! (too much like every single day)


! - January 19

I would stay away from those places. Especially the chicken which is pumped full of hormones which can't be too good for you or the baby!


zinger43 - January 21

I reccomend you watch the movie Supersize me. It's a doc_mentary about fast food and is very informative and entertaining. It's available at any big-time movie store such as Blockbuster. The premise is a man who decided to eat only McDonald's for one month. After seing this you may have a visual to fight off those cravings!! Good luck!!!!!!


krc - January 24

it's okay as long as you balance it out with wholesome, fresh, natural food. Mostly fruit/veggies, and water.


To Zinger - January 31

That movie certainly worked for me! On days when I just don't feel like waiting for my husband to come home and cook, I think about running out and getting something. Then I remember the doc_mentary!


zinger43 - February 1

I know!!! The fry bonus feature really sticks out in my mind. That footage has made the decision to not eat that junk EASY! I can't imagine exposing my growing baby to that chemically atlered junk!!!!!!!!! However....I am not perfect...I did slip and get a Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut the other day....just couldn't resist!!!!!!!


Deena - February 3

Kick the habit now, you're body will thank you later and so will your baby's body.


jen - March 28

FAST FOOD IS NOT OKAY for anyone, pregnant or not pregnant. I am shocked that any of you actually think that it is okay. It depletes you and your baby of nutrients, pumps your blood full of unwelcomed toxins, and clogs your arteries with saturated fat. It is the number one reason why 1/3 of our country is obese and most of the other 1/3 overweight. Lack of the nurtrients and antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, and lean meats lead to lower intelligence and energy levels and decreased brain development. Wake up. Go to the library. Do some research. Read the studies. I'm not making this up. Stop eating fast food. Stop hurting yourselves and your kids. You are all teaching your children poor eating habits before they are even born.


urbandorothy - January 3

Totally agree with Jen, sorry. I quit fast food about 2 years ago (save for the occasional bean burrito) and would absolutely NEVER consider it when I have a bun in the oven. It goes against pretty much everything good you could do for your unborn, nutritionally.


lqtoo - January 4

I would not be so hard on those who have trouble eating healthy during pregnancy. M/s has just kicked in for me, and the thought of actually preparing food makes me sick. But try to stick to healthier fast food choices - there are lots of salads out there now that can be subst_tuted for fries, ask for no mayo or b___ter on sandwiches, and places like Subway and McDonalds do have healthy and tasty alternatives. A little cheat now and then won't do any harm, but eating healthy now will make it easier to lose all the baby fat later on.


Frances - February 25

Fast food isn't exactly harmful, but you really get very little nutritional bang for your buck. Most fast foods have been cooked in unhealthy oils, are loaded with salt, fat and chemicals and can, in turn, load you up with unhealthy weight. Subway is a pretty good alternative, just try to stick with whole wheat bread and load your sandwich with the veggies available. Eating fast food at every meal is a good way to become malnourished and to make sure your baby is malnourished as well. Occasionally though, go ahead and indulge your craving! Fast food makes a great occasional treat!


DANI - February 26

Just to let you know that with ds that's all i craved and he is very healty, smart and growing fine. Just remember to take your prenatal vit. that will help supplement what your not getting and drink lots of water. gl.



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