Haven T Been Taking PreNatal Pills Like I Am Suppose To

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newmom24 - March 16

I too stopped taking my prenatals at the start of my pregnancy. I was so sick, that the pills were increasing the sickness.I am 32 weeks, and have been taking Folic Acid daily as my only supplement. I eat extremely healhty, and the doc says that our babe is growing well and everything looks excellent. Doctors recommend a prenatal just because our bodies cannot absorb all of the nutrients from food. Look at it as extra insurance. I personally just cannot handle them on my system. I have tried so many.


bambina - March 17

Well, back in time when we didn't have computers or VCRs or MTV, people like my mom ate fruits and vegetables and balanced out their meals to get the proper amount of nutrition and minerals for both themselves and their babies. I am the product of a mom who didn't pop the pre-natal pill and I was born healthy. I know the OBGYNs are saying you risk cleft pallots if you don't have 400 mg of folic acid a day. You know what is a great source of folic acid? Bananas, oatmeal and most breakfast cereals. And atleast that is tasty. But is this just a trend - the whole vitamin thing? Yah we all take them. But how many times do we see on the news something like, "People have been taking the over the counter pill "blah blah" for headaches for nearly 20 years, but today studies show this pill can actually harm you and cause blood clots and migraines (duh). I say do what feels right. If you aren't going to take the vitamins make sure you are getting plently of NUTRICIOUS FOOD in your system for that baby. If you can't get your head out of the toilet long enough to take a sip of juice.... take the vitamin and try to atleast hold that down.


hurleygurl1622 - May 10

I think i am almost two months pregnant and i havent started my prenatal. does that effect anything? and also i was wondering if anyone knew what the genetic brand name of prenatal pills are at walmart. Thanx


chickiepoo9 - May 15

my doctor said that if you cant keep the prenatal down that you need to get folic acid pills with at least 4mg(ithinkits4 something) folic acid is the most important thing in the pills so at least take that to prevent birth defects


Kspa - July 6

You don't need to special prenatal vitamins. Most of the time they have extra iron, so if you are low or anemic, you might need them. Last preg and this one I just take a B complex which has the folic and Vit C along with a Flintstones gummy vitamin - each day. But, I also eat very well.


youngmommy_of2 - December 31

i know this was almost a year ago now, but i have to thank you for asking this question..i am CURRENTLY 29 weeks pregnant and only took the vitamins for like a month and stopped but now that my baby is getting closer to being born im starting to worry and wonder if it would be safe to just pick it back up this late in the pregnancy...now that i have read the replies to this post i now know that it is infact safe!! Thanks



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